Google Penalty- how to check and ways to get a website recovered

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No inquiries all of a sudden? Seeing a drop in visitors in Google Analytics? These are the signs of Google penalty. Know more indications and how to recover your website from it.

Google penalty and its recovery

When you run a website then the rank of a website is a very important issue. Everyone who runs a website wants the rank of their website at the top position. If you are running a website and one day you will find that site got penalized by some giant search engine and if Google penalizes your website then it is a point of concern because the rank of your site suddenly falls down.

So you should be aware about your website. The question might be arriving in your mind how to check the penalization don’t worry read the following content you will get to know more about it.

You should follow a few steps to check about the penalization of your site. Firstly, you should check what makes Google to cause penalization to your site. Then you can decide what upgrades you can make to your site to increase the ranking of your site again. After upgrading, you must check that your site should be appreciated by Google. If you find positive results then your site is perfect and then cannot be penalized again.

4 Reasons why Google penalty is imposed on your website

why website is penalized

Google has so many reasons to penalize a site. You should check the following reasons and try to improve your site after understanding it.

1. Quality of content: The quality of content is the most important part for any website as it is the priority for the readers or visitors of your site. If you are having lower quality content then your site is automatically fall down. Low quality content which includes an unusual advertisement, copied content, repetition of single format and so many things, which makes your website worst.

2. Hacking: If you are not aware about the security of your website then your website will be hacked by some people and they will create some spams or malware to your site which will create harm to your website visitors. They will also create unusual pages or contents of cheap quality which will cause the penalization to your site. So you should be aware of security of your site.

3. Adding of unusual links: If you are adding links to your content and Google finds it unusual then your site will definitely be penalized by the Google. For Google those links are unusual which are created by you for the SEO pages or any other purpose. It will not create a any good impact on the readers rather decreases ranking of your website.

4. Implementation of keywords: Keywords are the most important part of the content. It describes about the content as well as the quality of the content. If you are using exclusive keywords, then your site will be penalized by the Google because should be natural and should describe about the content of your site. You should not copy similar words for keywords from other contents. So keywords should be meaningful.

How to check if my website is penalized?

how to recover website from penalty

It is very important for you to know the about the penalization of your site and who penalized your site is also very important. You should be aware about if Google has not penalized your site because penalization by Google affects the ranking of your website.

  • Falling of rank: If you will find that the rank of your site has fallen down suddenly, then this is the most important sign of penalization. Sometime you are aware about the falling of the ranks of your websites on the other pages. So you should be aware about all the pages, check the rankings regularly.
  • Webmaster tools: You can check about the penalization of the site with the help of Google-webmaster tools. With the help of search traffic or manual actions you can get to know about the penalization. So check about penalization by logging into Google webmaster tools.
  • Be aware of updates by Google: You should always check for the updates given by Google to keep a track of penalization. It gives full information about the rankings of the site regularly by its updates.

What should be done to recover your website from Google Penalty

Google penalty recovery

If you find that your site has been penalized then you should follow a few steps which can help your website to get out of the penalization.

  • Removal of unusual pages: You should remove low quality content pages and unusual pages from your site. Also remove unusual links from the content because Google can detect unusual links easily, and then causes penalization to the site. Make sure that there will be no duplicate page exists and all the removal is done carefully.
  • Awareness of security of your website: Security of the website is very important aspect for the safety purpose of your website. Be aware that no one should hack your site and create spam’s for the readers. Unusual spam’s will create a negative impact on the readers and it results in penalization of the site. So you always check for the security of your site.
  • Request for reconsideration should be sent: After making so many changes in your site, send a reconsideration request to Google with the help of Google webmaster tools. Sending a reconsideration request requires only Google webmaster tools and its account. So by logging into the account of webmaster tools you can send reconsideration request to Google.

Maintain the ranking of your site well

To avoid the penalization you should maintain the ranking of your site well by proving good quality content that should grab the attention of readers. in case you find it hard to write content yourself, then you may rely on quality content writing services in India that are even available at cheaper price. As the number of readers will increase the rank of your site is also increased. If the rank of your site is high and good then there is no possibility of penalization. So maintain the rank with quality of your content with descriptive keywords.

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