Top 10 Tips For E-Commerce SEO

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One of the major questions that the SEO professionals face is how to do SEO successfully for the eCommerce site. Over the years, vast changes have been there in the strategy of SEO. Following are the top 10 tips for ecommerce SEO revealed by research and other reliable sources compiled here for success in ecommerce.

Craft excellent content:

An update has been announced by Google in 2018 in the search algorithm in which focus was signified on the depth and quality of content. This is what required at present to develop content with exceptional quality that is connectable as well as readable. In this case, focus must be on content that is based on solutions, is researched well and evergreen as well.  Do not stick with the approach of one size for all. The key for success is developing understanding of audience while developing the content so that it can be interesting, entertaining, useful as well as authentic that the consumers find relevant. To achieve this, an effective way is to get leading content writing services that can provide the content as per user needs.

Optimization of mobile and ecommerce sites:


The primary version of site as considered by Google is its mobile. With the increase in use of mobile by users for research, discovery, shopping and social activities, there is increase in sales activities as well with the help of mobile devices. For this reason, it is important the site is mobile friendly so that this flourishing segment could be handled. With the help of mobile SEO that is effective, it is possible to bang the ecommerce sites and rise up in the searches done with mobile.

Product descriptions must have relevant content while duplicates are avoided:

Create meta descriptions while taking care of what the audience are searching for so that you can offer then original and unique content. In case, several products are there in the site, make sure that the description for each one of them is unique and relevant.

User generated content:


For bringing the pages on search results top, UGC play a major role. Along with this, the users must be encouraged so that they give feedback and review the products as well so that relatable content is obtained.

Blog integration:

Posting tips, offers, guides, discounts etc. on regular basis is a useful way for creating unique and fresh content. It is helpful in developing relationships, establishing leadership and integrating the product pages with back links.

Video SEO:

Video SEO-ThoughtfulMinds

Huge traffic could be attracted with the help of video marketing so make sure that the descriptions and titles of videos are relevant as well as searchable, the video and audio quality is optimized and they are well integrated in site content.

Clean structure of URL with logical navigation:

Content filter and sort abilities are offered by ecommerce sires based on parameters like color, brand and price range etc. so that visitors can easily find products. These makes effective ecommerce SEO and clean structure of URL important.

Ecommerce site optimization for long tail keywords:

It is possible to get better rate of conversion and rank easily with the help of long tail keywords on ecommerce site. Make sure that the search demand is understood and keywords are incorporated accordingly in H1 heading, meta tags, alt attribute of images etc.

Voice search is also important:

Voice search is a major talking point of 2019 with Amazon echo and Google home advent. This enhance user experience drastically and therefore content must be voice search optimized as well. In this process, featured snippets can also help.

SEO audits:

The SEO audits must be performed on regular basis for examining the content, backlinks, rankings etc. This needs strategic thinking with audience searchability so that the content is created, revised and rebuilt accordingly for a successful strategy of SEO for 2019.

So these are the top 10 tips for ecommerce SEO that can help bring your ecommerce site on top of searches and beat the competition.