SEO Methodologies- Article Submission- Improve Your Google Rank

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Article submission

SEO plays a very important role in digital marketing. Though Search Engine Marketing gives faster results, it is important to give preference to SEO for organic traffic. Let’s know about its important tool- article submission here in this blog.

In the midst of entire SEO methodologies, article submission can be one of the most victorious. Article submission normally indicates to the writing of articles which are applicable to your online business and then making them inserted to the famous article submission directories.

The chief intent behind article submission is to influence a huge number of visitors (and links) to your website with no acquiring of big cost. Clearly, it is significant to ensure that the articles you think to submit are straightly associated or applicable to your enterprise. ( Though this blog is for article submission, at any point of time, if you require articles to be posted for submission, have a look at our article writing services to help you in the process).

There are various benefits of article submission including advertising, marketing and publicity of your business on the World Wide Web.

Article submissions can improve and boost the ranking of your online enterprise in search engines by amplifying the quantity of PR and backlinks.

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Extra advantage that article submission provides is that of building the specific website holder as an expert in their industry. By offering worthy information and details within articles, it develops the faith of prospective customers thereby offering them a purpose to arrive on your website.

Steps of article writing

5 key factors to be considered while writing articles:

Throughout the procedure of article submission do not miss to regard below mentioned 5 core factors. Going through these factors will achieve the objective of both i.e. your target audience and search engines.

Articles must be loaded with information and in original sound.

Articles must be keyword rich however not unnecessary to the point of keyword stuffing.

The average length of articles must be between 500 and 700.

Provide a matchless title to your article with chief keyword into it so as to create it simpler for web crawlers to figure out and categorize the topic of your article.

Providing subheadings, bullets and numberings to articles convert it as readable and interesting presentation for prospective customers.

So, that was a bit about article submission. If you wish to know more about SEO or looking to outsource SEO services then get in touch via phone or form or via mail.