Top 20 Criminal Law Dissertation Topics Trending in the Year 2021

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There is a popular expression that, “crime never pays!”. The statement is well imbibed in any civil society acknowledging the fact that the life in crime would sooner or later face the inevitable fall. But do we really think that it somehow deters habitual criminals, repetitive offenders, and criminally insane psychopaths from steering the same path? Well, the answer is NO! The only factor that can function as a proven deterrent to the individuals with an anti-social behaviour is the fear of law.

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    The rule of law is implemented by the legislative, executive, and judicial bodies bearing the right to safeguard the fundamental rights of the victim. The judiciary in any land of law also bear the rights to impose sanctions, fines, and penalties on the perpetrator(s) of the crime, once proven guilty. The body of law that addresses to the acts of crime is termed as criminal law. It is responsible to proscribe the conducts that are perceived as harmful, threatening, or otherwise endangering the health, safety, property, and moral welfare of the people.


    The behaviour that can be construed as an offence against the society, public, an individual or the state fall under the jurisdiction of criminal law. The common examples of criminal act would include murder, molestation, assault, drunken driving, theft, etc. The objective of the criminal law revolves around the maintenance of a peaceful, just, and safe order via the establishment of a regulatory system of prohibiting, sanctioning, and proceeding to deal reasonably and appropriately with the culpable behaviour that threatens or causes serious consequences to the individuals or the society.

    The concept of criminal law is different from civil law that focuses on the disputes existing between organizations, individuals or between the two, and ensure compensation for the victim. On the other hand, criminal law is not dedicated to disputes, rather serious offences against a person, a property (like arson, vandalism, etc.), statutory crimes, inchoate crimes (attempt to murder, abutment to suicide, criminal conspiracy, etc.) or financial crimes.

    Here, our objective is to offer you law assignment help to ease the process of topic selection for the next criminal law dissertation assignment. We well realise the fact that the selection of the right topics can make the road to self-submission for any law student far less bumpy. The topics that we discuss have somehow been kept comprehensive enough to cover most of the criminal law sections, acts and clauses covering maximum possible geographical regions of the world.

    What is the Purpose of Enforcing Criminal Law?

    The students seeking assignment help from the professional criminal law dissertation writers always try to find out what the experts think about it. The assignment services from a credible agency always try to resolve the queries on the grounds of the field experience acquired by their lawyers turned academicians. As per the viewpoint shared by the experts, the purpose of criminal law is to forbid a conduct that threatens or act against the public interest. It intimates the masses of the acts that are subject to criminal penalties. Additionally, it helps in distinguishing between minor and serious offences. How? Any act of the law is classified into multiple sub-sections to define and impose the penalty in accordance with the gravity of the crime and prevailing circumstances. The charges are imposed by the local investigative bodies of the police or specialised cell in response to the intensity and repercussions of the crime committed. Another key objective of enforcing criminal law is to eradicate the sense of retribution in the society. The purpose of criminal law is to substitute this sense of retribution with justice and rehabilitation. When the victim(s) of crime endure injustice of any kind, it is imperative for the responsible legal body to take swift action against the perpetrator(s). It sends a crystal-clear message to the society that justice shall always prevail.

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    The Principles of the Criminal Law to Frame Our Topics

    The criminal law topics recommended by professional assignment writing services agencies are standardly based upon their segregation of substantive criminal law on the grounds of seven principles. These seven principles are employed upon the ground to measure the asperity of the crime committed.

    1. Legality: The first principle of criminal law revolves around the legality of the incident occurred. There must be a law in the rule book to enforce the action for the committed action.
    1. Actus reus (guilty act): The Latin term basically refers to the act or the omission that address the physical components of a crime as required by the legislative act. For example, actus reus of a case of theft is happened on the property of someone else, and the actus reus of a case of murder belongs to the unlawful killing of another person.
    1. Mens rea (guilty mind): Another Latin term, denoting the criminal intent of a person. It is primarily the study and knowledge of the state of mind that is statutorily required to successfully convict the defendant of a specific crime. For example, two drivers steered their vehicles and ended up hitting and killing a pedestrian. Now, driver 1 saw the pedestrian when it was too late, tried to put brakes but could not stop the accident. On the other hand, driver 2 waited for the pedestrian, intentionally steered the vehicle towards him, hit the gas peddle, and killed him with the slamming impact. Here, driver 1 will be charged with involuntary manslaughter or culpable homicide, while driver 2 will be charged with premeditated murder. 
    1. Concurrence (fusion of the actus reus and mens rea): In the context of criminal law, here it is the requirement for a guilty act and a guilty mental state to occur in unison. A guilty state of mind cannot be applied in a retroactive manner to a guilty act just to prove that an incident of crime occurred.
    1. Harm: The harm principle accounts the actions of the individuals shall only be controlled to prevent the harm about to occur to other individuals.
    1. Causation: The “causal relationship existing between the conduct and the end result of the defendant”. The doctrine of the causation is relying on the grounds of a simple premise i.e. ‘one can only be held accountable for the consequence(s) of one’s actions’.
    1. Stipulation of punishment: The judicial admission or stipulation will be conferred to the jury, that will be told to acknowledge them as an undisputed evidence on the case with no reasonable doubt. It gives the power to the jury to exercise their power of natural law and punishment as a reparation for the committed crime. As the breach of rule happened, there are specific obligations that are required to be fulfilled as per the book of law.

    The inquiry of the crime and prosecution for justice is based on the set yardsticks as discussed above. The criminal law principles have moderate to larger set of roles in carrying out the proceedings as per the law.

    Criminal Law Assignment Help

    How are We Expecting this Would Help the Students of Law?

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    It does not matter whether the students hire our services or simply refer the topics suggested by us, our objective will be to help them fetch sublime grades. Now, let us look at the dissertation topics that we have carefully selected and published to make your dissertation homework much easier.

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    Top 20 Criminal Law Dissertation Topics Trending in the Year 2021

    Let us look at our recommended criminal law dissertation topics one by one to make sure that you get online assignment help from a trusted agency you rightfully deserve –

    1. A comprehensive assessment of female and male rape legislations: Comment on the important differences
    2. Analysing the application of lie detectors from the perspective of criminal justice: Define the efficacy of the lie detectors
    3. Accessing the abuse of manslaughter laws in the United States: Comment on the measures to safeguard the rights of the victims
    4. Accessing the crime-related aspects that shall not be submitted in the court of law
    5. Which are the most reliable ways to safeguard the witnesses against retaliation in the criminal cases?
    6. Diving deep into the history of death penalty
    7. Proposing a thematic review of the criminal theory: Investigating the nexus between the crime and the morality
    8. A probe into the challenges of recognising the nature and the distribution of a crime: A London Case Study
    9. The right of anonymity in the cases of sexual offences: How to strike a cordial balance amongst the rights of the victims and the defendants?
    10. Define the implications of the ‘war on terror’ concerned with the enactment of the criminal law: A US Case Study
    11. Accessing the cases of the prejudice based on race amongst the prisoners in the United States
    12. Analysing the association between the Islamic criminal law (Sharia) and the human rights
    13. Is Defence of the Diminished Responsibility reasonably construed under the English Law?
    14. Is the law on rape adequate to safeguard rightful victims, yet forbid the misuse of the given provisions by the bogus “victims”?  
    15. Is the contemporary approach of criminal law to Omissions sufficient enough?
    16. Should the 2006 Report of Law Commission on the Homicide reform be enacted into the English Law?
    17. Is the management of expert witness evidence in the UK Law deems fit for function in the 21st Century?
    18. Should an evidence of ‘Bad Character’ have a key role to play during the entire trial process; particularly when such an evidence is a breach of the due process in some other jurisdictions?
    19. What is the extent to which Forensic evidence and DNA be scrutinised on the ground by the legal protections, as such an evidence can be regarded as fully indefensible by the juries? 
    20. Is the law based on Confessions and ill-Gotten Evidence effectively balanced in the English law? Or shall we employ the fruit from poison tree principle to make it tainted and inadmissible in the rule of law?

    Now with that, we come at the end of our list of the most popular and demanded criminal law dissertation topics. But the best part is that we can also utilise most of these topics for case study help, essay help, research paper writing help or thesis help as well. You can get in touch professional law assignment help experts in the same regard.

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