Top 100 Finance Dissertation Topics Trending in the Year 2021

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There is a popular saying, “money is not everything, but everything needs money…”, and it totally vindicates the relevance of the course that we are discussing here. The concept of financial management is universal, and it is bound to touch nearly all the corners of the globe where the practice of currency exchange exists. Financial management primarily refers to the strategic organizing, planning, directing, and controlling of all kinds of financial undertakings within an enterprise or an organization. It also incorporates the application of the management principles to the fiscal assets of an organization.  

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    The assignment writing services offered by our agency revolves around different forms of financial management course curriculum requirements. Most of the topics of financial management are directly or indirectly associated with capital and treasury budget management, capital structure management as well as the management of working capital. Here, we are trying to deliver a comprehensive coverage of finance dissertation topics as per the needs and requirements of the finance students worldwide. The classification and segregation of the topics have been done in such a manner that they can suit the narration and frameworks of different writing formats.


    Our sole objective of recommending these wide range of finance dissertation topics is to help students prioritize things in a more effective sense. It is a matter of fact that most of the students tend to waste a considerable amount of time in the title selection process. As we help our finance students to resolve a major conundrum, it enables them to synergize all the time, efforts, and resources to deliver the best work within the stipulated deadline.

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    Studying the Finance Topics Cementing the Foundation of a Bright Career

    It is essential for the students to identify the sources of finance to help the businesses grow in various economies. It helps them decide which finance assignment topic can turn out to be more conducive for points scoring. Our online homework help initiative for finance topic recommendations would revolve around the following sources of financing –

    • Cash flow lending
    • Invoice financing
    • Crowdfunding
    • Angel investors
    • Venture capitalism
    • Foreign direct investment
    • Microfinance
    • Initial public offering (IPO)

    While working upon these sources of financial investment, students are expected to work upon five financial transactions management principles, including consistency, justification, timeliness, documentation, and certification.

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    Top 100 Finance Dissertation Topics for the Year 2021

    As we are going to discuss a wide range of finance dissertation topics for the reference of our students, we have segregated them as per the points of interests. Refer them to your online assignment help needs of topic selection and make your efforts in this direction more convenient.

    Finance Assignment Help
    • Dissertation Topics on Covid-19 and its Impact on Financial Services
    1. What is the impact of Covid-19 on financial industry?
    2. Covid-19 and the rise of NPAs in Banks
    3. Are the companies becoming conservative regarding forecasts post Covid-19?
    4. Modified audit options in the financial world post Covid-19
    5. Is there a need for better insurance policy for the financial companies post Covid-19?
    • Dissertation Topics on Cryptocurrency
    1. Can the market of crypto be followed with a technical analysis?
    2. How to measure the risks and returns in a cryptofinance market?
    3. Under the current supremacy regimen of Bitcoin and Ethereum, is there investment potential in alt coins?
    4. Are cryptocurrencies deemed as a reliable asset for swing trading?
    5. Why do banks oppose the advent of digital currency so fiercely?
    • Dissertation Topics on Audit in Financial Services
    1. Can the BASEL rules be truly termed as successful to improve the liquidity and controls of the financial institutions?
    2. Function of automation and RPA in audit sector
    3. The role of auditors in the field of financial reporting: An Enron and WorldCom case study
    4. Auditors are the risk managers or cost centers for the bank: Discuss
    5. Sarbanes-Oxley Act and its impact on Auditor-client association in the UK
    • Dissertation Topics on Risk Management: Capital, Liquidity, ALM, Models
    1. Financial crisis in the UK banking industry and liquidity risk management
    2. Risk management in the international banking functions in Europe: Its nature, scope and assessment
    3. Foreign exchange risk management within the financial institutions
    4. An evaluation of the credit risk management of the financial institutions
    5. How the provisions related to IFRS9 offer cushions to the financial service industry?
    • Dissertation Topics on Internet Banking and Digital Journey for Banks
    1. The security challenges related to electronic banking transactions
    2. Can digitization be considered as a disruptive step towards banking sector?
    3. Will there be sustainability to Fintechs in the long run?
    4. What are the best security practices for the online transactions?
    5. Utility of Internet banking: Youth vs Elderly population
    • Dissertation Topics on Ethics in Accounting
    1. Dilemma for the accountants: Ethics or profit?
    2. Rhetoric of rationality and the audit risk
    3. Does the accounting for a brand really matter?
    4. The independence of an auditor: Perception or reality?
    5. Transfer pricing and tax evasion: Teaching ethics to the accounting students of university
    • Dissertation Topics on Microfinance
    1. The impact of microfinance on the SME sector
    2. The growth of microfinance in South Asia over a period of time
    3. The impact of microfinance in alleviating poverty and boosting economic growth in Bangladesh: A case study
    4. What are the determinant factors leading to the success of the institutions of microfinance?
    5. How the concept of microfinance is empowering women across the world?
    • Dissertation Topics on Retail and Commercial Banking
    1. How the local commercial banks in Europe changed their practices over a period of time?
    2. The evolution of retail banking in India
    3. How the consumer demand is changing the preferences and strategies of SMEs in the US?
    4. Inventory management for mobile banking: A case study of the developing nations
    5. What is the relationship between price, equity, and performance in the banking industry?
    • Dissertation Topics on Financing in Emerging Market
    1. FDI strategies in Asia and Europe: A comparative study
    2. What is the link between economic growth and population: A case study of China
    3. The evolution and the current state of investment banking in the emerging markets
    4. What are the challenges faced by the financial institutions in an emerging economy?
    5. The perception and attitude of the investors from a developed country towards the investment opportunities in the emerging markets
    • Dissertation Topics on Alternative Investment
    1. Hedge funds: An alternative investment option for the institutional investors
    2. Private equity market and its different types of investors
    3. Investment diversification through alternative investment vehicles
    4. The timeline of mutual funds and their growing popularity
    5. Hedge funds: Risk diversifiers, return enhancers or both?
    • Miscellaneous Finance Dissertation Topics on International Affairs
    1. Investing in the energy sector of Russia: The bulwarks and opportunities
    2. Foreign investment and its impact on the economic growth of Zambia
    3. The theory of cognitive moral development and the moral maturity of finance professionals
    4. Do microfinance companies really come to the aid of the poorest of the poor?
    5. The economic reforms in Saudi Arabia and its direct influence on the foreign direct investment
    6. Financial advancements in Europe and Asia: A comparative study
    7. What are the negative influences of microfinance in the developing economies?
    8. The merits and demerits of aggressive economic policies of China
    9. The restructuring of banking sector in Brazil: A case study
    10. The future of mutual funds in emerging economies
    11. An assessment of the financial crisis 2007-08: Could it have been eschewed?
    12. The merits and demerits of private equity investment in European Union post Brexit
    13. Can cryptocurrency actually have the capacity to demonetize the world?
    14. What is the future of banking system innovation in the United States?
    15. Digital banking issues faced by the elderly and the optimal measures to resolve them
    16. Do financial institutions somehow finance terrorism unknowingly?
    17. Forecasting the next catastrophe of financial crisis: Could 2021 turn out to be the year?
    18. Are the profits made by financial institutions unethical? If yes, why?
    19. How Brexit impacted the ability of the banks in the UK to hire talented specialists?
    20. What do you mean by the balanced scorecard? Why is it so significant to the legal firms?
    21. What are the modern accounting standards? Do they actually live up to the expectations of the regulator?
    22. The accounting education programs in the US and the UK: A comparative study
    23. An assessment of the top 3 CSR issues in the modern banking systems
    24. Here is how the Internet banking would look like in the next 10 years
    25. An assessment of the trade blocks (BRIC) and their influence on the banking sector
    26. PATRIOT Act of the United States and its impact on the international banking
    27. How significant is the flow of credit to an agronomic industry?
    28. The 5 ways through which the IT has transformed the financial sector
    29. An essay on the 5 most significant traits of a highly successful microfinance institution
    30. IFRS and its implementation in the UK: The concerns and the reactions
    31. Is there a connection between corporate strategy and capital structure?
    32. Debt trap policy of China: Is it a conventionally practiced policy of Eco-terrorism or a new one?
    33. Discuss the real estate industry of China from the viewpoint of a banker
    34. Which banks are conventionally more profitable, the domestic or the foreign ones?
    35. The effective management of cash flow at Groupe Societe Generale
    36. An assessment of the financial statements of MasterCard and VISA
    37. The culture of cooperation and opportunism in the venture capital financed companies
    38. The gender and the development happening through western eyes: An evaluation of microfinance as the solution of the west to poverty, third world women and neoliberalism
    39. A multi-factor form quadratic stochastic volatility model and its implementation in insurance and finance
    40. A quantitative study of innovation-driven investment and its performance management on corporate fiscal returns
    41. American venture capitalism in the Post-American world: A case study
    42. Exploring the opportunities other than oil in Saudi Arabia and the UAE for foreign direct investment (FDI)
    43. Asset levels of the service based decision support systems for infrastructure investment in Singapore
    44. Bulwarks to investment and credit to the minority business entrepreneurs: An investigation of the Rockford, IL, metropolitan statistical area
    45. Economic growth through foreign direct investment: The case study of Nigeria
    46. Increasing the values of a firm through the derivatives for hedging
    47. Why the real estate sector in Dubai undergoing financial crisis?
    48. The connection between the sentiment of investor and stock volatility: A case study of the USA and China
    49. How the awareness and influence of financial services to the low income group endorsed the economy of Malaysia?

        100. The impact of firm characteristics on the capital structures of SMEs: A Hong Kong case study

    Now with that, we are end the end of a marathon list of finance assignment topics that can be used to deliver assignments all the semesters around. The best part of these compiled assignment topics is that they can be custom written as per the raising assignment needs related to different writing formats. We can use them not only for the dissertation help request related to topic selection, but also for case study help, essay help, research paper writing help, and even thesis help.

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