Useful tips to make your Brochure more effective.

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An effective brochure is the one that gives credibility and good identity to the company and educate the customer, encourage customers to take steps and expand market. A great and well designed brochure is a challenge for the graphic designers.


1) Decide on a concept, theme and structure
To determine the use of brochure is very essential before designing it. It may be used to advertise product, for information or for mail marketing. To design your brochures appropriately gather all the required information first.

2) Be unique and creative.
It is essential, for a company that its brochure could simply recognized just in one glance. So, select the design that should be unique and original. Design your brochure as it can be shine out from the rest.

3) Identify the print size
In designing it is essential to identify the print size. Always make sure that the paper you use for making your layout must be of correct size. It will avoid wastage of paper and your money.

4) Use print bleed
The small sum of spaces given on the side parts of paper is ‘bleed’. It is the best advice for brochure designing, always use bleeds in lay –outing. It gives an assurance that all the parts of design will print and can be trimmed well.

5) Use high resolution
Design printed with low resolution will become blurry. So, always use high resolution. For a crisp and sharp print output always use minimum of 300 dpi.

6) Usage of fonts
Usage of font should be done very carefully the font used in layout should justify the purpose of company and brochure. The font size should be accurate so, it can be read easily. Always bold headings of your text and never use too large and too small text for your brochure.

7) Use bullet points, headlines, images and charts
Instead of writing in paragraphs always use headings and bullet points, because no one is interested to read gigantic blocks of texts. Use of headings, images bullet points make it easier for the eyes to read. Always use high resolution images only.

8) Create attention grabbing designs
Always use such designs that attract customers, whether whatever the object of your brochure. Creativity should be used in designing brochure so, that it could attract customers.

9) Make an appealing cover
The most essential part of a brochure is its cover it always welcomes and attracts customer to enter into your world of enormous information. Use vibrant images and colourful text for it. It makes your cover attractive and appeals your customers to read it.

10) Make your brochure worth keeping
Customers love to keep the brochure that contains all the vital information and facts in it. At the same time it should also look unique and attractive. Use pop out images and keep information that makes it worth keeping.

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