Digging into the Unexplored Dimensions of Writing a Praiseworthy Research Paper

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While exploring the uncharted secrets of prudent and resourceful research paper writing, most of us tend to come across the conventional tips and tactics. Here, our objective would be to look beyond the prevailing sources of information and see how we can make our research paper even better than one can ever expect! We all are well familiar with the fact that the traditional sources spread online and offline primarily focus on the research methodology, sample size, and inference analysis. But here we are also going to talk about the framework, information sources and meticulous editing.

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    The research process is what forms the spine of a research paper worth publishing. Even while seeking research paper help from a reputed research paper assignment writing agency, you would realise the fact that their writers focus unilaterally on the research process. It is primarily because it helps the agency writer to have a better insight to the given subject and formulate the ideas for the concerned paper in a better sense.

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    Most of the students and research scholars wonder, how we can develop a thesis statement that can open new dimensions of curiosity, knowledge and understanding. Well, assimilate undisputed facts and speak about the concerned topic with authority! A research paper undisputedly revolves around ‘research’, and we can assimilate resource materials and adequately review them.

    Only Refer the Sources that are Undisputed!

    Well, the line itself shows the door out to Wiki pages, electronic and social media reports. We can begin with Google Scholar, registered databases, online and offline encyclopedia, books, periodicals, and almanacs. Besides, we can vouch for the information provided on guides, reports, and government publications with gazetted officer stamp.

    It is essential to take notes while trying to read and evaluate the information. It always helps in the end to properly cite the reference materials in the citations style instructed. To get assistance from some of the trusted university writing lab websites, we can visit The Purdue Online Writing Law (OWL) and similar other resources.

    Here is the Tip: (I). Try collecting all the notes in a spreadsheet. Generate columns for the components that you wish to incorporate in the research paper along with the details essential to make citations/ bibliography. The column can feature the headings like Title, Reference Link, Author, Quotes, and Page Number.

    (II) Check with the university writing lab or the concerned research paper instructor to determine the preferred referencing style in advance.

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    Effectively Organize Before We Start Writing

    Our research has successfully spawned tons of ideas and it is the time to process the organization of our presentation. The organization step is imperative to determine the success of the paper and showcase the fact that it carries more focus.

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    The Thesis Statement

    It is a sentence summarising the key point in our paper and previews the supporting points. It is one of the most critical sections of the research paper primarily because it guides the readers regarding the central concept as well as the sub-texts supporting the same.

    -Purdue OWL Developing a Thesis

    The thesis statement commences right from the end of the introductory paragraph. Even if there is not a requirement, or it has not been mentioned in the indexing instructions, it is always a good idea to promote this practice.

    It is an undeniable fact that most of the research papers fall in three different categories, namely, expository, analytical, and argumentative. If we are writing for the sake of explaining information, then it would be termed as expository. If it has been presented for the analysis of the information, then the paper would be termed as analytical. In case, we are arguing a conclusion, then the statement would be argumentative or persuasive. The thesis statement ought to match the type of paper we are writing.

    We can always seek online research paper help from the top-notch research scholars and academicians of the industry. Our requirements can be associated with any university, any journal, any research council across the globe, there is always a scope of accessing the services of a native research paper writer from a reliable agency.

    The Outline

    The purpose of the outline is to frame our thoughts to fit the concerned writing process. These are basically the main points that are presented in the form of our sub-headings and organize our information and viewpoints under each point.

    One thing that we are required to consider is the fact that any information that does not fit the given framework, or does not directly support the thesis statement, will not be the part of the research paper. Irrespective of the fact that how interesting the information appears to be, it should not be considered eligible for inclusion in the main paper. Just remember, everything we learn might turn out to be fascinating, but that does not mean that penning them downturn out to be relevant to our paper.

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    Writing Down the Research Paper

    Once we attain a direction in research, after mentioning the thesis statement and the outline, it is the time to feature the central components of writing down a research paper.

    Here is the Tip: Take the help from professional editor and proofreader of a research paper writing services agency to eliminate the possibility of plagiarism, typo, syntax, grammatical or punctuation errors.

    The Introduction:

    It provides the background as well as the context of the rest of the paper. It is critical to form a formidable opening sentence that can catch the attention of the reader straight away! It should never be dry and mundane under any circumstances. We are required to explain the purpose of our research paper, and how we are planning to approach the topic. The introductory paragraph is required to be concluded with the thesis paragraph. The paragraph ought to fuel the general curiosity of the reader. What is this all about? Why am I reading the same? What do you wish me to do?

    We are required to respond to these questions in the following sense –

    Set the Context: Deliver the general info regarding the main idea. We are required to explain the situation in a way that the reader can perceive the topic, the claims that we make, and offer his or her support without any hesitation.

    State Why the Central Idea is Significant: Pursuing the reader why he or she should need to care and keep on reading. The paper is required to be convincing enough to not only magnetise the reader to read, but also act upon it.

    State the Claim/Thesis: Composition of a sentence or two by stating the given position that we will support with the logos (sound reasoning: with induction, deduction), the pathos (with balanced emotional appeal), and the ethos (with author credibility).

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    The Body:

    All the elements of our central theme come here. To score better points, it is vital to follow the instructions word by word. The organization of the layout is required to be done first, so that the utility of the sources can be done once they become relevant on paper. Here, we can apply the Rule of Three, which is even commonly used by the experts offering paid research paper help. Firstly, we are required to highlight the supporting arguments that we make, follow it with a strong one, and eventually, conclude the argument with the strongest point.

    The Conclusion:

    When its time to wrap up the research work, we can restate the thesis statement. The thesis can be presented again, but by rewording the same. We would briefly summarise all the points that have been made. In the conclusion part, we are required to explain why we firmly believe in those points to support our case. In case the research turns out to be inconclusive, then it is the time to take a deep breath to point out why we believe that this research topic bears more probe and investigation.

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    Checklist for Revising Our Research Paper Draft

    The editing and proofreading of the final research draft is as important as the writing part. Here, seeking research paper homework help from the experts credited with successful publication of thousands of research paper would always be regarded as a commendable step.

    But in case, you wish to do it at your own level, we welcome it by providing the checklist to verify before making the final submission.

    Developmental Edit

    • Is our thesis statement crystal clear and concise?
    • Is our paper well-organized and does it flow right from the beginning till the end featuring logical transitions?
    • Do our concepts and ideas follow a rational sequence in each paragraph?
    • Have we applied concrete facts and details and shunned generalizations?
    • Do our arguments reinforce and prove our thesis?
    • Have we successfully eluded repetition?
    • Are our sources correctly cited?
    • Have we checked and verified for accidental plagiarism?

    Line Edit

    • Is the language used by us specific and clear?
    • Do our sentences flow clearly and eloquently? (Here is the tip: Read out the paper aloud to catch all kinds of syntax problems).
    • Have we avoided filler phrases and words?
    • Have we checked for adequate grammar, punctuation, and spelling?

    With the help of thorough research, pertinent organization, and presentation, and with detailed attention to our developmental and final line edit. It helps us in successfully crafting a research paper that is worth publishing worldwide.

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    The success of our published research paper would be depended upon numerous aspects, and most of them are rightly under our control. We have incorporated a set of questions that we are required to answer to leave no loophole vulnerable enough to sabotage all our efforts put forth in the published work.

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