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Oman is one of few countries that are rapidly expanding as among the thriving education hubs across the world. The country is currently counted among the hot favorite destinations for the international students pursuing higher studies. Right from arts to modern science and technology, there are numerous reputed names that one can count and trust for their enriched legacy.

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    Ibri College of Technology is widely considered among the foremost choice for the students aspiring to pursue degree in the field of engineering and technology. It is among the top colleges and listed under the Ministry of Manpower in Oman and known for its B. Tech and M. Tech courses worldwide. Another leading name that emerges from the country in the field of education is Sultan Qaboos University located in Muscat. Established in the year 1986, it is the only public university located in the Sultanate of Oman. The University is known for offering a wide range of courses including in the field of Anthropology, Literature, Mathematics and Journalism.

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    Some of the other leading colleges and university in the country include National University of Science and Technology, University of Nizwa, Middle East College, Majan University College, The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) etc.

    All these universities, colleges and research institutions are consistently ranked among the top education and research destinations due to their outstanding academic curriculum immensely focused on practical learning. That is the reason why the academic culture in Oman is highly focused on dissertation writing assignment in almost every course and subject the student is keen to pursue in the country.

    It is undeniable fact that the culture of dissertation writing offers an ideal environment of inclusive learning to the student. But when the total number of weekly or sometimes even daily assignments with restrained deadline increases in an already strict regimen of the student then instead of growth it cultivates an environment of stress and despair.

    The Smart Approach Opted by the Omani Students to Safeguard their Academic Lives

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    Why the dissertation writing help from Thoughtful Minds is universally recommended?.

    The key reason due to which the services of this agency is highly recommended is the fact that it writers are highly familiar with the original dissertation or thesis writing patterns for the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs. The writers of the agency do not follow a fixed dissertation structure and it is truly based on the university guidelines assigned to the student, the allotted citation style, the location, topic, discipline as well as the approach to writing. Know about all the outstanding service features that you can access right under one roof, visit dissertation writing service page.

    Here, we are going to draw some lines beneath the standard dissertation writing pattern followed in the curriculum of Oman based on empirical research, separate chapters and qualitative results. It is worth to note that the dissertation structure and pattern that we are going to discuss below is a standard one and the final draft is always crafted as per the request of the student and the guidelines issued for the completion of the work.

    • The first page of the document contains the title of your dissertation. A formatting style is generally issued by the university for the title page of the dissertation. Sometimes it comprises of the name or number of the student or both, the instructor/ supervisor’s name, the logo of the university in Oman, the name of the department, the name of the institution, the degree program and the submission date.
    • The section of acknowledgement is generally considered optional and comprise of the names of your instructors/ supervisors, friends and family members who supported you throughout the research process.
    • The abstract in a dissertation work comprises of a short summary and usually featured at the end of the dissertation mentioning the main topic and objectives of your research, the methodology used, the summation of the main results and the conclusion. It is considered to be one of the quintessential sections of any dissertation format and henceforth required to be written exceptionally well. That is the point where the pros of dissertation writing at Thoughtful Minds could help you decisively. Learn how the agency is making a real difference to thousands of students amid the current crisis by offering  dissertation writing service amid Covid 19
    • The next page generally features the table of contents enlisting all chapters and sub-headings along with their respective page numbers. It provides general overview of the dissertation structure to the reader and help him or her navigate the document easily. It always ought to be for the convenience of the reader. Right?
    • It subsequently features the list of abbreviations and glossary of the terms that are hard for the reader to interpret in one go. It is listed alphabetically and again optional to the consent of the student.
    • It is followed by the page of introduction where a brief overview and information about the subsequent content is provided to the readers. It offers necessary background information contextualizing your work, narrow down and define the scope of your research, state all the research questions as well as the objectives, and an overview of the dissertation structure. It clearly highlights what, why and how associated with your research.
    • The next step would feature a theoretical framework/ literature review collecting sources and critically evaluating each source. The section develop a coherent structure and offers a clear ground of justification for your own research. It leads to the analysation of the key theories, models and concepts that frame your research work.
    • The next chapter in dissertation standardly features the methodology of the research being conducted. Here, the type or approach of the research is taken into account, whether it is quantitative, qualitative, ethnographic, experimental, etc. The method of data collection is also mentioned, whether it is based on surveys, interviews, archives, or any other medium. The method of data analyses is also mentioned, such as discourse analyses, statistical analysis, etc. The materials and tools used to derive the inference are also mentioned like lab equipment, computer programs, etc.
    • The next section of a dissertation report comprises of the results. In qualitative methods such as data presentation or in-depth interviews, the results are woven together with the discussion and the analysis. But when it comes to the experimental or quantitative research then the results are presented separately. It is always helpful to incorporate graphs, tables and charts to make the inference more observable.
    • The conclusion part of the dissertation primarily deals with the effort to answer the main research question. It is necessary to first state the overall conclusions and subsequently discuss and interpret their meaning.
    • While concluding the dissertation draft, it is always mandatory to provide the reference list of all the sources incorporated in the research work and they ought to be mentioned in a specific citation style. The citation style is generally provided by the instructor and you have to tell the same to your dissertation help agency to work it out seamlessly. Some of the common citation styles used in the education curriculum of Oman include MLA, Chicago, APA, IEEE, etc. Learn some of the most astonishing facts about these 5 citation styles.
    • Appendices may or may not be included, but in standard dissertation format they do come. They feature the information which are important but do not fit into the main body of your work. Some of the examples include full figure tables, survey questions, interview transcripts, etc.

    After assimilating all the components of standard dissertation format, your hired dissertation help will edit and proofread the whole draft in order to leave no room for error.

    The best part of availing dissertation help Oman at Thoughtful Minds is that the whole research work, writing, editing, and proofreading is done at different levels by different members to eliminate all forms of errors and inconsistencies and to check how the work would appear from the third person’s eye.

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