Social media marketing and strategy- The secret behind success!

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For any successful brand and online company, it is a fact that social media plays an important role in the marketing strategy. Although website development is equally important, still what matters most is its proper marketing. Being a top website development company in Jaipur, India we understand, it’s even more important to market our brands in a proper manner. Even though social media is free to make, it takes a large amount of work and dedication to manage it. To ensure effective results, it is important for the company to get the services from the source which is reliable and can provide the desired results as well. Thoughtful Minds is there with the team of social media experts so as to provide you with the desired results. Here are a few effective social media strategies that work really well when it comes to Digital Marketing services in India and that are useful for the expansion of company and business.


Targeting the market and user habitats

The first step to successful social media marketing is to understand what the target audience wants and what they expect from a company. The company should know what the need and in which manner the use the internet. Keep in mind that the social media usage of each individual is different depending on their age, gender and experience. The expert team at Thoughtful Minds ensures that the social media is able to successfully transfer your message to the audience and these messages should are able to capture the audience attention. The internet usage patterns of your target audience are studied and interaction is done with them to know about your business horizons.

Give solutions to potential clients

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One of the best usage of social media is to help the target audience clarify any doubts and queries related to your business and products. This is the main reason why companies set up blogs so as to interact with people who are potential customers to the company. Having a good social media performance also helps the company to build a trusted and solid fan base for the company. For this, Facebook and twitter are used to constantly interact with customers and help with their doubts and needs. Another way of providing information to potential customers is to include readable and attractive content on the company social media site so as to attract more and more customers.

Having a high conversion rate

Conversion rate is defined as the rate of converting visitors of the company into customers of the company. To achieve a good conversion rate, it s necessary that the company should constantly interact and discuss with the visitors so as to convert them into valuable customers. Another method for having a high conversion rate is the inclusion of subscription boxes in the social media site along with necessary social media buttons. Also, try to link the company website to the social network page if possible. Try to attract the visitors through interesting content and make them subscribe to the social site via their emails for better results.

Being transparent and responsive




For the success of any corporation it is necessary that they should be transparent and responsive to their customers. Too many promotional and marketing advertisements are not send to the customers as this will be seen as spam by them and will ultimately driving them away. It is important to be real and genuine while interacting and ensure that the response rate should be quick and effective so as to attract a large number of potential customers for the company.