Top Rated Marketing Research Topics for the Students in the United States

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Marketing is a dynamic concept and even moderate to Ivy league colleges and universities in the United States practice both conventional and latest cases and concepts to stay at the top in the subject. It is one of the broadest and relevant streams of management where students from not only the US but across the world visit the country to hone their skills.

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    Why American Students are More Prone to Paid Assignment Help in Marketing?

    Some of the common reasons due to which most of the students studying in the American Universities prefer to go for our research paper writing help are the following –

    • No one can deny the fact that marketing dissertations are indeed difficult to write. Students are required to manage these assignments amongst getting parallelly involved in various co-curricular activities. The US grading system works in terms of comprehensive evaluation of all the tasks assigned in the curriculum. Ordering reliable dissertation help could reduce the burden of an assignment featuring 20,000 to 50,000 words and help students to focus on other activities without feeling exhausted.
    • Another common reason is the lack of reach in the broad spectrum of marketing topics, such as traditional marketing, online marketing, mix marketing, affinity marketing, digital marketing, relationship marketing, B2B marketing, B2C marketing, direct marketing, and lot more. It is digressive to think that a student could attain mastery and command over all these marketing niches simultaneously and craft top-notch thesis with influential information in no time. They require thesis help from industry experts successfully dealing with these kinds of topics for years.
    • The research paper topics of marketing are usually more data-driven in contrast of the topics assigned in other subjects. It is necessary for the writer to juggle between plethora of primary, secondary and tertiary data and yet churn out concrete and meaningful inference to gratify the professor or evaluator to a convincing extent.
    • In we speak from the context of the USA, then students are required to complete and submit their research thesis under the supervision and guidance of a professor from the university or a graduate school of study. It is obvious that most of these professors unable to dedicate enough amounts of time, focus and efforts to guide the student at each step. That is one of the prominent reasons why, students prefer to opt for professional assignment help from the experts to successfully cover their research topics.
    • If we observe the situation from the viewpoint of the current Chinese pandemic, then we would find that there are tremendous amounts of restrictions on the students to physically move from one place to another. Marketing thesis are hardcore research oriented and largely dependent on both online and offline sources of information. Yes, the online sources of information could be accessed on the Internet, but the same cannot be said for the conventional hardbound books and journals. Here, a reputed assignment help agency would feature its own marketing databank and refer the most appropriate piece of information as per the requested topic.
    • The concept of management programs has changed over the years. Nowadays, there are many universities and b-schools in the United States offering Executive MBA programs in marketing to cover a loads of marketing practices and concepts within a period of 1 year. There courses generate an intense amount of workload on students and to manage the same and excel in their studies, they are left with nothing but the decision of hiring online assignment help on thesis from the experts.
    • Some of the other students opt for the services of an agency due to unforeseen circumstances, like an unplanned vacation, emergency family gathering or rather devoting time at a part-time job to meet out the pocket expenses.

    There can be one or more reasons, but hiring paid assignment help for different kinds of subjects is a trend in the United States these days. As far as marketing research topics are concerned, they are either provided by the assignment instructor/ professor him/herself or the student is provided with the freedom to choose the topic as per his or her convenience.

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    List of Impactful Marketing Topics

    The following are some of the most influential marketing research topics that can not only be employed to write down the research papers, but also dissertations, case studies and essays. We are mentioning the topics in subcategories to make your selection more pertinent.

    Sales and Distribution

    The presence of a solid distribution network is the crux of any successful marketing base. Once effectively managed, it can boost the retail sales and enhance the profitability from both the products and the services of a company. Let us look at some of the most relevant Marketing Research Topics in the field of Sales & Distribution.

    • Offshore Marketing: Effective Distribution Strategy for the Start-Ups
    • Mistakes to Avoid While Opting New Marketing Channels for Distribution
    • Millennial Customer Satisfaction: The Determining Factors
    • Black Friday Sales: Effective or Hoax?
    • Distribution Channels in SMEs and MNCs: A Comparative Study

    Consumer Behaviour

    Making an assessment of the purchase behaviour of the consumer and identifying the product preferences can help the marketing department of the company in one way or the other. There are various means available with the companies to boost their sales, including the promotion of tailor-made products through social media campaigns, e-mail marketing campaigns, re-marketing, etc. Now, let us look at some of the Marketing Research Topics associated with Consumer Behaviour below:

    • The Impact of Advertisements on Consumer Behaviour
    • How Important is Product Labelling to Gather the Attention of the Customer?
    • Can Humour in Ads Influence the Purchase Decision of a Customer?
    • How Loyalty Programs Impact Customer Retention?
    • Detailed Analysis of the Customer Purchasing Patterns Visible in Bridal Wear.

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    Social Media Marketing

    With the advent of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business, companies are now able to access a wider base of customers. It is much cheaper than conventional tactics of marketing and can be attained through free social media posts or social media optimization (SMO), PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns, marketing content, etc. The new media of marketing is much easier and following are some of the thesis topics relevant in present context –

    • Which Social Media Platform is An Ideal Choice for Your Business?
    • Building the Brand Image of a Company with Social Media Marketing.
    • The Influence of Social Media Ads in Transforming Customer Shopping Behaviour.
    • Is Snapchat a Recommended Social Media Platform Meant for the SMEs?
    • Why Google My Business Platform a Must Have for any Business or Company?

    Sports Marketing

    When we look at sports marketing, then we will find it altogether a different ball game. When it comes to the company’s manufacturing athletic and adventure gears, they prefer to opt for unique kinds of marketing campaigns. These campaigns revolve around brand ambassadors to endorse the products both online and offline. Let us look at some of the selective topics in the field of sports marketing:

    • How Traditional Advertising Influence Ticket Purchases at Sports Events?
    • How Customer Loyalty is Garnered by Football Teams Through Social Media?
    • Why Female Athletes are Recommended Social Media Influencers to Boost Brand Loyalty for Sports Goods?
    • Sports Trends in the Host Country of Olympics: A Critical Analysis

    International Marketing

    In the modern scenario, the companies prefer to look beyond the local market. Reaching multiple continents beyond the geographical borders is one of the reasons why the variation in the products are made country to country with respect to the international context. Here is the list of International Marketing topics igniting your interest one by one:

    • Local vs International Brands: A Critical Analysis
    • Creating Brand Awareness Through International Event Marketing
    • How Manufacturing Companies Plan their International Product Marketing?
    • What is the Role of Multilingual Marketing Campaigns in International Marketing?
    • How the Businesses could Boost their Profitability by Pressing their Focus on Local Markets?

    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing campaigns are vulnerable to public criticisms. It is necessary to craft the content carefully to make sure that the campaign does not differ from the public opinion and leads to a good positive response. Please give a peep to the topics enlisted below –

    • “Share A Coke” Campaign by Coca Cola: A Case Study
    • “Make-a-wish” Batkid Campaign: A Critical Analysis
    • The Idea Behind Game of Social Thrones Video Created by Hootsuite
    • How Social Media Influencers Could Spread Impactful Messages?

    Controversial Marketing

    It is one of the prominent strategies opted by the companies to introduce (or reintroduce) their product or brand to the limelight. This marketing tactic is known for rendering quick results and used by the companies with open arms. Let us have a glimpse over few of the such topics below –

    • “Believe in Something” Ad from Nike and How it Transformed their Stock Prices for Good?
    • How “Whopper Neutrality” Ad from Burger King Earned Millions of Views?
    • A Critical Analysis of “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” Ad by Gillette.
    • How “Born the Hard Way” Ad by Anheuser-Busch Became Controversial Just Because of its Timing?

    Digital Marketing

    The new age marketing has taken the presence of products and services beyond the conventional brick and mortar stores. The digital transformation has resulted in successful tapping of unexplored markets. Many platforms and devices contribute to the field of digital marketing, including the Internet, e-commerce solutions, social media platforms, mobile apps, tech savvy devices like tablets, laptops, mobiles, etc. Let us look at some of the key digital marketing topics –

    • Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing: A Comparative Analysis
    • Deriving ROI from Different Digital Marketing Strategies
    • How Facebook Analytics can be Used by the Companies for Effective Targeted Marketing?
    • How the Coupon Codes Affect the Purchase Decisions of the Buyers?

    Trending Marketing

    The creation of fruitful marketing campaigns to stay afloat irrespective of what is happening around you. Trending marketing campaigns pays off well to the companies when responded well by the people, and they can easily blend with the latest market trends. Just have a look at some of the popular topics down here –

    • Why Endorsing New-Age Technologies like Artificial Intelligence is Critical?
    • Online Marketing and Responsive Website Design: A Case Study
    • Secured Payment Gateway to Ensure Enhanced Security

    When the marketing research paper on any other these topics is prepared by professional writers, then it is well assured that all the key stages of research methodologies will be comprehended with perfection. It will be presented in the same way as your professor/ examiner/ assignment evaluator would like to see.

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    It is well expected that you would find the categorized lists of Marketing research topics provided above to be interesting and informative. You can opt for any of the given topics as per your convenience, or if you wish would simplify the whole process and rely on experts to get the job done, then you can hire paid research paper writing help at Thoughtful Minds. Either way, we wish you best of luck to finish the given assignment homework with well researched, original content and pass your academic curriculum with top grades.