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No one can deny the fact that each word that we pen down in our essay weigh a lot, especially when that piece of submission can decide our future. When we are applying for the admission to a prestigious college, convincing admission officers that we are amongst the few worthy candidates always become a tough nut to crack. Obviously, when one is required to select a few hundred out of thousands of applications, the admission officers are instructed to follow a ruthless shortlisting policy, of course to save a considerable amount of time and effort. That is why, we should never wonder if a slight blunder results our essay to get passed into the pile of rejected lot.

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    The proficiency to write an outstanding college application essay appears to be a tedious and challenging job. Which is why, while offering essay help to the students, we provide the services of the admission essay writers who are passionate about the job and take it as a personal crusade to crack the selection gate. Our writers have mastered the art of playing with the psychology of the reader (in this case, the admission officers) and craft the tone of the essay in a way that he or she always likes to read. The writers leave no stone unturned to work upon the basic to advanced grammar, syntax and the rules of punctuation and composition.

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    Here, we are going to shed some light over some of the most acclaimed, yet less implemented tips and techniques of college application essay writing. We are going to discuss how one can conceptualize one’s essay, how one can experiment with the unknown, how to eloquently structure the whole work, and eventually, the miscalculations that can be avoided in advance.

    Tip #01

    Frame a Question that the Reader Wishes to get Answered!

    The objective of providing online essay help is to cover all the loopholes for you right from the word one. That would include crafting the questions that would fuel up curiosity in the reader. For instance, “how is that eventually going to turn out?”, “how the sum of all its parts tie together?”, or “what does he mean by that?”. Now, to achieve that, we always encourage to bait the reader with a hook point and encourage him or her to read and find out more.

    We can start by writing, “I entered and sat down at the back of fully jammed auditorium, totally without a clue that I would soon be standing centre stage.” It kickstarts a forward momentum right from the middle of the bat and engages the reader to read more.

    Tip #02

    Do not Focus Entirely on the Past

    The admissions officers always explore for the essays in which the student could focus on his or her growth and introspection. The entire draft should revolve around the learning and growth curve as a student. It is not about bragging ourselves, but ought to be a moment of revelation. It should be dedicated to the questions like, what we have learnt from our experience? How this course of learning made us the person that we are today? Our piece of essay writing should never be entirely focused on the past, but also looking at the prospects of the future. It should emphasize on the fact how our practices and due diligence of the past have cemented our roots to transform us comprehensively and ready for the future.

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    Tip #03


    Once we fix the layout of the essay writing, it is the time to proceed with the brainstorming of the essay ideas. There are an immense number of ways through which we can come up with an essay topic. Try to compile the list of all the potential and possible topics and then rely on the gut feeling that is coming from inside. If we seek suggestion from the experts offering essay writing services, then most of the veterans would recommend the fact that there is nothing that can be branded as a good or bad essay topic in a straight line.

    We should never feel obligated to pen down an essay about something simply because we think we should. Such form of essay writing always appears to be uninspired and monotonous. Similarly, we should not get started with the very first idea that crosses our mind just because we do not think exploring something more interesting is not worth trying. Even if an unconventional idea comes to our mind, we should never hesitate to write about it in detail if it has the power to compel the admissions officer to invest his or her time to read the whole document.

    Tip #04

    Open a Bit!

    The chances of our college application essay getting selected would depend on our ability to generate empathy in the mind of the reader. Our words play a very pivotal role in allowing the reader to fill in our shoes right from the beginning. It is not just about the experience or event that we are recounting, but how we are recounting matters a lot!

    How it made us feel in the beginning and during the whole journey? How it changed our outlook by the end of our journey? And, whether it had an influence over our values or priorities? It is true that most of the admission officers find a pile of applications on their desks touting about the strengths. It is the unveiling of certain vulnerabilities that would make our readers feel more connected to us.

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    Tip #05

    Experiment with the Unexpected

    Navigating our reader through the essay with a swirl of twist! There is no harm in adding a twist or divulge something unexpected in our story. But yes, whatever we are incorporating ought to make sense in context of our essay.

    The twist or unexpected information that we are committing to the essay should never reveal a depressing and pessimistic outcome. Obviously, we are required to convince a reader who is setting his or her eyes on many essays on the given day and making their bad day worse would never bear a fruitful outcome. The unexpected statement should never be derived out of thin air and ought to have a logical backing, but the outcome portraying a ray of hope would enhance the chances of getting a green light to a significant extent.

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    Tip #06

    Developing the Structure

    How we are writing our essay is as significant as what we are writing in it. Yes, having an exciting topic is one thing, but failing to present its flow in a crystal-clear structure would make it nothing short of a gibberish that is utterly incomprehensible to read and interpret. A great college application essay would unveil a plethora of personality components without student’s physical presence at the office.

    Our admission essay help would revolve around a range of possible essay structures, any one of which could be implemented as per the given instructions. But the simplest, yet effective one features a compressed narrative, and prefers to build upon a specific anecdote.

    • Never hesitate to start from the middle of the action. It is strongly advisable not to spend time and effort at the beginning of the essay outlining the background info. Keeping the tone of the essay interesting is extremely important and should never be distracting due to a pile of miscellaneous information.
    • We are required to provide an overview of the situation in a brief manner. Once fetch the attention of the reader, elaborate on anything that he or she is required to know to learn that how to get into that situation. It is always suggestive to not mix all the ingredients into one bowl, only integrate the background details that are essential to introspect what really happened or portray an indispensable feature of our personality that is imperative for the admissions office to know.
    • Finishing up the story. Once we have processed exactly what is going on, provide the explanation how we successfully resolved the conflict or ended the experience on a satisfactory note.
    • Last but not the least, never ignore the importance of explaining the lessons that we not only learned but also earned. We are required to tie everything up together and bring home the key point attached to the story, i.e., how this experience impacted us in the overall sense.

    The primary objective of this form of structure is to produce a narrative tension. If we can compel the reader to wonder what is going to happen next, then half of the battle is already won!

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    Tip #07

    Do not Summarize!

    One of the golden rules that we cannot ignore is that we are not writing down an examination essay. Here, we are not required to explicitly indicate the statement of purpose (SOP). There is no utility of an admission essay where we are required to spell it out to the reader. The art of writing a great admission essay revolves around your skills of putting forth your SOP in the most subtle way.

    If we are planning to summarize our college application essay with the statements like “I learned…,” “The most important lesson was…” or “That’s when I realized…,” then it is the time to press the delete button over them without wasting any moment. Such statements are unconvincing, unnecessary, and shifts the reader out of the moment. Rather than doing that, we should let them read amongst the lines and analyze the significance of our story on their own.

    We should never sum-up things in a manner like, “And that is how I learned to stand-up for myself,” as the admissions officer is intelligent enough to interpret that. There are occasions, where at the time of watching a film, the expression of an actor, a sigh, or closing of a door portrays louder than words. Our actions can be brief, yet concrete enough to projectile the meaning across the shore. It must indicate that we are taking a risk, deciding, taking a stand, or forfeiting something up.

    We might be penning down a gesture like facing the shining rays of the morning sun, or a figurative smile in response to a text that popped on the screen of our phone. The reader should realize that we have made a decision or decided to be the change that we wish to see around, or ready to take the leap of faith with a dice that can roll in either direction.

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    There is nothing that can be labelled as the perfect college application essay. What we consider as perfect might be a few inches short in the eyes of an expert evaluator. What we can do is strive for perfection and keep things strategized enough to get over the line. Extensive amount of rewriting, editing, and proofreading can help us work layer after layer to ensure the submission of an impelling piece of SOP. It is highly recommended that we should not get too attached with any portion of the essay draft, as we may require to modify anything (or everything) in the essay later.

    Additionally, never overlook the fact that at this phase in the process, the objective is to lay our ideas on floor. We should not get bothered by misplaced commas and wonky phrasings as they can be fixed at the time of editing. Instead, we should stress upon the incorporation of a lot of specific details, symbolizing how the concerned topic influenced us.

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