Top 20 Land Law Dissertation Topics Trending in the Year 2021

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There is a famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “If a man owns land, the land owns him”. This statement of popular American writer deems suited well enough to establish the connection between a man to his land and vice-versa. The ownership of a safe piece of land is as important as food and water for subsistence. The ownership of own piece of land can open new avenues of progress and prosperity for the owner. Apart from shelter, a considerable piece of land can always be put into agriculture, lease, or commercial utility.

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    Additionally, the crisis associated with lives can also be resolved by trading off a piece of land with the ‘right to transfer of property’ clauses made in the society by the law. Simply speaking, land is an asset like gold; its value may rise or fall with the passage of time but shall never turn out to become a ‘liability’. Understanding the significance of the land and the properties built over it, the local governing bodies pass regulations to safeguard the rights of the actual owner(s) of the land.

    Land Law Dissertation Topics 2021

    Prior to the scrolling of a detailed list of the land law dissertation help topics that are preferably imbibed lately, let us have a brief insight what the land laws are all about and why they are indispensable.


    The land law is classified into the categories of rules and regulations enforced by legal governing bodies to authorise the ownership and the right to use the land. It always alienates or exclude the individuals and parties that do not have direct and indirect association with that concerned piece of land. Most of the rules, regulations, sections, and clauses are in some way related to land use agreements, such as renting.  

    Most of the sections that we feature to study the land law somehow performs as the point of intersection between property and contract law. The transfer of property comes from the voluntary decision of the actual (and present) owner of the land due to encumbrance on the rights of the land to constitute the legal land right to another in exchange for the price both the parties consented upon.  

    The experts offering law assignment help do not deal with the requested topic in layman’s terms. They define the answers to all the questions asked in the assignment with same legal terminologies and sections of the law that are anticipated to appear on the page by the evaluators. For example, the General Clauses Act renders the definition to the immovable properties. All the regulations belong to an immovable property such as land, the benefits arising out of that land, all the things that are attached to the earth, as well as the things permanently fastened to everything that is attached. The experts recite the assignment work by defining the term ‘land’ which would incorporate everything that is present on, under or above the land.

    Why the Land Laws are Important?

    The land laws are dedicated to the protection of both evident and concealed assets of the land. These laws govern all the tangible and the intangible components belonging to the piece of land. Here, all the evident assets would include the periphery of the land, natural rock, the quality of the soil, all the trees, buildings, walls, and other forms of constructions. When it comes to the concealed assets, then it shall include oil, treasure, and other kinds of resources that lay beneath the surface of the concerned land before they eventually get discovered. The prevailing laws always prevent the aggressive takeovers from unrighteous parties, offering an unbiased standpoint to defend or fight over the land disputes, safeguarding the demarcation of the actual land boundaries as mentioned in contractual agreements, etc.

    The land laws are basically meant to enforce the property rights of the owner with respect to the legal ownership of the land and its resources. The protection of the interests are always backed by the legal systems and its bodies through basic execution of law and order.

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    What We are Expecting from the Land Law Topics Discussed Below?

    When students submit their land law dissertations with the help of assignment help offered by a professional agency, then things are executed by the masters of the field. Right from topic selection to immaculate editing and proofreading of the final work, the whole job is handled by the experts who know the drill. Unfortunately, the same luxury is not accessible to the students who decide to finish the land law dissertation at their personal magnitude. Their problems start gushing in right from the choice to pick the right topic.

    Here, our prima-facie motto is to help such needy law students with their dissertation topic dilemma. Indeed, with the help of a comprehensive, well researched list of topics, we are here to help them pick their favourite topic as per convenience. It helps them to frame the blueprint of their dissertation draft with the latest happenings in the field of legal affairs. And with that, let us look at the list of land law dissertation topics that we believe are worth your time.

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    Top 20 Land Law Dissertation Topics for the Law Students in the Year 2021

    While covering an all-inclusive list of land law dissertation topics, we have ensured to list the topics revolving around the enforcement of the regulations and acts indigenous to certain nations and regions worldwide. It makes the list comprehensive enough to cover the requirements of students studying in nearly all parts of the world.

    1. History, scope, objective, applicability, and the salient features of the Right to the Fair Compensation and the Transparency in the Land Acquisition, the Rehabilitation, and the Resettlement Act, 2013
    1. The procedure of the determination of public purposes and social impact of fair compensation to the indigenous of the tribal land
    1. What are the provisions of notification and acquisition of land under government schemes in the Québec province of Canada?
    1. Discuss some of the talked about cases of rehabilitation and resettlement award under land reform act 2013
    1. Elaborate the classes and powers of the revenue offices under Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act, 2015 and Land Reform (Scotland) Act, 2016
    1. How Dawes Severalty Act or General Allotment Act affected the landholdings of the native Americans within the United States?
    1. How the second land reforms under the Great Leap Forward destroyed the property rights of peasants in China? What could have been a suitable alternative to egalitarian principle of distribution to ensure better results?
    1. A review of the property law through the antitrust principles of the United States
    1. A systematic analysis of the property law in the UK and its practical implications
    1. An in-depth analysis of the rationale for private property rights of the immigrants to the UK
    1. The classification of the land and property law in the digital community across the globe.
    1. A review of the tribal land rights of the aboriginal Australians
    1. Discuss in detail the agricultural property rights in the State of New South Wales, Australia
    1. Give a discourse of the rights of women to acquire and hold land across any three geographical territories
    1. The application of land and property law for the protection of heritage sites in Europe. State the course of discussion with the heritage sites of five different countries of the European Union.
    1. Unification of land and property laws across the borders- a necessity?
    1. Are the provisions for the prevention of harassment and eviction are effective enough to safeguard the rights of the tenants?
    1. Is the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA) 2017 is sufficient to curtail the growing homelessness in the UK?
    1. Discuss “knowing receipt” and “knowing assistance” and their ramifications under the English trusts law doctrine.
    1. To what degree does an adverse possession an essential right to forestall the rise in the number of vacant properties?

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    Land Law Assignment Help

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