Top 100 Criminology Dissertation Topics that You can Look Forward to in Modern Times

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Crime has been an integral part of human civilization since the time humans came in first contact with one another. Right from the crimes committed to sustain the necessities to the ones committed due to greed and anti-social behaviour, there are no excuses in the eyes of the law. When we speak in terms of the modern context, then an in-depth study on the acts of crime is conducted through criminology. From law enforcement to forensic science, the study of criminology has a lot to offer. A career in the field of criminology is steadily becoming demanding as rate as well as the forms of crimes are changing at a staggering pace day by day in different parts of the world.

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    It is the job of a criminologist to develop theories to explain a concerned form of crime as a social phenomenon. A criminologist is expected to conduct the assessment of the data to determine the reason behind committing the crime. Once the reason(s) are derived, it is the time to forecast and contain further outbreak of such an anti-social behaviour.


    We frequently prepare the list of recommended topics for our students seeking assignment writing services for different subjects. Our efforts remain to help students save their time and energy, which they occasionally spend over the search and selection of the right topic for their next assignment homework. In the subject of criminology, the students are expected to deliver a pile of assignments on a timely basis. Here, our effort is to help our students with a list of top 100 criminology dissertation topics to refer for the future assignment homework. The list has been prepared by the researchers of our agency after conducting thoughtful brainstorming sessions with the academicians of criminology. It helped us get a better insight about the topics trending in different types of criminology courses.   

    The field of criminology is known to offer different types of courses for students to pursue a degree of their choice. Some of the most popular courses shall include Certificate Course in Forensic Science, Diploma Course in Forensic Science and Criminology, Diploma Course in Cyber Crime, Bachelor Degree Course in Forensic Science and Criminology, Diploma in Criminal Law (D. Crin), Diploma in Criminology and Penology, Master’s Degree Course in Forensic Science and Criminology, Master of Science (M. Sci) in Criminology, Master’s Degree Course in Forensic Science and Criminology Research, Master of Arts (M. A.) in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Master of Legislative Law (LLM) in Criminal Law and Criminology, Master of Arts (M. A.) in Anti-Terrorism Law, Master of Legislative Law (LLM) in Crimes and Torts, Post Graduate Diploma Course in Forensic Science and Criminology, Master of Legislative Law (LLM) in Criminal Law, etc.

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    The Job Profiles and Career Scope in Criminology

    There are certain reasons why we always encourage our students to take their degree in criminology very seriously. We suggest them to get online assignment help from a reliable criminology assignment writing agency to submit assignments that are worth getting awarded with high grades. The primary reason is the plethora of job opportunities that it can offer to the students in various job profiles. Some of the most prominent ones include being private detectives, crime scene analyst, crime investigators, crime laboratory analyst, forensic surgeon, forensic engineer, F. B. I. agents, crime intelligence analyst, police officers, law reform researcher, community corrections coordinator, regional crime prevention coordinator, drug policy advisor, consumer advocate, environment protection, etc.

    The subject offers widespread scope of career opportunities to the students and following are the points that would help you understand the significance of sincerely pursuing this subject –

    • Career scope in the field of criminology: There are major job opportunities in the field of criminology.
    • The field is known to offer scientists, research assistants, forensic scientists, criminologists, as well as in the form of an investigator.
    • Once the students have finished a course in the field, they can choose job in different areas like Forensic Department, Research area, Police, Medical Hospitals, Court, C B I, F B I, Private Hospitals, Colleges, Crime Laboratories, Institutions, Prison Reforms Programs, MNCs (legal matters) and several others.
    • One may be an academician or professor in an institution, college, or the university or as a self-practising professional in the field of legal study or the judiciary.

    That is why, we advise you to throw any misconception out of the window that once your pass with a quality degree in the field of criminology, you might struggle with the dearth of career opportunities. The field of criminology has plenty to offer and all you are required to do is excel in your course with concrete practical exposure and solid grades.

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    Top 100 Criminology Dissertation Topics that can Help you with Future Assignments

    For our students relentlessly pursuing quality criminology dissertation topics, we are bringing in for them the full list of top 100 most advised dissertation assignment topics from our experts of the subject. Our experts have ensured the publication of an all-inclusive list of the assignment topics that comprehensively cover different fields of the subject. It is well anticipated that the given list would achieve all sorts of dissertation help requirements. So now, let us begin –

    1. The rights to vote for prisoners: The arguments for and against on the grounds of the legal and ethical aspects of the situation
    2. Investigate different cases of domestic violence and conduct a comparative study of victimology
    3. The causes and rates of arsons in schools and what are the evident and concealed reasons for such a violent behaviour by juveniles?
    4. The serial killers phenomena: How are the predisposing factors like role of peers, family relations and the surrounding environment influence the same?
    5. Community policemen and their efficient role in preventing and solving crimes
    6. The influence of domestic violence on the mental health of women. Make a comparative study about the situation in Western and Asian countries
    7. How the modern Internet technologies are inducing the frequency of suicides?
    8. Police brutality and tortures in the developing countries and their present and future ramifications
    9. Cyber crimes in the modern world: Effective ways to detect and the approaches to deal with them
    10. Is police empowerment the only way to curtail the crime rates in developing nations: Comment
    11. What are the measures that can be taken to ensure the safety of minority community in a country? Make an assessment in terms of criminology literature
    12. How illegal immigration contributed to crime within a state? Discuss it with the example of a country of your choice
    13. What are the implications of the political backing for the smooth running of criminal activities?
    14. Discuss the role of community structures and architectural design of the residential buildings in the prevention of crime. Provide a qualitative review
    15. Discuss the relevance of the socio-cultural background of a residential community in the quality and quantity of the crimes taking place in the region
    16. How the commitment to crime changes in the region with respect to the alteration in the seasons and geography?
    17. Conduct a study on the exposure of the students to drugs and how it is adversely affecting the overall population of the youth?
    18. ‘The birds of feather flock together’- Conduct an assessment of the criminal social communities in the United Kingdom through literature based evidence
    19. Discuss the relationship between crime and unemployment on the grounds of quantitative data. Conduct the study on the grounds of the academic qualification, individual activities and the tenure of employment
    20. Who actually benefit out of crime prevention? Make a study on the direct and the indirect benefactors
    21. Does alleviation of poverty actually reduces crime? Give a qualitative review
    22. What are the social and financial implications of crime deterrence? Provide an extended literature review on any American state of your choice
    23. White-collar employees and corporate crime- Assessing the mindset for the ‘cleaner’ sorts of crime
    24. The prominent characteristics of the deployment of police personnel at the hot spots of crime in the UK
    25. Is there a role of childhood experiences in the engagement of criminal activities in the adolescents? Give a qualitative review
    26. The application of biotechnology and the digital environments for the management of crime in the country of your choice
    27. Is there a feasibility of crime forecasting? Discuss about the development of a logical rationale
    28. Discuss the history of gender related crime in an Asian country of your choice
    29. Is it true that all the entrapped people are doomed forever to a life of crime? Write an essay on the basis of mixed methods evidence
    30. Is marriage helpful to deter crime? Make an evaluation of the current literature
    31. Elaborate the role of the behavioural genetic studies in the field of criminology
    32. Women and criminology: A case analysis
    33. The academic framework and training necessities of criminologists in the United States
    34. An evaluation of the reasons why terrorists a few times turn away from their extremist groups
    35. Discuss some of the most successful research methods in the field of criminology
    36. What role does the religion plays in the endorsement of global extremism?
    37. Provide an analytical justification for a gradual decline in the prison populations across Europe
    38. How does the political leanings of the professors in universities influence the students to commit crime due to political ideologies?
    39. Bringing concealed weapons to the campus: How does the trend putting the lives of the students in danger across the US?
    40. The context of capital punishment with respect to the age of the convict: Prepare a literature on criminology studies
    41. How does the forensic psychology helps in the study of criminology?
    42. Offer a research review of the legislation passed on stalking and how it impacted the cases of stalking?
    43. Mental health of the sex offenders: A global viewpoint
    44. How does the neighbourhood topography motivate crimes?
    45. A literature review on the kinds of crimes that are specific to each gender
    46. The trends and implications of criminology in the era of globalization
    47. Street crime- Who actually owns the responsibility?
    48. The criminal policies in the UK and the US: A comparative study
    49. How modern policing strategies have helped endorse the war against drugs?
    50. Sexual violence in the form of a weapon in armed conflict: A case study
    51. Marginalization, discrimination and persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan
    52. Elaborate the impact of the genocidal acts in community cohesiveness
    53. How corruption impacts the social, political, security and economy of a country?
    54. What is the motivation for women to join ISIS?
    55. A critical assessment of how the US government is responding to the threats posed by cyber criminals
    56. What is the relationship between racial stereotyping and crime?
    57. How do the consumption of drugs and alcohol influence sexual assaults?
    58. LGBT and participation in crime: Understanding the social factors contributing to the same
    59. A discourse assessment on how COVID-19 has shaped the context of crime
    60. Understanding the role of technology in promoting the rate of crime
    61. What essential role does rehabilitation centres play in curbing the vicious circle of crime?
    62. How the breeding grounds for crime are different in urban and rural settings?
    63. Discuss the significance of cybercrime legislation and its place in successfully maintaining law and order
    64. Make a critical assessment of bullying in school v/s crime
    65. A critical examination of police force brutality in the United States
    66. A detailed examination of the history of crime that passes through generations
    67. How religious fanaticism is the root cause of terrorism?
    68. Are crimes done during diseases or natural disasters excusable in contrast to normal circumstances? 
    69. Men too are the victims of domestic violence: A case study
    70. Is immigration does have a connection with the increased rate of crime within the region?
    71. What are the contributing factors in the formation of a serial killer? Do genetics play a role in it, the influence of society plays a role in it, or both? 
    72. Is it possible to achieve a crime free society? Discuss the possibility or non-possibility of the same
    73. Is our education system somehow lagging in its goals of shaping good moral characteristics of our students? Comment
    74. How internal militia uprisings are linked with political turmoil within a region or state?
    75. Please elaborate the thin line of difference between criminology and law enforcement
    76. How important is the role of parental supervision in curtailing the rate of crime committed by the teenagers?
    77. What are the contributing factors that result in the formation and rise of the youth gangs in a concerned society of a less developed nation?
    78. Gun control laws v/s the fundamental rights of the citizens: How the Americans find themselves divided between past, present and future?
    79. What kind of role can the schools and the community play in successfully preventing the cases of child abuse?
    80. The evolution of counterfeiting with the advancement in the field of technologies
    81. How does the racial abuse of international students traduce the reputation of a country in front of global education community?
    82. Can forced labour truly play the role of a deterrent for the detainees and help ensure a better way of correction for them? Comment
    83. Is the representation of terrorism by media an exaggeration? 
    84. Is the culture a key of shaping the moral standards of citizens and leading to a better society?
    85. Can abortion be labelled under the classification of crime? Discuss and elaborate
    86. Discuss the cases of honour killings in some of the countries of South-Asia. How stringent laws helped the law enforcement and judicial bodies to keep a check on such cases?
    87. How the parental separation results in the future course of violence?
    88. Were the campaigns of Black Lives Matter (BLM) marred by violence rather than goal of upholding justice?
    89. The unseen world of male rape in the society we are living right now
    90. The usage of social media to fuel crimes against children
    91. Lenient bail terms for harsh crimes reflect the weakness of the judicial structure. Comment
    92. How Islamic charities are steadily becoming a major source of terrorist financing?
    93. How justifiable is the media trial? How it can make the life of an accused far worse than actual sentencing?
    94. How human trafficking plays a key role in the practice of beggary in the urban states?
    95. The rising tide of feminism and increased rate of crime with impunity against males. Comment
    96. How the regulation of prostitution can actually help reduce sex related crimes?
    97. Discuss how digitization of the public services helping to combat corruption in India?
    98. How police reforms are essential to make the law enforcement well equipped to combat criminal activities?
    99. Is animal trafficking a prime cause of the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in China? Provide an elaborative case study
    100. Discuss the history of organised crime practised by Russian mafia. Give a comparative context of it with the practices of Italian mafia

    And with that, our marathon list of the latest topics has reached its conclusive pointer. Well, our team is confident enough to believe that it has served the topic selection requirements of our students for the next criminology homework assignments.

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