Outsource content writing services from India

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Outsource content writing services to India

Outsource content writing services from India and save a good amount of money. Here too you can expect native content writers who are well versed in English and fully devoted to complete your work on time with quality.

India is believed to be a very good option when it comes to outsourcing services. Be it BPO, KPO or even content writing or website development or online marketing, it is the preferred choice for outsourcing for companies situated in USA, UK or Australia. Although outsourcing is considered as a cheap option to get quality services here are other benefits that attract companies from all over the World invest their time and energy in the professionals working in India.

Straight benefits when you outsource content writing services from India

  1. 6 Days a week work culture
  2. Possibility to get quality content writing with no spelling and grammar errors.Virtual Assistants in Jaipur
  3. Benefit to hire content writer who is expert in SEO
  4. Reduced payout even lesser than freelance writers
  5. Option to get in touch immediately by making a call or via Skype Chat
  6. Possible to hire virtual assistant at the cost of freelancer
  7. Revisions are possible and to any limit, until you are genuine!
  8. Possibility to explain your work properly via Live chat
  9. Transparency to see the progress of your work.
  10. You can talk to the management, project managers and even content writers as and when required.

Who else can benefit from Content writing services of Thoughtful Minds?

Other than the overseas customers or companies, companies situated in India can also outsource their work to us. Hiring a content writer and retaining him or her for a longer time period with expectation of the same quality and quantity is indeed a very daunting task. Moreover, with the recent Google updates, it is very clear that now you need a hell lot of content to rank your website higher in SERPs.

Here, at Thoughtful Minds, we have a work experience of over 9 years dealing with the content writing services and have a good team of MOTIVATED content writers who are thoroughly professional and have the ability to write on almost any niche. Already there are companies from Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Gujarat taking content writing services from Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt. Ltd.

 Ask for content writing samples to know if there are false claims or we mean what we say

Unlike a number of freelancing websites, where you need to hire content writers on the basis of the reviews and work samples of previous works here we deliver sample on your topic/webpage/niche. Content writing being subjective, we understand there’s a lot more than spelling and grammar errors or Copyscape passed content. It is basically the writing style that matters and so you can ask for the sample on your keyword or title and judge the quality. Once satisfied, you can proceed with the project or can switch to any other content writing company.

Send your inquiry now at info@thoughtfulminds.org or use our contact us and fill the form.