Poem on Indian Air Force Strike on Pakistan 26 February 2019 by Swadesh Rohilla

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Air Strike By India 26 Feb 2019

India strikes back and wow with a bang

Cowards kept watching & gossiping in a gang

Message is now clear, without any doubt

Braves strike quietly and cowards only shout

You killed our soldiers from back like a coward

With silly thought we’ll forget & move forward

But see what happened in just 12 days

You got a lesson that crime always pays

Try next time anything wrong and you’ll know

Whole area shall be bombed, not a single grass will grow

The time has come, you’ll realize for sure

India is all set and has all your cure

Stop killing innocents and don’t you dare

Else map will lose 1 country, and we don’t care

Gone are the days when we prefer living in peace

Now Modi is here to torn you in piece

So better you behave or you’ll regret

Why we tried to fight and never adjust

India fights back and wow with a bang

Cowards kept watching & gossiping in a gang

By Swadesh Rohilla

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