Top 50 Taxation Law Dissertation Topics Hotly Trending in 2021

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The legal framework can be bifurcated into numerous branches of study. Some of these forms of law influence our lives more than the others. But there is one form of law that directly or indirectly affect our lives in many ways whether we like it or not. It is one of the most complex structures where frequent reforms and periodic inclusion and exclusion of acts and clauses take place.

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    Yes, we know that you are already familiar with the name of the law as you clicked this title with the sole intention to explore as many topics as possible trending lately in it. This edition of writing is solely dedicated to taxation law dissertation topics, and we will get into them after getting a brief insight of what this law is all about.


    Taxation law, which is also termed as revenue law or tax law is an area of legal study covering the functions of public or sanctioned authorities, like federal, central, state, or municipal government bodies. These regulatory bodies legislate and execute the rules and procedures enabling the enforcement of the collection of taxes in a legal framework.

    A career in taxation law is widely regarded as promising and swiftly rewarding one for any legal professional. A degree in taxation law when clubbed with an MBA degree in the field of finance can forge new avenues of career opportunities for the students. But the path to perfection in the field pioneers through the successful completion of various dissertation assignments that carry the weight of grades, knowledge and understanding. The law students are required to successfully crack real-life case analysis and legal challenges to hone their skills to face the future state of affairs prevailing in taxation world.

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    Why this Need Actually Originated?

    Well, the direct accessibility to the most relevant 2021 taxation law dissertation topics is that it saves time, energy, and resources of our students. There will be no dearth of topics and the student could access a wider range of topics to pick one as per his or her syllabus, clarity of concept, the modes of research available and the proximity of the submission deadline. Besides, as the support representatives are accessible 24×7×365 with us via phone, SMS, email, or live chat! all sorts of doubts revolving around the potential topic can be responded and resolved on priority.

    While enlisting these topics, we have taken a specific care of incorporating the topics with a widespread coverage of the diverse laws of taxation. We have consulted the research papers of all the premier institutions, education councils and boards around the globe to project a fair picture of the taxation topics that really do matter these days. Amidst the assortment of these topics, we made sure that our assignment help does not get biased by hegemonies, political frameworks, cultural and business ideologies practised in various parts of the world.

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    Top 50 Taxation Law Dissertation Topics Trending in 2021

    The professionals working in the industry offering assignment writing services would recommend the following topics for the year 2021. Let us look at a wide range of topics associated with various dimensions of taxation law as enlisted below –

    • What do you understand by the fiscal deficit in the budget of the economy of a country?
    • How to deal with the expenditure to effectively manage the taxation money?
    • The role of foreign currencies in the development of an economy.
    • What do you understand by the role of an accounting manager in the department of taxation?
    • How to discuss the concept of taxation to clear the misconceptions prevailing amongst the people?
    • Why is it significant to collect the income tax from the general masses?
    • What is the role of taxation in equal distribution of the economic resources in a country?
    • What is the best approach to restrict people from income tax evasion by supporting honesty and integrity?
    • Who decides the taxation percentage on the citizens of a particular country?
    • What are the essential improvements lately required for the restructure of the taxation framework?
    • What is the role played by the taxation workforce to regulate the people to pay their taxes on time?
    • How people successfully manage to evade the payment of income tax once they earn heavy chunks of money?
    • How is technology influencing various dimensions of taxation process?
    • How can we overcome the existing loopholes in the current taxation regimen?
    • How could research and development of new ideas improve the taxation policies?
    • How the government budget suffers from imbalance due to the tax evasion of people?
    • How is the segregation of tax money done after accumulating the same in the form of tax?
    • How can the introduction of new policies actually encourage people to pay their taxes on time?
    • What are the contributions of taxation and tax law for the development of poor people in the country?
    • Is it a prudent measure to decrease the income tax, so that more people start paying the same?
    • What are the major investments done by the government from the money collected through taxation?
    • Without proper taxation, how social welfare policies of the government shall get affected?
    • An overview of the fiscal deficit of a country and its repercussions on the economic growth.
    • Which of the factors effectively contribute to the curtailment in taxation?
    • A literature review on the best steps to tackle the expenditure to ensure an uncreased flow of money to successfully manage the Economy. Define the role of the tax law in successfully streamlining this flow?
    • The effect of foreign currencies over the economic and labour growth of the country and its negative fallout on the accumulation of tax in the country.
    • An explanatory paper over the significant role of accounting in the department of taxation.
    • Conduct a deep study on augmentative tax benefits amongst the citizens of the United States to contribute towards the paramount growth in the country.
    • The importance of taxation in the UK and how it helps in the distribution of economic resources across the country.
    • What are the trickle-down effects of tax evasion on the economy of a country?
    • An elaborative comparative study between the modern taxation and the zakat system of the Islamic law. Which one is more effective and useful for alleviating poverty?
    • A deep study of the regulatory bodies to decide the taxation percentage on various brackets of income in the UK.
    • From the viewpoint of the latest scholarly research on tax law, what are the critical steps of enhancements required to execute taxation laws in the UK?
    • A deep study on the active role of the people operating in the tax departments in Australia and how it helps people in all its commonwealth states to pay taxes on time?
    • A probe into evasion of taxes. How do powerful people with businesses manipulate the whole system and evade the taxes in Canada?
    • What are the latest avenues in taxation law that are indeed catching new eyes?
    • What are the essential steps to execute to seal the loopholes in the tax system of the United States?
    • What are some of the most innovative ideas, ways, and mediums to overcome the tax evasion practices in India?
    • How the budget program of a nation gets influenced due to the evasion of taxes?
    • What tax policies should be executed by the European Union to subdue the losses faced because of tax evasion?
    • What are the current issues due to which the government systems fail to make an adequate and comprehensive usage of the money collected through taxation?
    • What is the perception of the individuals who tend to evade taxation?
    • Elaborate the role of taxation officers in assisting tax fraud through the practice of minor bribe.
    • How does the taxation bring-in the financial aid and development of the poor people within the UK?
    • Is it really acceptable to put the blame on government for not rendering proper services despite the fact that it is the individuals and businesses who refrain from paying out their taxes?
    • What are the measures to observe a better and transparent display of funds collected under the taxation law?
    • What are the diverse components of direct and indirect taxations and how the tax laws differ for both of them?
    • What is the concept of double taxation and how does it tend to differ in some of the prominent jurisdictions of the world?
    • What do you mean by Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)?
    • Elaborate the advance ruling concept by taking into account The Income-tax Act, 1961 of India.

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    Taxation Law Assignment Writing Services

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