Technical writing Vs technical content writing: Don’t mix them together

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There is only word difference in technical writing and technical content writing and that is “content”. This single word creates a big difference.

Let us now discuss what is content writing and technical writing, what is common between them and how they are different.

What does technical writing means?

Technical writing is done by technical writers who are from the tech world. They share complex ideas, functionalities and principles which are for different audiences.

Generally, large organizations have a proper writing team that is technically sound and have a command in documenting.

Some of the documents which technical writer writes are:

  • User manuals
  • Instructions (“ How to filter soil using sedimentation)
  • Process manuals
  • Documentation
  • Technical Reports
  • Many more

Such writings have only one goal, to deliver information in such a way that it helps the reader to perform their task easily. They are not for entertainment purposes. Such writing has its style and pattern. Some manuals are exceptions and are fun to read. This is sometimes done to build an image or brand of the company and not for engagement of the user.

This video below does explain a bit about technical content writing.

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What does technical content writing means?

Content writer is the one who writes relevant content for a specific goal. In the last few years, companies have started publishing high-quality content so that they can get a good amount of traffic on their brand website and can build trust which helps in increasing sales. It’s more like attracting prospective customers via blog or any interesting piece of writing.

The writing style of the content writer is in such a tone that it reaches to the target users. When you are working on the internet you must know a little bit about Search engine optimization and how to use relevant keywords in the content to increase the audience.

It is straightforward now what technical content writer does. Content writer writing is engaging one and full of relevant content which helps the tech industry to achieve good sales and marketing.

Here you will get to see few of the examples of content writing with pricing to help you know the concept better.

Both writers are specialized in a niche

Technical writers write for specific technical industries and the same is applicable for technical content writers. It is very easy to find the writers who give services of writing only for specific companies like Web development, Java Software companies, blockchain, crypto chain, biotech, etc.

Why the writers don’t write for all types of programming languages and systems?

It is somewhat complicated as it has different branches in different directions. A writer must know about the topic of writing to produce quality content.

Let us take an example to understand this point. Suppose the writer has to write an article for MySQL. To write a quality article he or she must possess knowledge about MySQL. If he or she does not know they won’t be able to write it at a deeper level. Writers may do some research on the topic and write basics or can take help from already published articles. Thousands of articles are available on the internet and if similar content is produced then it will be tough for the company to be different. Companies are required to publish such content for the users which is not available anywhere.

This is the reason why technical content writer has come in existence. A lifestyle writer cannot write about the class inheritance topic of C++.

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Combing the two together

Let us take one instance: There is a software company that needs to publish blog posts and tutorials on the topic of how their programmers work on PHP Framework Laravel. The objective of the company is to attract new people to hire which is done by most companies as the employer branding strategy.

Such type of blogs or tutorials is written by content writers but he or she may not sound technical how the company programmers work with Laravel. In such a condition both types of writers come together. The technical content writer knows about how company developers are doing programming as he or she is responsible for the documentation part. This technical writer shares his or her knowledge with the content writer. Hence when they work together instructive, engaging, valuable, informative, search engine optimized, accurate and valuable content is created.


Both types of writers i.e. content writer and technical content writer are important for the technical world and companies who are related to the tech world.

Both types of writers are required to transport complex information to users with different goals. A technical writer writes the content which helps users in doing some specific task e.g. how to get data from API. Technical writer’s goal is to direct instructions to the readers like trying API.

In some cases, it becomes difficult to differentiate in between two as their work may get overlapped, like when they create tutorials.

This article points out the generic picture of technical content writers and technical writers writing, though there are some exceptions also. By this article, a rough idea can be easily make out on what a writer does and how he or she does. If you wish to know about technical writing Vs technical content writing, then the above information must have solved the purpose. However, in case you are here in search of quality writing services, then visit our technical content writing services page. Our experienced technical writers offer high quality content to help you keep your technical blog up to date. Assistance can be provided in preparing e book.

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