How to Recover your website from SEO penalties?

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Understanding SEO penalties

In our old post we already mentioned how to check Google penalty and ways to recover from the same. Here let’s talk in detail about it to know how to get rid of it.

The struggle in the digital world is all about maximum hits, improved ranking and appearing on the first page of popular search engines. It is like a tug of war, in which the winning website takes away with multiple fold revenues by simply landing on the first page. It is crucial for every head of the company to comprehend the rules of the game of online ranking to become the best player.

How to recover from SEO penalty

One of these rules includes that SEO penalty may be slapped on your website from Google which adversely affects your page ranks. Such penalty implicates that your web page becomes difficult to find for users leading to reduced site hits.

The following are some SEO penalties and different ways to recuperate from them:


cloaking in SEO

Cloaking means disguise or mask. Cloaking is basically a tactic to display a form of your website to search engines which differs from the actual website available for the visitors to see. There are different styles of cloaking as the website consists of different types of content like photos, text, graphics etc. which can be easily cloaked. The technique is considered a serious offence in the web world even if it happens unintentionally and can get your website banned on the search engines like Google.

Cloaking has several grades.According to Google’s Free click policy, such websites are severely penalised which fail to display the same information to visitors without subscription as shown to Google.

Fortunately, cloaking can be sorted and mended. This involves a number of steps. The first step is to determine the areas of your website that has been cloaked. There are numerous tools available online for free which help you to classify this issue. Once the pages which have been cloaked are established, you can browse on Google and retrieve the pages from the cloaked portion and compare with the webpage yielded by Google. Now you can alter the disparity in the webpages and also get rid of unwanted links and wrong redirects.

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Spam in SEO

When extraneous and unrelated messages are circulated to extensive online population it is declared as spam. In other words, it is regarded as garbage and is very annoying leading to irritation and drain on resources online. Most search engines treat them as scrap and take all steps to do away with it, which includes imposing penalty on genuine spam.

Many organisations are involved in genuine or pure spam techniques such as below average automated commenting systems, messaging techniques and cloaking. This causes a matter of grave concern and one should take definitive and immediate steps to establish the source and eliminate it. Also, one must take care that the organization is employing automated messaging system with anti-spam functions. Here distinction must be made between increasing the reach and outright spams by selecting the most appropriate communication system.


Value in SEO

One of the most important aspects that can attract visitors to your site is class content. Many try to add value to their web page using different methods apart from spamming and cloaking. But a true quality content only can retain your visitors on the web page assuring them of services meeting their requirements.  A relevant, useful and worthwhile content will help you earn higher SEO ranking. The importance of content can be seen from the fact that Google employs intense and vigorous mechanism using both web crawling software and actual human proficiency abilities to diagnose how valuable the website is.

One can deceit a software but can always get caught by a human evaluator. Hence it should always be preferred to enhance and increase the content of your site than employ fraud and cheating techniques. One can always try to lure visitors to your webpage, but the duration of their visit is not in control. Hence it is in the best interest of the website to boost its value by improving the content.

This includes the following:

  1. To avoid SEO penalties, eliminate unwanted and irrelevant links.
  2. Avoid copywrite issues by displaying original content. Plagiarism is a big issue and can land you in big trouble.
  3. Provide value and distinct content to your visitors. Your true content will help you distinguish from your competitors and help you gain trust.
  4. Keep updating your content with changes and new developments in the market.

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It good to learn from mistakes, but it is even better to learn from mistakes of others. Awareness, knowledge and pro activeness can avoid you from SEO penalties. But it is also known that in the war of webpage ranking, many tend to make errors and even renowned websites could not escape from the penalties. Hence, even if you suffer penalties, your swift and quick response can help you out of this trouble. Also, perform regular check-ups and optimization for your websites.

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