Top 50 HRM Dissertation Topics for the Management Students in the Year 2021

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Human resource management (commonly termed as HR or HRM) is the strategic wing of any corporate affairs. It is meant for an effective and efficient management of the workforce in a company, enterprise, or organization like helping their business to gain a competitive edge over the market. The primary objective of this designing is to churn maximum performance out of the employee in service through a feeling of motivation, loyalty, bonding, and rewards. The core purpose of all these managerial efforts to help the employer achieve its strategic objectives through an optimum utility of the manpower.

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    Top 50 HRM Dissertation Topics 2021 By ThoughtfulMinds

    When students seek assignment writing services from our agency, every aspect of assignment writing lies on the shoulders of professionals. Right from topic selection (unless topic has already been provided) to the final proofreading, we are going to find a professional finesse right from the word one. Human resource is a subject that would feature piles of dissertations, essays, case studies and thesis in a semester curriculum to begin. The smarter management students with a prudent approach always look forward to professional assignment writing help and never leave things on luck. But we also admire students who wish to loggerhead with their assignment homework themselves.

    Here, the major tussle exists in the selection of the right topic to finish their assigned HRM homework. Now, the ideal scenario is to make a list of HRM dissertation topics that the student believes worth elaboration on paper and consult his or her professor to pick one. But during these tough times, when Chinese Covid-19 pandemic is ravaging lives across the globe, physical accessibility to the faculties of management studies is not suggestive under any circumstances. That is where, our free dissertation topic recommendations like this one make the lives of our management students far less bumpy.

    The 7 Functional Areas of HR Frequently Covered in Assignment Topics

    The following are some of the key functional areas for which online assignment help is frequently requested from our expert writers by our students –

    • Recruitment & Selection: The process of searching for potential applicants for the current and future vacancies. The selection is based upon the availability of the shortlisted candidates, the ones chosen after measuring the eligibility on the set yardsticks.
    • Performance Management: A corporate management tool that assists the managers to monitor and evaluate the work of the employees. The evaluation is based upon the expectations, goals, and the career progress.
    • Learning & Development: The term is used to describe anything that a business does to motivate professional development among its manpower. It includes training courses, online learning, development programs and team-building activities.
    • Succession Planning: It is the strategy of passing on the leadership roles, especially when it comes to the ownership of the company. Also termed as replacement planning, it might be directed towards an employee or a group of employees. 
    • Compensation and Benefits: A sub-discipline of human resources that is based upon the policy making meant for the compensation and benefits of the employees. It also emphasizes upon the intangible rewards, such as recognition and work-life balance.
    • Human Resources Information Systems: It incorporate the software and tools meant for employee information systems, position control systems, performance management information system, applicant selection and placement system of information, and the information systems meant for government reporting and compliance. Information systems are either developed as indigenous by the company or outsourced to a specialized third-party company software.
    • HR Data and Analytics: It is basically defined as the interpretation of the data patterns that help in the decision-making process and performance improvement. Human resource analytics is basically defined as the process of measuring the influence of HR metrics, like time to time hiring, and retention rate over business performance.

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    The assignments that students are required to attend for successful completion of their HRM course somehow revolves around these topics online. Besides, when there are topics that are somehow deviant from the conventional HRM assignment topics, then our writers are well-versed enough customize their writing style as per the newly grown need.

    What are We Expecting to Achieve by Sharing and Recommending the List of Topics?

    Our sole objective of sharing a comprehensive list of 50 well-researched HRM dissertation topics is to help students realize the thin line of difference between smart work and hard work. Hard work is certainly an essential component when it comes to the investment of sweat and pain to craft the HRM homework to perfection word by word. The final grade points always turn out to be well earned when it comes to the efforts that we channelize. It gives us a whole new sense of gratification.

    But smart work on the other hand is equally critical and a decisive game-changer! Where shall we invest our precious time and efforts? What we are doing is one thing, how we are doing is equally important. Yes, investing every minute of every hour (with an inevitable deadline closing in) to activities that deserve time like researching or editing is deemed worthy of admiration. But if we are spending unnecessary time, energy, and resources to an assignment activity like topic selection, then it would never appear to be convincing from any angle.

    Here, the smart work for any student would be to refer this piece of blog tirelessly crafted by our staff, choose the HRM topic of his or her liking and simply get on with the work! We hope to have well answered, what are we expecting to achieve.

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    Top 50 HRM Dissertation Topics for the Management Students in the Year 2021

    Now, without wasting time, let us take a glimpse through the hand-picked online homework help topics that can make your selection convenient all the year around. To make things even better, we have classified the topics even further as per the conventional HRM functions to help you save more time –

    • Strategic HR Management Dissertations
    1. What is the connection between the manpower satisfaction of pay and the merits and organizational performance?
    2. Does providing employees paid charity days could enhance the organizational citizenship behavior?
    3. Strategic HRM in the SMEs: Is the Investment Really Worth It?
    4. The Risks and Benefits of informing the employees about the corporate goals and achievements
    5. What are the key advantages of outsourcing SHRM?
    6. Strategising and monitoring of the employee life-cycle in an environment of high turnover
    • HR Training and Development Dissertation Topics
    1. The efficiency of the face-to-face vs digital training: A peek into the post Covid-19 world
    2. Who trains out the trainers?
    3. How skill development and training can actually influence the bottom line?
    4. How training and development better prepare organizations amid economic crisis?
    5. How much training and development is critical for the employees engaged in temporary or casual positions?
    6. How can training and development could become the decisive factor for employee engagement and retention?
    • Competitive Advantage in HRM Dissertation Topics
    1. How critical is knowledge transfer in the environments of IT professional services?
    2. The retention of high value staff can deliver necessary competitive advantage: A case study
    3. How Google achieved an edge over human resources? What are the lessons to be learned?
    4. The HRM strategy of Patagonia: Why is it so arduous to imitate?
    5. How AI interference in HRM is offering a competitive advantage to Zara?
    6. How cross-cultural HR interference is offering an edge to the start-up companies? 
    • Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Rewards in HRM Dissertation Topics
    1. Motivating the millennials: How significant is the pay and other perks? 
    2. Does the spirituality moderate the link between the employee motivation and the reward preference?
    3. What is the connection between the employee autonomy and employee motivation?
    4. Is it true that performance-linked pay can actually undermine teamwork?
    5. How critical is flexible working hours and conditions as motivating factors? Make a comparison between pre and post Covid-19 work scenario.
    6. How intrinsic and extrinsic rewards could bring more productive output between Chinese and British workers?
    • Employee Retention in HR Dissertation Topics
    1. What is the connection between employee selection, training, engagement and retention?
    2. Is employee retention always considered desirable? A critical case analysis
    3. The influence of recognizing the contributions of employee on employee retention process at Shell
    4. The criticality of the green HR practices in the process of employee engagement and retention
    5. Exploring the attitude of HRM towards the strategies of employee retention in the banking sector
    6. How frequent attention towards employee welfare programs could improve employee retention in high-stress industrial sectors?
    • Feedback and Appraisals in HR Dissertation Topics
    1. The criticality of regular, informal feedback of the performance of the employees in food and beverage sector
    2. Are there gender distinction in the feedback style at the managerial level? Discuss it with a qualitative approach
    3. What can we understand through social psychology regarding the dynamics of pertinent workplace feedback? Discuss it with a theoretical approach
    4. Investigating the effectiveness of the performance appraisal from the viewpoint of the employees in the UK retail industry: A Tesco case study
    5. Investigating the connection between the public sector appraisals and spinal pay reward system
    6. Job satisfaction and performance feedback and appraisal: Are they correlated?
    • Performance Management in HR Dissertation Topics
    1. An assessment of the effectiveness of the performance management systems at the call centers
    2. An in-depth analysis of the counterproductive aspect of the performance management systems
    3. Are the performance management systems nothing but a new form of Taylorism? Discuss
    4. An assessment of the efficacy of the performance management systems meant for remote teams during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic
    5. Should wages or salaries be capped through the performance management systems? Provide a quantitative study
    6. Enterprise efficacy through performance management: A study focused upon the small scale businesses in Canada
    • Diversity and Inclusion in HR Dissertation Topics
    1. The distinction between the diversity and discrimination at the workplace
    2. An assessment of the effectiveness of viewpoint-taking in the diversity training
    3. What are the workplace discriminations faced by vegans on the grounds of real-life experiences?
    4. What is the association between the diversity and the organizational productivity in Chinese SMEs?
    5. What is the association between the diversity and the organizational productivity in Indian SMEs?
    6. Is ‘inclusion’ always turn out to be positive?
    7. Training the managers for diversity: How complex it is for the companies and the HR?
    8. The function of workforce diversity in enhancing the organizational innovation and capability at Toyota Motors

    We have custom prepared the list to enlist those topics that can be used by the student more than to fulfill his or her requirements related to dissertation help. These topics can be used for all sorts of HRM assignment writing formats, including the requirements related to case study help, essay help, research paper writing help and thesis help.

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