Top 100 Economics Dissertation Topics Trending in the Year 2021

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The economic policies of a state, a country or its regulatory bodies decide the fate of the masses residing there. Carefully measured and tactically planned economic strategies can raise the wellbeing of the citizens, while the miserably planned economic measures could plummet the same in no time. Economics is a branch of social science that studies and evaluates how people interact with respect to the value. The science primarily revolves around production, distribution, and final consumption of goods and services. The focus of economics always remains on the behavior and the interactions of the economic agents and how economies function.

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    While preparing this list of 100 dissertation topics on economics, we have ensured an inclusive form of coverage of the economics topics somehow relevant to all areas of economic studies. We have focused on the assimilation of the economics topics associated with all sorts of economic laws and principles. You can find the topics dealing in natural economic law, law of diminishing returns, law of macro-economic control, market regulation law, etc. Besides, some of the basic yet prominent principles of economics have been kept in the list open for discussion, including opportunity cost, real/ nominal principle, principle of voluntary returns, etc.

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    The List of Top 100 Economics Dissertation Topics Trending in the Year 2021

    The following is the list of assignment topics revolving around diverse principles, theories, and laws of economics. Our online homework help is focused upon saving time and energy of the students and help them pick the topics that are relevant and appealing to the modern readers.

    • Economic Geography Dissertation Topics
    1. The influence of regional and local cultures in shaping the entrepreneurial economic development
    2. The distinction between the entrepreneurial behavior in urban and rural areas
    3. The function of the local culture in the promotion of regional innovation networks
    4. Local, regional, and national policies for the conducive environment for local clusters
    5. How are the networks influencing local proximity? The distinction between dispersed and co-localized networks
    6. What are the reasons behind regional divergence? An assessment of the poorest and richest regions in the UK
    7. Discussing economic geography of recession. The distinction between the city and regional economies in India
    8. How the economic statues of housing change with time in the flood-prone coastal areas?
    9. How COVID lockdown has influenced the economic lives of the big cities?
    10. Will Coronavirus result in more exodus from big cities due to economic reasons in future course of time?
    • Socioeconomic Dissertation Topics
    1. How social media had changed the economic strategies of large-scale businesses?
    2. The financial and non-financial support of the family members in the development of a successful entrepreneurship
    3. Exploring the distinction between power and trust in the local economic systems
    4. The role of intellectual and social capital in the rural places in Australia
    5. The function and contribution of social entrepreneurship in China
    6. The economic impact from the EU and the non-EU migration: A comparative study
    7. Is social capital a decisive factor in the Indian creative industry?
    8. Is there actually a link between social and economic development linear? Discuss
    9. What is the social and economic impact of private equity and venture capital in Singapore?
    10. Define the economic theory of homeschooling
    • Institutional Economics Dissertation Topics
    1. An evaluation of property market through institutional economies methodologies
    2. How theoretical assumptions of NIE (New Institutional Economics) micro-analysis affecting the choice of the firm regarding governance structures? 
    3. How does the cultural mix influence the enterprises in the US?
    4. The economic development and the transaction costs
    5. Financial constraints, export performances and trust: The case of SMEs in the UK
    6. How do the economies endorse inter-firm collaborations to curtail the influence of transaction costs?
    7. Ownership and control in India: An institutional assessment
    8. The institutional policy making resulting in economic freedom
    9. Latent entrepreneurship: Europe vs the UK
    10. The educational aspects of promoting entrepreneurial capacities in the developing economies
    • Microeconomics Dissertation Topics
    1. The mergers and acquisitions associated with the productivity in the US firms
    2. Is the concept of minimum wage still relevant in the UK economy?
    3. Is the UK retail sector turning out to be less oligopolistic? Make an analysis on the basis of the impact created by new supermarkets
    4. Are the UK firms turning out to be more innovative than their counterparts in Europe?
    5. The energy sector in the United States: A microeconomics approach
    6. Decision theory and game theory
    7. Does the size of the firm affect its profits? Discuss with evidence from the telecommunication sector
    8. Discuss about the antitrust regulations of the horizontal mergers taking place in the US
    9. Understanding the dynamics of the Gini index and its role as an indicator of the distribution of income
    10. What are the forces behind the inequality of income amid the workforce in the Indian subcontinent?
    • Macroeconomics Dissertation Topics
    1. How do the rates of interest affect the consumption in Canada?
    2. How the decision of Brexit influenced the consumer spending in the UK?
    3. Interest rates and foreign direct investment in India
    4. What are the macroeconomic determinants of the housing prices in the UK?
    5. Is the US insurance system economically viable to all the sections of the society?
    6. How the tax burden is actually shared between the buyers and the sellers?
    7. Should the model of neoclassical growth be revised as per the conditions of the modern world? Discuss
    8. The utility of big data in the functioning of behavioral economics at the macro level
    9. How to bridge up the gap between the theory and the practice of the behavioral macroeconomics?
    10. What industries were the most adversely affected by Covid in terms of production?
    • Regional Development Dissertation Topics
    1. Profitability of the businesses and regional development: What are the factors to bottom line this relationship?
    2. How entrepreneurial networks shall contribute to the regional development?
    3. Implications of the regional development policies in the UAE
    4. How the regional policies endorsing the start-ups can contribute to the development of the region?
    5. The public investment and the regional output: A case study of Bangladesh
    6. The robustness of the regional institutions in the course of development
    7. The difference between convergence and endogenous growth across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
    8. The institutional aspects and the fiscal outcomes of the US municipal governance
    9. Economic modifications faced by the emigrants: The causes and the impacts
    10. How regional innovation could impact economic productivity? Discuss the case of a developing economy
    • Labor/ Employment Economics Dissertation Topics
    1. How gender inequality in the field of employment affects workforce productivity and economic growth?
    2. The impact of economic cycles on workforce productivity, employment, and innovation: A Hyundai case study
    3. Local pools of unemployment in Canada and the similarities between them
    4. How economic exploitation of manpower in China has resulted in dissatisfaction against the policy makers?
    5. Economically viable policies from the government to support the cause of self-employment: A case study from the UK perspective
    6. The effects of liberal immigration policies of Canada and its impact on the employment of the natives and their productivity
    7. A critical assessment of the collective bargaining practices in the context of the US
    8. The economic viability of the labor laws in the tourist sector across the EU countries
    9. The demand for economic viability of the refugee labor force in the European Union
    10. How digitization changed the conventional structure of the labor market?
    • Financial Economics Dissertation Topics
    1. How the Chinese Covid-19 pandemic affected the NYSE?
    2. The determinants of the corporate debt in Canada
    3. What is the function of the debt market and the private equity in the finances of the SMEs?
    4. Do the SMEs fetch higher profitability rates in comparison to the large corporations in the UK?
    5. Permanent and temporary components of the asset prices in India
    6. Financial and capital structure of the companies in Australia
    7. Political uncertainty on the prices of the assets
    8. Corporate governance and the protection of the investor: A comparative study between the US and EU financial market
    9. Has Covid-19 altered the inclination to the saving among the households?
    10. The function of the mediators in mortgage market
    • Welfare Economics Dissertation Topics
    1. Impact of the informal sector for the economy based on welfare
    2. How the adverse effects of Covid-19 affected the income distribution among the masses in the major economies?
    3. How the taste of the consumers changed over the period of the last two decades?
    4. How the welfare of the local culture promotes entrepreneurial behavior with an inclination to run a business?
    5. Welfare economics affecting the behavior of the single person in comparison of the couple based households
    6. How welfare economics affecting the career perspectives in the developing countries based upon knowledge economy?
    7. How the uncertainties of the welfare schemes influence the political and economic decision making?
    8. The impact of the marital status on income
    9. How the welfare schemes related to climate policies contribute to economic development of South Asia?
    10. How welfare economics of Bangladesh accelerated the nominal GDP growth of the country within a decade?
    • Development Economics and Innovation Dissertation Topics
    1. How economic productivity and innovation are linked with each other? Discuss from the viewpoint of a developing economy
    2. How specific traits of innovation by the American tech giants fueled the superpower status of the US?
    3. What is the future of innovation in a world engulfed in the US-China trade war?
    4. Can Russia become the dark horse of innovation? Discuss some major contributions of this country that surprised the world
    5. What are the most proven instruments of funding the innovation till date?
    6. How innovation changed manufacturing and service industry forever? Make a comparative analysis
    7. Eco-villages: How the development prospects are boosted by innovation?
    8. How innovation influenced the lives of the migrants in Europe?
    9. Can innovation drive the economy more than manpower?
    10. Discuss the profit model of innovation and elaborate a case of ‘stagnant to staggering’ economy based on the same

    Now with that, we have come to the end of this centenarian marathon of the top 100 economics dissertation topics. While our goal has been to primarily help our students of economics with the dissertation help related to topic selection. The comprehensive list has been wisely customized to incorporate the titles meant for other writing formats as well. It can help our students with the requirements of economics research paper writing help, thesis help, case study help and essay help.

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