Some common mistakes in Content marketing by beginners

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All of us, irrespective of the present situation, are beginners at some point of time. This is the situation where we start for something new and try to develop our understanding for that. The fact that no one can deny is that beginners are prone to do mistakes. The reason being that they are new to the technology and are not well aware what to do and what to avoid. The same goes for the beginners in content marketing. Following are some of the common mistakes made by the beginners in content marketing that you can avoid :

Identical content:

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This is the trap that catches most of the beginners as this is just so informal. Great content is written by you thinking that this is all what is desired and things are perfect but wait… Is it so actually? A big no. if you want to be there on Google on top ranks then you have to avoid identical content. Do not ever use duplicate content if you want to have top rank on Google.

Same format for all types of content:

This would clear the doubt that might have popped up in your mind while reading the point of not writing for the same audience above. People often get confused as how can they write for diverse audience when their forte targets a particular category.  In this case, the best way to avoid mistakes is focusing on different format for content. This is the reason of importance of multiple content formats. Some people prefer articles that are in depth while some are attracted towards infographics. Videos are preferred by some people while some people go for blogs. So go for content that is diverse as this will expand your reach as well.

Less knowledge about keywords and then their misuse:

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Keywords are the first thing that people encounter while doing a basic research for SEO. For getting the page noticed, keywords play major role. However, some common mistakes are done by the beginners in this i.e. keywords misuse. Not making use of the keywords that are relevant or filling the keywords throughout the site is misusing the keywords. Make sure to use only pertinent keywords and also do not stuff the site with these.

Do not come across just like a seller:

Nowadays, tendencies are different and people no more like the pitch of selling. So do not try to just sell the things as the trend nowadays is to help people with what they are looking for. People will soon drive away in case you keep on writing following the retailer pitch.

Improper use of meta tags:

Improper use of meta tags can have really adverse effects for the site. If you are using meta tags poorly or leaving them blank then avoid this mistake. Make proper use of these keywords and serve people with what they are looking for.

You are writing for just one category of audience or you don’t know your audience:

Beginners usually do this mistake and write just for specific audience or they don’t know their audience. To get information on who your target readers and clientele are, thorough research of audience is must. To get most of the reach, it is important to make sure that you hit a broader prospective and write for extensive audience.

Improper or no use of social media:







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These are some of the most common mistakes of content marketing that can result in havoc. Avoid these mistakes and go for the leading content writing services in India offered by Thoughtful Minds.