Top 20 Capital Budgeting Dissertation Topics for the Year 2021

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There is a popular quote by Jonathan Swift stating, “A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart..”. It tells a lot about the fact that the money can cost too much if not wisely spend. That is the reason why, financial experts running an organization always seek better capital budgeting techniques to determine where to invest and how much to invest.

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    Capital budgeting is the branch of financial management studied by the students to determine which is the rightly proposed fixed asset purchase they should accept, and which one they should decline. The subject and its proposed techniques are meant to create a quantitative view of each proposed investment in fixed asset. Therefore, it offers a rational ground to help the businesses and its stakeholders to reach and enforce better judgments.


    Capital budgeting is a powerful process used by the enterprises and companies to evaluate the prospects of major projects and investments. When we speak in terms of investments, then it comprises of new plants, equipment, machinery, new factory land, manpower, etc. The prime objective of the process is to make an assessment of the cash inflows and outflows in the project.

    When we come across capital budgeting assignments for which students frequently seek our assignment help, then we would find that most of the questions revolve around the net present value and the respective rate of return. If there is a set yardstick, then it is the job of the effective capital budgeting tools to determine whether the expectable return meets the same or not.

    We are expecting our students to attend their capital budgeting assignment homework in a better way. Most of the students of financial management face the conundrum of how to begin, and the obvious question that follows is how to choose the most suited topic for the next submission. Here, our strategic goal is to help students save time and energy that they occasionally dispose only to the selection of the right topic. It eventually constraint them in terms of resources that they can strategically spend on the content of a powerfully prepared assignment draft.

    Forecasting the Financial Implications Through Most Reliable Techniques

    The capital budgeting process may be broadly divided into six different steps. These include planning stage or idea generation, evaluation or assessment, selection, financing, implementation, or execution and at the end, review. These steps are accomplished with the help of the most popular capital budgeting techniques. Some of the commonly used techniques in our assignment writing services on the request of our students are briefly described below –

    • Payback Period Method: The method revolves around the period of time that is required for the investment return to “repay” out the sum equivalent to the original investment. For example, capital investment on property and land, the payback method is one of the simplest ways to calculate the number of months or years to successfully get an absolute return on the initial investment.
    • Accounting Rate of Return (ARR) Method: Also termed as the Average Rate of Return, it is a form of financial ratio practised in capital budgeting. Here, the ratio will not take into consideration the time value of money. It calculates the return, which is generated out of the net income from the proposed investment of capital. Here, the rate of return is calculated in the form of percentage return.
    • Net Present Value (NPV) Method: It is one of the most popular methods of profitability assessment requested by the students while seeking our online assignment help. It is calculated by deriving the difference between the present values of cash outflows and the present values of cash inflows marked over a period of time.
    • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Method: The application of this method is primarily dedicated to the budgeting of a proposed project. It is the rate of return calculated at the point where the net present value of the project becomes zero. The experts of finance call it ‘internal’ merely because it does not consider any external factor, such as inflation.

    These are some of the primarily used capital budgeting techniques for which our expert writers are frequently contacted for paid assignment help. In case your capital budgeting assignment writing need is different from the above-mentioned techniques, then also we encourage you to consult our experts on priority. As our experts are equipped with in-depth clarity of all sorts of capital budgeting concepts, there is always a feasibility of customising the writing and application of the technique as per the given assignment instructions.

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    Top 20 Capital Budgeting Dissertation Topics for Next Assignment Homework Reference

    We have prepared the complete list of top 20 most suggested dissertation assignment topics prepared by our finance experts. They have made sure to deliver an all-inclusive list of topics that are covering different aspects of the subject. We fully anticipate that the below list would fulfil all your dissertation help requirements. And now with that, let us glance through the prepared list –

    1. Discuss the debt capacity of the government entity of your choice
    1. Discuss the formulation of capital budgeting with respect to the regulations of the government in airline industry
    1. Discuss the significance of capital budgeting forecasting in deriving the modified internal rate of return
    1. Capital budgeting is all about quantified planning: Discuss
    1. Discuss one of the most popular methods of capital budgeting decision making in terms of net present value (NPV)
    1. Do the decision rules of capital budgeting adjust for the risk and time value of money?
    1. Understanding the alternative rules for capital budgeting with examples: Profitability Index
    1. Understanding the alternative rules for capital budgeting with examples: Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
    1. Understanding the alternative rules for capital budgeting with examples: Payback Period
    1. Understanding the alternative rules for capital budgeting with examples: Return on Book Value
    1. Discuss Caterpillar Capital Expenditure Model (CAPX)
    1. Discuss the capital budgeting needs of the company of your choice after taking into account the following scenarios: Economic growth/ profitability/ with expansion/ without expansion/ loss
    1. Make capital budgeting decision making with the quantitative values of your choice. Answer in terms of the following parameters: The cost of debt, WACC of the company, the cost of preferred stock, and expected cash flow from the investments
    1. Elaborate the relevance of capital budgeting by discussing a project proposed by a government organization
    1. How important is the identification of the right investment opportunities while making a decision on capital budgeting?
    1. What is discounted payback period capital budgeting technique? Elaborate with the help of an example
    1. What is accounting rate of return capital budgeting technique? Elaborate with the help of an example
    1. Capital budgeting involve long term goals of wealth maximization. Elaborate the same
    1. How does the effective transfer of information between different departments helps in better capital budgeting decisions?
    1. The capital expenditure decisions are considered to be of irreversible nature. Discuss the statement in terms of a decision taken on the acquisition of a permanent asset.

    And with that, we have finally reached the end point of this list. We are keeping the fingers crossed that it would have successfully served the objective of your topic selection requirements for the next assignment.

    Nevertheless, the inclusion of capital budgeting assignment topics has been conducted in such a way that it can bail us out with our prerequisites associated with different other types of assignment writing formats as well. For example, the list can attend to all our topic selection needs concerned to essay help, research paper writing help, case study help, or thesis help as well in the most convenient order.

    Are you struggling to decide which finance topics would be appropriate for your next assignment submission? Read the below article to come across the most pertinent and hand-picked topics from the most acclaimed experts of the industry and make your choice simpler.

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    Capital Budgeting is an arm of financial management that is known for creating accountability and quantitative measurement of the business operations. It is a measurable way by which the businesses can determine prolonged financial and economic profitability for any sort of investment project. The capital budgeting decisions are regarded as both an investment as well as a financial commitment.

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