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Most of the students constantly fight the questions revolving around their future after pursuing a degree in history. Will my streams of opportunities end here? Or will my career choices be confined to teaching or archaeological research and exploration? First and foremost, we ought to overcome the misconceptions related to the limitations of career opportunities in this subject. History offers a considerable numbers of career opportunities alike most of the other subjects, all we are needed to do is explore with the right approach.

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    Apart from career streams mentioned above, a degree in history offers career opportunities in the field of civil services, museology, art and museum curators, archivists, historians, as well as field research consultants. There is a significant demand for the students of this field around the world. That is why more inclusive history courses are now inculcated in the course curriculum of the prestigious colleges and universities worldwide. We can say that confidently because of the sheer number of history assignment orders that we get from most diligent, enthusiastic, and passionate university students and history scholars worldwide.


    History helps us to delve into the journey of mankind to learn from it. We learn from the inventions, discoveries, milestones and of course, blunders. History is a subject that is known to reveal the patterns of cause and effect that objectively decide the course of the events of the past. The key purpose of the history assignments is to help the students test their knowledge on different historical domains of human civilizations. Additionally, the submission of the assignments related to the sisters’ disciplines of the subject could open the avenues to more career opportunities altogether.

    The assignment help from a professional history homework help agency can assist students surpass the competition and reflect a better grade-sheet at the time of competition. Being the leaders of the assignment writing industry across the globe, we have taken several initiatives time to time to help our students deal with the most complex challenges of assignment writing process. One of the most common problems of the history students that we are answering here is the selection of the right assignment topic. The top 100 history topics that we are about to discuss here cover different domains of the subject. They are going to facilitate the topic selection needs for both the academic and research purposes.

    How Our History Topics Recommendation Can Help Use Time and Resources Smartly?

    The failure of implementing the right assignment writing tactic can ruin even the most sincerely made efforts. This problem with the university students is not confined to history subject only. Most of them invest a chunk of time in exploring the most suited topic for the job. Well, as you have successfully landed on this page, the selection of the right history topic for your next assignment is not going to be an issue at all. It leaves us with enough amounts of time and resources to focus on some of the key yardsticks of history assignment writing, that are decisive in all sense. These include –

    • Providing a clear thesis statement and its assessment
    • Avoiding excessively wordy and lengthy paragraphs
    • Eschewing the usage of an excessive number of quotes
    • Preventing the usage of an evidence in an uncritical sense
    • Using 100% authentic, legitimate, and appropriate sources of information
    • Preventing an excessive usage of passive voice
    • Preventing the usage of vague statements, and unsupported generalizations
    • Never enacting as a “one-draft wonder”, and rewrite and revise the draft multiple times to achieve perfection
    • As it is a history assignment, never get sloppy in terms of chronology
    • Referring only 100% genuine historiography papers written by the past historians

    When we look at the assignment writing services of a credible agency, then all the said benchmarks of quality homework are met with utmost due diligence. An agency with strong expertise and goodwill in the market will offer the information from their own research database. One such database is comprehensively prepared by accessing the sources of multiple historians to verify the facts. Besides, a collective effort is put forth by dedicated teams of in-house researchers, writers, editors, and proofreaders for a common cause. The cause to make the submission shine like a diamond among the submitted lot.

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    Top 100 History Dissertation Topics for Thesis and University Assignments

    Before beginning, please note that we are not segregating the topics for history subject into the sub-categories and proceed straightly to the listings one after the other. We have taken this decision since the topics related to history are vast and cannot be confined to specific categories only. Our online assignment help related to topic recommendation has been prepared in such a way that it can guide history students of all fields and research domains.

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    Let us look at the comprehensively researched and heavily brainstormed history topics published for the year 2021 –

    1. What were the key reasons behind the Crimean War?
    2. What were the goals of Ottoman Empire during the Crimean War? How were they different from the goals of the British and French empires to oppose Russia during this war?
    3. Why and how Napoleon the III came into power?
    4. To liberalize or to rule: Discuss the key desires that drove the expeditionary campaign of Napoleon the III
    5. What were the main reasons behind the unification of Italy?
    6. Discuss the role of Cavour in the Italian unification? Was he the central figure to play this role or someone else?
    7. How the step of Italian unification influenced the balance of power within the European continent?
    8. What was the role of Bismarck in the German unification?
    9. How the Space Race changed the course of Cold War between the USA and the USSR?
    10. How would the present Germany look like if the fall of the Berlin Wall never happened?
    11. If we have to blame one party for the beginning of the First World War, then which one would it be, and why?
    12. Was the First World War inevitable, or simply the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip lead to the chain of events?
    13. Focus on a specific country, and discuss the role of intelligence agencies in deciding the course of the war
    14. What reasons contributed to the fall of Labor government in Britain in the year 1924?
    15. Why the impact of ‘The Great Depression’ so terrible in the mining districts and the old industrial areas of Britain?
    16. Which policy measures were inducted to solve the cause of ‘The Great Depression’ and how effective they turned out to become?
    17. Why do world economies ‘boom’ and ‘bust’ in quick successions?
    18. Was Neville Chamberlain real ‘voice of the British people’ amid the Munich crisis?
    19. How the political appeasement during the 1936 ‘Nazi Olympics’ laid to the foundation of the world domination campaign of the Nazis?
    20. 20.  Why did the Munich crisis failed to bestow us the ‘Peace in Our Time?’
    21. Was the Italian Fascist government of Mussolini as anti-Semitic as the Nazi Government of Hitler?
    22. What were the failings of the previous governments made Italy so inclined to the fascist rule?
    23. What features of the Nazis during that time made them a charismatic choice for the government within the German masses?
    24. How the Nazi regime used cinema and art for propaganda purposes? How it is identical to the Communist propaganda practiced in the modern context?
    25. What were the reasons due to which the German People did not protest against the persecution of Jews by the Nazis in the European mainland? 
    26. Conduct an assessment of the role of women in the Nazi movement, and their contribution to the Third Reich
    27. Which factors contributed to the rise of Stalin in USSR after the death of Lenin?
    28. Discuss the factors due to which most of the European powers decided to align with the US and not the USSR in the post Second World War tussle
    29. Why and how communism spread from the USSR to the other parts of the globe?
    30. To what extent the ruling policy of Joseph Stalin was different from that of Vladimir Lenin for USSR
    31. Were the 7 to 10 million deaths in the 1933 Ukrainian Holodomor an intended genocide ordered by Joseph Stalin?
    32. Discuss different phases of Soviet Antisemitism during the dictatorship period of Stalin
    33. Conduct an assessment of Churchill/ Stalin relationship across the Second World War
    34. What were the causes behind the start of the Second World War?
    35. Which is the decisive turn of event(s) from where the Axis powers started losing the war?
    36. How the Second World War affected the entire continent of Europe?
    37. How the entry of the United States changed the equations of the Second World War?
    38. Could there have been a peaceful solution to the Second World War? Discuss
    39. Making Russia an unnecessary enemy was one of the biggest blunders committed by Hitler. Discuss
    40. How treaty of Versailles sewed the seeds of the Second World War?
    41. The Maya Empire: One of the jewels of ancient civilizations
    42. The Inca Empire: One of the greatest civilizations of Pre-Columbian America
    43. How Mongol invasion changed the demographics of the Arab world?
    44. The persona of Julius Caesar and how it changed Rome forever
    45. How Mesopotamian civilization created one of the wealthiest and advanced societies during its time?
    46. Discuss the history of ancient Greek Olympics
    47. Burial rituals in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt: A comparative study
    48. How geography affected the development of ancient cultures?
    49. Discuss cause and effect relationship of Art on the Classical societies
    50. How the invention of Papyrus changed the course of human history?
    51. The significance of Egyptian pyramids in the societies of Egypt
    52. The period of Stone Age and its subsequent evolution
    53. The cultural transformation during the Middle Ages
    54. The relationship of Muslims and Jews in Medieval Spain
    55. The Black Death in 14th century and the Catholic Church
    56. Chola architecture v/s Mughal architecture: A comparative study
    57. Twelfth-century Renaissance and the outlook of French towards the same
    58. First Crusade (1095-1099) and its relative causes
    59. How the conditions of Muslim women were different from that of Hindu women in Medieval India?
    60. The Renaissance: Its political, cultural, social and economic influence
    61. Edo/Tokugawa Shogunate and the development of Japan under its rule
    62. Byzantine Iconoclasm and its theological and historical context
    63. Medieval Convivencia: A case analysis
    64. Renaissance paintings and their religious symbolism
    65. Industrial revolution and how it turned out to be a game-changer for the Western civilization?
    66. Discuss the history of Cuban Revolution in a brief manner
    67. The historical influence of Abraham Lincoln
    68. The invasion, conquest and colonization of America by the European countries
    69. The origins and the trajectory of the French revolution
    70. The change and influence of consumerism on the world history
    71. What were the reasons behind the break-up of the Former Yugoslavia
    72. The Great Depression of 1930s and 2007-08:  Compare in terms of changes in fiscal and monetary policies
    73. Feminism and Patriarchy: Discuss the historical development
    74. What were the causes and effects of the Cuban Missile Crisis?
    75. The foreign policy of the United States during the Cold War
    76. The role and contribution of Japan in world development after the end of the Cold War
    77. The history of Hollywood and Californication of the World Cinema
    78. The history of migration into the United States of America
    79. Slavery in the United States: Literary works in terms of historical context
    80. Discuss the causes behind the American Civil War
    81. The relationships between the Native Americans and the Settlers
    82. Discuss the history and the true meaning of cowboy
    83. The role of the founding fathers in the American society and the region
    84. Key reasons and results of the Spanish-American war
    85. The history of drug use and abuse in the United States
    86. The history of gun culture in the United States
    87. An assessment of the impact of the ‘British Raj’ in India
    88. The evolution and the history of the IRA
    89. The history of Witchcraft in the European Continent (1450-1750)
    90. The origin of the causes that lead to the Partition of India in 1947
    91. Colonialism, slavery and Christianity: A paradox
    92. Freedom struggle of Africa under Nelson Mandela
    93. Political violence of South Africa between the year 1985 to 1989
    94. The battle of Waterloo: Its backdrop and its implications
    95. How long would have the Nazi Germany survived in case there had been no foreign intervention?
    96. The meaning and implications of Black Tuesday: Wall Street Crash of 1929
    97. The role of Adolf Hitler and Bavarian Army in the First World War
    98. The causes and the results of the First War of Indian Independence 1857
    99. India the Golden Bird: How foreign invaders atrophied her opulence to the third world status
    100. The Ancient Silk Road: The history of connecting the East and the West

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    The best part of considering any of the above listed topics for the next history assignment submission is that their writing pattern can be customized as per the instructed assignment writing format. That is the reason why, these topics can apparently meet more than our dissertation help requirements. These topics can be modified or deemed suitable for the direct use related to case study help, essay help, research paper writing help or thesis help. You can get in touch with the service representative of our agency to get necessary guidance in the same regard. 


    History is a subject that is usually taken for granted by the students of liberal arts. Yet, we cannot blame the procrastinating attitude of the students, as they tend to believe that history assignments can easily be tackled even at the eleventh hour. But things are not as easy as they appear from the surface. History is a subject that demands properly planning, strong research and eloquent chronology of all the dates, events, and years without any dispute. The paid assignment help from Thoughtful Minds, a trusted and leading history help agency can make the submission process purely grade-oriented.

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