Top 50 Environmental Law Dissertation Topics for Future Homework

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The sustainability of environment is believed to be the core of the very existence of the human civilization. It is critical to regulate the environment with the most time sensitive environmental laws to keep a check on the intervention of the human activities on the environment. Environmental law is primarily a collective term to encompass all the aspects of the law that deliver the decisive protection to the environment.

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    These laws are somehow relative but distinct set of regulatory regimens, that are fiercely influenced by the legal principles, focussing on the sustainable management of concerned natural resources, like forests, fisheries, minerals, etc. This arm of legal framework offers numerous career opportunities to the students and one of the principle streams of the law to demand assignment help by the students.

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    The academic study of the environmental law helps in understanding how to safeguard human health and the environment simultaneously. The study is all about making balance and the right assignment writing services can help the students achieve extremely good grades in the subject. Our effort is to make sure that the students execute their environmental law assignment homework smartly and effectively with prudent utility of time, energy, and resources.

    Well, when it is comes to the segregation of time and efforts then most of the students of the law commit the fundamental mistake of investing more time and efforts for the wrong cause. No, here we are not claiming that the time and efforts invested in the selection of the right topic is redirected to a wrong cause. But how much time and energy we are spending matter a lot. One cannot spend a major chunk of time merely on the reaching the right topic. That is why, we are offering a game changing opportunity to our students to land straight onto the right topic from our recommended list and instantly kickstart with the research work and eloquent writing efforts.

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    The Types of Environmental Laws that can Help you with Academics

    Students reach our agency to get online assignment help to different environmental law assignment topics. We find that there are certain types of environmental laws that are frequently discussed in the curriculum of higher studies. These include the command-and-control regulation, voluntary regulation, and the market-based regulation.

    Most of the environmental laws fall under the standard category of laws termed as “command and control”. These forms of environmental laws are usually taught in academics and primarily comprise of three components, i.e., the recognition of a kind of environmentally pernicious activity, imposition of conditions or set standards on that activity and prohibiting such sorts of activities and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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    Top 50 Environmental Law Dissertation Topics to Write Finest Assignments

    The following is the list of top 50 dissertation topics prepared by our assignment writing experts to help you with all the necessary dissertation help related to the future assignment topic selection.

    1. Environmental law v/s development: Discuss the agents of framework, development and implementation
    2. Provide a systematic analysis of the critical components of the international environmental law
    3. A critical assessment of the Indian environmental law for the sustainability of the resources and management
    4. What are the important features of the environmental laws of the United Kingdom and what are the challenges posed in terms of their implementation?
    5. Make an assessment on the fairness of the international environmental law towards the management of the natural resources in emerging economies
    6. Black markets of animal body parts and poaching of tigers in Asia: Recommend the ways to strengthen national and transnational environmental laws to curb this vicious circle
    7. Environmental laws vs energy laws: A comparative analysis of the similarities and differences
    8. Discuss the role of international law counsel on conscious ecological restoration
    9. A systematic assessment of the catastrophes of major natural resources in a Latin American country of your choice. Throw some light on the policy frameworks in existence or recommendation to address such issues
    10. Environmental crime and the law: Write an expository essay by taking into account the most recent cases
    11. How successful are the environmental laws protecting the great barrier reef in Australia? Do you think that there is more required to be done in the changing times?
    12. How successful has been the Paris Agreement on climate change in terms of the management of carbon emissions?
    13. Brexit and the environment: Conduct a cause and effect analysis
    14. Discuss the challenges faced by the law enforcement bodies in terms of the management of illegal waste
    15. Elaborate the contributions of the British woodlands in the ecological preservation and the viewpoints in terms of the environmental law
    16. Political interests vs the environmental laws: Make a comparative analysis of the two in terms of the UK oil and gas industry
    17. Environmental laws and energy infrastructures: Discuss the situation from the adverse impacts of global warming on Canada
    18. Environmental laws: Are they mutually advantageous or rather favourable to distinct groups? 
    19. Treatment of the waste water from the agriculture sector in Australia
    20. How the environmental policy of the European Union (EU) changed with Brexit? What are the salient features of the overall implications?
    21. How the environmental policies of China failed with the recent mismanagements of 2021 floods? Comment and elaborate
    22. How massive illegal fishing by China is threatening the oceanic environment worldwide?
    23. How recent wildfires in Australia, Greece and Turkey affected the biodiversity in the Europe and Oceania?
    24. Why Amazon rainforests are termed as the ‘lungs of the world’? How the current approach of the Brazilian government is threatening the very existence of this largest cover of rainforests in the world?
    25. How the new environmental laws in the UK are sustaining the resources and safeguarding the existence of the wildlife?
    26. How the Asian race between India and China is putting substantial pressure on the natural resources of both the countries?
    27. How the environmental laws of the Latin American nations have proven to be futile to prevent the massive deforestation of the Amazons?
    28. The history of British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in the ocean and the efforts of the environmental laws to penalise the company
    29. Climate change and the ozone layer: A cause and effect study
    30. How the environmental laws of India miserably failed to stop illegal stone mining in the country?
    31. How the environmental laws of India miserably failed to stop illegal sand mining in the country?
    32. Discuss the environmental laws revolving around the usage and disposal of various types of plastics in an emerging economy of your choice
    33. Is bio-plastic a sustainable choice for the future of mankind? What are the opportunities and obstacles in the mass scale production of bio-plastic?
    34. Make a comparative study on the environmental laws of the countries that succeeded and failed in their carbon emission efforts for a sustainable living
    35. Write a literature review of the global warming and the greenhouse effects
    36. The adverse influences of political interests in diminishing environmental laws
    37. The future of sustainable living. How the environmental laws can be strengthened to achieve the same?
    38. Can the emerging economies offer a sustainable platform for the electric vehicles? How the necessity can be matched with affordability?
    39. Is it really possible to bring all the major economies of the world at the same level on climate change? What are the measures that can be taken to keep a balance between global aspirations of the economies and environmental sustainability?
    40. Are the present environmental laws of the UK sustainable enough to curtail carbon emission and different other hazardous elements from the environment?
    41. How the governments are passing the regulations to reduce the environmental threat from the top chemical industries in a country of your choice?
    42. Conduct an academic study to inform the world about the annual chemical and carbon emission in the sea, land and air in the US states
    43. The creation and transformation into a negative carbon emission country: How Bhutan is setting an example in front of the world?
    44. Learning to co-exist with wildlife: How India is setting new benchmarks of human and wildlife peaceful co-existence?
    45. Preventing tragedies like Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters for the future safety of mankind. How strict environmental laws can play a decisive role in the same? 
    46. How strong environmental laws can result in better energy infrastructures for the overall scope of greater good in the energy sector?
    47. Environmental laws vs development goals of the state: Are they mutually beneficial or bulwarks to overall economic growth?
    48. A study on the saline water treatment plants: How they can play a game-changing role in reducing drinking water scarcity in the less developed nations with maritime boundaries?
    49. Make an assessment of the geographic viability of SODIS (solar water disinfection) method by reducing the turbidity with NaCl
    50. Give a review on the greenhouse gas emission liabilities as a value of renewable energy for palliating the lawsuits for the climate change associated damages
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