4 simple yet effective ways to improve ranking of website

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Improving the ranking of your website though difficult is not impossible if you know the ways of promotion. Here are top 4 ways tested by our SEO experts that actually resulted in increase in ranking. Use them and see the results.

how to improve ranking

For a web page ranking in the top position on the pages of Google is very important. The performance of your web page can be checked with the help of rank by the rank indicator. Rank indicator gives rank on the basis of content quality of your blog or article, search engine optimization friendly content of your blog or article, links added in your content and so many things about the content of blogs or article of your web page. You can get high ranking on the top pages of Google by improving all these things on which ranking is based. In addition, we have mentioned top 25 ways to increase traffic to website that also help in bringing a website up in ranking.

There are so many convenient and relevant ways by which you can get high rankings of your webpage. They are as follows

  1. Content quality

Quality of content has lots of importance in the ranking of your web page. So quality of content should be very good and attractive. There are so many things that should be considered for the quality of the content and they are


  • Be innovative for your content

You should be innovative while you are writing content because writing content is not that easy task. It requires being innovative while writing a content so that the content should look original and meaningful to grab the attention of readers.

  • Add a new content regularly to your website and make it updated

If you are regularly writing content for your website then you should upload a new content to your website so that your website always updated. Uploading a new content helps in increasing the rank of your web page.

  • Meaningful content along with the descriptive keywords

When you are writing content, you should keep in mind that keywords should be descriptive about the content. The content should also consist of a description of your site and it should be meaningful. So that it can grab the attention of the visitors of your site.


  1. Optimization of your website

Optimization of your website is very important to improve the ranking of your web page. There are so many points that should be considered regarding the optimization of the website.


  • Web pages should be optimized

The content of your web pages should be optimized properly for keywords as well as conversational searches. For the optimization of content you should make the title of your content search friendly and your content should be related according to the searched title.

  • With the help of keywords avoid overloading

Keywords of the content can help in avoiding overloading your site. The keywords of your content should be accurate and attractive along with the proper description of content. With the help of accurate keywords will increase more clicks to your site that will help in increasing rank of your site.

  • Add backlinks to your content

You should add backlinks to the content by adding comments. You can also add links of your other contents so that search engine can easily find that the visitors are increasing to your site and the ranking of your web page will be increased.


  1. Promotions of your website

Your website should be promoted in large scale, so that the ranking of a web page can be increased. With the help of promotions your website can gain popularity among so many people. Promotion of your website can be done in any way like


  • Add a sitemap to your website

The addition of a sitemap to your website describes about the pages of your website. A site map will help Google to check out all links and contents of your site easily. You can create a sitemap of your website by yourself and also can take the help of others.

  • Your website should be translated

A translator should be added to your website so that the content can be available in different languages also. With the help of translator traffic to your website will be increased and rank of the web page will move upwards.

  • The RSS feed should be created

By creating RSS feed there will be increment in the number of new readers as well as regular ones. This thing will increase traffic to your website and also helps in increasing the ranking of your web page.


  1. Content sharing

Sharing of content is a new way to increase the ranking of your web page. So it should be shared at wide scale as much as you can. There some points of content sharing that should be considered which are explained below


  • Share content with social media

Try to share your content with the social media networks like Facebook, Tweeter, Google+ or LinkedIn so that other people also get to know about your content. You should also share your content with other’s website also.

  • Leave comments in your content

You should try to leave comments on the blogs on your site so that more people will also comment on it. With the help of comments you will get to know about the reviews of other people. This will increase the visitors to your site and ranking of your web page.


From the above techniques and tips you will get to know how to increase the ranking of your web page. These steps are very convenient and easily understood by everyone. The rankings of your web page will surely increase by following these steps. So you should always follow these simple steps for the improvement of ranking of your website. Also, if you need such quality posts written for your blog or in case you need high quality content writing services in India at really cheap prices then you may mail us at info@thoughtfulminds.org.