Top 10 Tricks to Eschew Cardinal Plagiarism Sins Before They Invoke Damage to Our Essay

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“No, please! It was just an accident. I did not mean to!”, you can yell at the top of your voice, but it eventually boils down to nothing. When we find ourselves mangled in the web of accusations for submitting an essay draft with plagiarized content, there is nothing much that can be done to save our skin. Facing legal repercussions for piracy is an absolute nightmare and has an absolute reason to worry. It will not only put our reputation as an essayist at stake, but to the extreme might result in expulsion from the academic curriculum.

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    Most of us believe that plagiarism in essay writing is all about copying word-for-word from someone else’s work. But if we speak in true sense, then there are other forms of plagiarism as well that are required to be taken as seriously as they are.

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    Not so long ago, while writing a conventional essay, we were primarily dependent upon the library and the lecture notes to refer while penning it down on paper. But the things have changed to a remarkable extent over a period. If we speak from the modern context, then students tend to have access to more digital information on any subject than ever before.

    With the advent of electronic technology and the Internet, students find numerous sources of information right at their fingertips. There are numerous reasons that lead to plagiarism in academic and research essays, and most of them are unintentional, but they also include certain other reasons like tight assignment deadline, poor planning and time-management skills, academic and social pressure, feeling overloaded with homework, or simply feeling unmotivated. It does not actually matter what the precise reason is, the submission of pirated essay always raises questions on our academic integrity.

    Here, we are going to deliver essay help related to the effective tricks that would help us eschew all possible types of plagiarism that could sabotage our submission in one way or the other. Let us look at them one by one and help prepare a better academic or research submission next time.

    Top 10 Tricks to Avoid Plagiarism in Our Essay Submission

    #1 Letter Substitution:

    Most of the students tend to believe that text modification is not a form of plagiarism and normally accepted as per the contemporary standards of evaluation. But it is certainly far from the truth! Text modification is still regarded as one form of plagiarism, and as per a report released by Unicheck in September 2019, 7% of the plagiarism cases are resulted due to text modifications.

    Letter substitution represents the application of letter duplicates from the other languages. For example, students borrow the essay of someone else and prior to submitting it as their own original work, they modify all English letters of alphabet ‘o.’ ‘e,’ ‘a,’ as well as ‘c’ with the Cyrillic letters ‘о’, ‘е’, ‘а’, as well as ‘с’ appearing as the same. It can trick a primitive form of plagiarism checker, but one cannot say the same for the advanced checker tools.

    #2 Interpreting the Topic:

    When we have a crystal-clear understanding of the assigned or chosen essay topic, then we would not be relying on what someone else has to say about it. Our clarity of concept would always help us express the essay content eloquently in our own words. That is the reason why, when the next time there has been a topic assigned, invest some time learning about it, brainstorm over it, and eventually ensure a better writing.

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    #3 Effective Paraphrasing:

    There are certain phases in our essay writing work where the interpretation of the original source of work is more critical than the precise wordings. Here, one of the best approaches to paraphrasing is not to fill our essay with quotes. So, what is the best approach of paraphrasing without plagiarizing? Here, it is best to properly read the original piece of work and rephrase it in our own authentic words. We might also wish to add down the citations wherever it is essential while paraphrasing. We can seek effective paraphrasing assistance from the agency writers offering reliable online essay help.

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    #4 Quotations:

    There are times, when we are required to make a direct quote to put forth a formidable piece of evidence to reinforce the claim that we are making in our essay. The usage of quotations would make sure that we are borrowing the precise words of the author. It is important that we highlight the quotation in a unique way. For instance, while applying the quote, use it with quotation marks as well as go with a different kind of font. In case we are quoting a lengthy quote, it is suggestive to stick to the parts that are relevant to our essay and does add value to our claim/ argument.

    #5 Correct Citation of Sources:

    The format of citing the sources always remain prone to mistakes. That is the reason why, it is always recommended not to keep the citation work for the eleventh hour. If we fail to cite the sources in a correct order, then the chances of accidental plagiarism remain high. The citation of the sources in the correct order acknowledges the fact that we are giving the due credit to the actual author/ source. The standard format of information citing would feature the name of the author, the publication date, as well as the title of the book/ journal. To prevent the error in citation, it is recommended to maintain the list of references simultaneously while procuring the information.

    #6 Plagiarism Check Software:

    Taking the help of technology to trace and filter out pirated content is certainly not a bad option at all. The plagiarism check through software can be done at the time of editing or proofreading of the concerned essay. There are both free and paid versions of trusted software accessible online that can be used as per convenience. It is an undeniable fact that the paid versions always deliver more pristine results than the free ones. A comprehensive report is submitted once the checking is done. Yes, if you wish to seek a limited usage of the plagiarism check software, then it is advisable to take help from a professional essay writing services agency rather than paying for a licensed software with limited usage.

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    #7 Taking Help from an Agency:

    If we are having trouble finishing the essay with accurate formatting, syntax, paraphrasing and proofreading, then a smart and prudent approach would be taking professional help. The best part of hiring the services of an authorized essay writing agency is that it is fully legal and deliver the services in comprehensive manner. We can inquire for the requirements, get a free quote, and unburden all the assignment worries right from title selection, research, essay writing, referencing, and proofreading on the shoulders of experts. We can find the prices to be extremely reasonable and student-oriented in all sense.

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    #8 Crafting the List of References:

    Now, it is truly an interesting point that we are required to consider! We usually believe that adding unrelated or non-existing references to our essay, rather than investing time reaching for real one would somehow work. It does not work that way, especially in the modern scenario when every piece of info is accessible in a matter of a few clicks.

    For example, while penning down an essay on Shakespearian play Romeo and Juliet, rather than quoting some real criticism on the work, we are making up some fake references featured on fake page numbers. Here, the provided reference might be related to the topic, but there are no actual content present there to link the dots with the reference. While enlisting out the references, we should take a serious note of not incorporating any fake remark, numbers, or publishers.

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    #9 Inserting White Text:

    It is one of the effective tricks used in the essay writing culture to mask and keep a check on plagiarism. It is a unique art of carefully inserting white-coloured text along with different spaces and characters in white to make sure that the evaluator does not observe them. If we speak from the context of a primitive plagiarism checker tool (which most of colleges tend to use) then most of them cannot trace out the inclusion of white text in the essay body. In case, there is difficulty in inserting white text in an articulative sense, then we should never hesitate to seek paid essay writing help from professional essayist to do it on our behalf.

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    #10 Format Modification:

    Getting creative sometimes implicated in a wrong sense. We sometimes present the essay in the form of an image so that the evaluator could not run it through anti-piracy software. That is one of the critical reasons why, the assignment instructors specify what sort of essay format they require. Now it results in a question, whether such form of format and text modification is regarded as cheating or not? Well, blatantly copying someone else’s text word-for-word without mentioning the due credit would certainly fall in the category of cheating. Direct plagiarism is certainly easy to detect for any software.

    Altering someone else’s work without his or her permission or using it without the due consent or claim it as our own does surely fall under the category of cheating. When we are playing with the instructed format, then we are required to pass through another level of creativity, invest time and thoughts. If the prevailing phase of the student life unable to allow the investment of time, energy, and resources, then it is a smarter move to go with the services of a professional essayist with a strong track record of offering unique, plagiarism-free essay writing services.


    Plagiarism is widely regarded as a plague by the scholarship and education fraternity. With the advent of electronic technology and swift access to information, it has only made it more convenient for the students to imitate someone else work and claim it to be their own. But as easy is duplicating someone else work, it is equally convenient for the essay evaluator to trace it back to the original source with the help of trusted and advanced anti-piracy tools.

    It is the due diligence of both teachers and students to know how to conduct the plagiarism check to ensure that the submitted work is 100% genuine. After all, the role of technology is not meant to suffice as a tool that can make the lives of the students miserable. The key objective is to help the educators in recognizing the issues and timely addressing them before it is used by the evaluator to curtail our grades and credibility.

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