Top 50 Operations Management Dissertation Topics Trending in the Year 2021

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Operations management is the field of management that is concerned with the blueprint designing, production at the assembly line and control of the whole process. The process of the production as well as the redesigning of the business operations is done in accordance with the changing supply and demand ratio of the goods and services as well as the projected growth plan.

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    It is the branch of management that is dedicated to the planning, controlling and supervision of the manufacturing, production process and service delivery. It is the stream of a business that is responsible for effective management of the manpower and materials to supervise and control the production of the goods and services as per the set pattern of deadline. The practice is the backbone of any functional business unit and safeguard the production cycle from deviating its actual objectives.


    The success as well as the survival of an organization is directly dependent on its efficiency and output. Meeting the periodically set goals within the organization charter is the passport to sustain in a ruthlessly competitive environment. The management of all the business operations would administer a practice that ignite the strategy to match the highest level of efficiency. The conversion of the quality raw materials and pain and sweat of the labour in the desired number of quality-based goods and services could create an environment full of zeal and competence. When the profit of the organization is rightfully achieved, all the stakeholders could earn their rightful stake. Moreover, it promotes a sense of belongingness in the employees and bestow them with the opportunities to hone their skills time and again.

    Operations management is one of the pivotal subjects in management that constantly feature dissertations and case studies in their semester curriculum. These assignments help students to realise the practicality of the subject and help them understand how things materialise on the ground apart from inculcation of the bookish concepts.

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    The Levels of Operations Management Implementation

    The management of the operations is primarily done at the following three levels –

    • Strategic Level: Work on the broader terms, where the goals of the company are defined, and the operations managers are assigned the task to develop the strategies accordingly. For example, if we try to define all the three levels with respect to an organization engaged in furniture business, then the strategic level of operations management would include the preparation of blueprint for the location and the layout of the furniture factory.
    • Tactical Level:  The tactics are used by the employees at the managerial level to accomplish those strategies step by step. These include the tasks or the steps that are defined to successfully implement the strategies. The tactical level shall incorporate the hiring and training of the workforce to function as per the strategic needs and set the roadmap of executing the third level. 
    • Operations Level: The final level where all the components of production are brought together and materialised. These include the purchase of wood and fabric, the availability of raw materials and cutting tools and all the other fabrication equipment. It is widely regarded and practised as the final level of operations management before the final product or service gets its final shape.

    The students who frequently reach us for dissertation help are assigned with the operations management homework somehow revolving around these three levels only. When experts having real-life practical understanding of the things get involved in the assignment writing process, it reflects in the submitted work word-by-word.

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    What Are We Expecting to Achieve Out of the Recommended List of Topics?

    We are surely not expecting the students to submit a miracle of an assignment homework once they go through the provided set of dissertation topics below. The quality of the work still be dependent upon the consistency with the language, syntax proficiency, delivery of citation in instructed referencing style, and conducting plethora of concrete research to back each argument. Not to mention, crisp editing chops and seamless proofreading of the final draft is also somehow not related to the selection of the topic.

    But what we are expecting out of this whole effort is to ensure that our students do have a wide range of pertinent topics to pick from. Our efforts are directed to the fact that our students pick a topic that is trending in the contemporary age and does make sense in the eyes of the evaluator.

    Additionally, our prima-facie motto is to help our management students to save time, energy, and resources. The most complex dilemma faced by our students is the exploration and selection of the right topic. What, and why? Most of the students fight these conundrums to reach the most suited topic selection and spend an exhaustive amount of time and research. Exploring the topic at the personal level of the student could be a relevant choice in case he or she have months at disposal before the final submission of work. It is the privilege accessible to the scholars submitting their paper or thesis for research purpose only.

    Management students following a conventional curriculum are required to submit their homework assignments with a stringent deadline. That is the point where not only days, even the hours count! Here, the accessibility to strong dissertation topics, and that too for free could become a real game-changer for the students. Besides, their request for online assignment help is served on priority right from topic selection to the dispatch of purely refined final homework draft.

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    Operations Management Online Assignment Help

    Top 50 Operations Management Dissertation Topics for your Next Assignment Reference

    We have classified the operations management dissertation topics into 10 sub-categories to make the search of the students much easier. Let us look at the list derived by the experts for the convenience of operations management students worldwide hereunder –

    • Supply Chain Control and Design Dissertation Topic
    1. Understanding virtual supply chain and its role in shaping the short-term business partnerships
    1. Blockchain technology and its impact on the supply chain in the UK: Issues and challenges
    1. The influence of information technology on the manufacturing firms in Canada
    1. Big data and its function in revolutionising the operations management for online retailers
    1. I Robot: The utility of robotic automation and picking by Alibaba and its impact on the supply chain efficiencies
    • Inventory Management Operations Dissertation Topics
    1. Inventory management is the backbone of supply chain management: Discuss
    1. The significance of RFID in the inventory management at the unit of Toyota UK
    1. Conduct an assessment of the inventory management in an organization from car manufacturing sector
    1. Inventory management featuring multiple procurement modes: A US case study
    1. The function of AI resulting in precise stock decisions at
    • Production Scheduling Dissertation Topics
    1. Production scheduling techniques in a pharma manufacturing unit in India
    1. Production scheduling pattern in steel industry: A Mittal Steel case study
    1. How AI is improving quality control? An case study
    1. How real time communication is significant in operations management amidst multi-site manufacturers?
    1. How productivity and employee motivation can be increased through cross-employee communication and integrated production planning?
    • Product Development Dissertation Topics
    1. How do they get it done? A critical analysis of the NPD strategy and process at Apple
    1. How 3D printing technology is transforming the NPD process and what is its scope for small scale businesses?
    1. Product life cycles and the digital age: Is the need for a new approach inevitable?
    1. Product development strategy: A Microsoft case study
    1. New product development through crowd funding: How people are empowering innovation?
    • Service Design Dissertation Topics
    1. How big data analytics result in effective service design?
    1. How the dynamic technological change in the future could impact service design?
    1. Customer empathy is the new service mantra, or is it merely the new bottles and old wine?
    1. Sequencing the journey of customers to enhance the service design experience
    1. Customer service journey at Tesla Motors: Partnerships and alliances
    • Dynamic Pricing Dissertation Topics
    1. How price guarantees an integral part of dynamic pricing strategies?
    1. Competition-oriented dynamic pricing in the e-commerce industry
    1. Dynamic pricing in B2B environment in the United States
    1. Dynamic pricing in airline and retail sector: A comparative study
    1. The significance of dynamic pricing in ‘the auctioning’
    • Industry Risk Management Dissertation Topics
    1. Risk management in the construction industry in Australia: A case study
    1. How risk management in banking is unique in comparison of other sectors?
    1. Industrial risk management: The influence of internal and external factors
    1. How the impact of risk could hamper the production decisions?
    1. Discuss industrial risk management by distinguishing the rural from the urban part in India
    • Logistics Dissertation Topics
    1. Discuss the vehicle route optimisation in the city of London
    1. Discuss last mile logistics in the successful delivery of fresh vegetables and fruits across the cities
    1. How to optimise third part logistics with the help of Big Data?
    1. How value chain strategy is impacting the logistic industry in Canada?
    1. Logistics management delivering a competitive edge: An Asda and Tesco case analysis
    • Manufacturing Dissertation Topics
    1. Human rights abuses in the automobile manufacturing sector in China
    1. The manufacturing strategy of Boeing: An analysis
    1. Bringing manufacturing assembly line management with respect to environmental management: A BMW case study
    1. ERP: Is it a boon to the supply chain strategy?
    1. Improving the manufacturing strategy and standard with the help of the Cloud
    • Total Quality Management (TQM) Dissertation Topics
    1. What is the influence of TQM on the modern innovation?
    1. How quality evolved over a period of time? First 50 years of the production and the operations management in the United Kingdom
    1. Total Quality Management (TQM) and customer satisfaction in the homebuilding operations
    1. Discuss the setbacks associated with the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Model
    1. To what extension and limitation can the implementation of TQM be done in the public sector?
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    Well, with that we conclude our list of the latest dissertation topics dedicated to the assignments related to operations management. The best part is that these titles can be customised to suit the assignment writing formats other than dissertations. The requirements of the management students related to case study help, essay help, research paper writing help or thesis help. If you have already chosen your desired topic but struggling to move ahead, then you can always hire the experts for paid assignment help to get the assignment done as per the instructions on your behalf.


    Operations management is widely regarded as one of the most complex yet interesting subjects that a b-school aspirant could pursue. The dissertations and case studies associated with the subject do have a touch of finance, mathematics, and information systems to deliver a combined package of knowledge. It is one of the few major subjects in the field of management that do have ground-level, practical implication to begin with. The assignments related to the subject are not only pivotal in terms of quality grades to pass-out with, but also fetch the lessons that can turn out to be productive in the entire lifetime of their careers.

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