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Folkd: Best Social Media Site with numerous benefits in SEO/SMO is a social search and social bookmarking site serving as one of the biggest names in the industry. The user base of Folkd is string in India and Germany and it is available in 4 different languages. Enriching the experience of web surfing is the aim of this site and for the purpose of sharing, saving and collecting the bookmarks at the time of surfing, it also offers Firefox and IE addon. These are all general information about this platform, but do you know why it is considered best for SEO and SMO both? Read on and you will know and you will be immediately making your account after reading this for sure.

Know how to use Folkd to improve your website DA

How to use Folkd?

For the convenience of users, it is focusing on the recommendation and social search systems. With this, it has now become easier to receive recommendations from friends and sharing content. In general, this platform is used for the purpose of saving the bookmark on web as the approach is easier. People make use of Folkd for enjoying an enriched experience of web surfing.

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With the help of this platform, one can save the bookmark and anytime, anywhere, can browse the links that are their favorite. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc. could be used for sharing the best of web links and this could also be done via email. For this purpose, it is important to make account on Folkd. It is possible to register without incurring any cost wherein you have to enter the email, name and password and register.

The account is logged on automatically after registration. After this, go to add a link wherein the webpage URL is entered. Add the description, title and tags and select the option of whether to keep the post public or private. Go to save items and it is done, the bookmark is published.


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A specific feature of social search is there in Folkd having functionality typically like search engine. The only difference is that there is no machine driven or complex analytics system for displaying the results. Infact quality content that is bookmarked by the Folkd users is displayed in the top results. The rank of a piece gets higher in the social search in correspondence to the pieces that it receives. With the help of this, the visitors are able to get connected to content of even better quality.

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This social platform has reputation rank that must remain high for more benefits. There are several indicators used for calculating the reputation rank. However, it is possible to level up fast when Folkd is used constantly for posting, recommendations, making friends and visiting items. It comes with the extensions of IE and Firefox that are very helpful while surfing to make use of Folkd and this functionality is present on the webpages of Folkd.

In the community of Folkd, the popularity of a particular item is represented by its Reputation rank. The front page of Folkd is made by the item that has reputation that is highest for the day. For the determination of this percentage value, several factors are used. These are the number of users who have folkd or saved it and number of them making use of the page in true sense. The reputation of user within community of Folkd is determined by his level of activity. The number of folks or blocks that an item has also determines its reputation. More folks means more people are liking it and are voting in its favor that means increased reputation while more blocks means that it is not favored much and the reputation goes down.

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