9 ways to create appealing product descriptions that sell

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How to create an appealing product description is a question, most of the E commerce website owners wish to know.  To make an appealing product description, you are needed to consider the following Steps:

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1.Focus on the perfect Buyer

While writing a product description for a huge crowd, most of the people make the description wishy-washy and usually end up without addressing anyone. Remember content writing is a job requiring great skills and if you are not good in that then you must look for the best content writing services in India. The best product description is one that addresses the buyer personally and directly. You should answer and ask a question as if you are in conversation with the reader.

While writing a product description you should write for an ideal buyer. You need to think, what kind of humor your ideal buyer would appreciate? What are the words that a buyer uses? What he dislikes? What questions he raise that you need to give answers? If you are not sure to offer all this, then you may try something good like these article writing services in India.

You should write as if you are talking with your buyer face to face in the store. Try to resonate your words deeply in the content you are writing.

Focus on customers- Thoughtful Minds

  1. Entice your buyer with benefits

Like we, from time to time keep on telling people about the benefits of online business, steps to get Google ranking on particular keyword, ways to promote a website, you should also sell something useful. When we are selling something, we get excited about our product, its specification and features. But it’s better for you to know that a buyer is more interested in the benefits and services that he gets from the particular product rather than the specifications. Hence, you are needed to focus more on the feature’s benefit that a buyer can enjoy instead of its specifications.

You should count each benefit of your product feature. You should include that how a product makes your clients healthy, happy and productive; what are the glitches, problems and hassles that you need to solve?

Don’t write to just sell a product, you should write to sell an experience.

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  1. Avoid yeah phrases

When we don’t have anything to add in our product description, we just add the bland and write “excellent product quality” etc. it is a phrase that sounds not so pleasing and relevant. When a buyer read it, he just overlook it by a yeah-yeah phrase. Do you even heard any one describing their product quality as bad, not so good, so so or anything like this. No! Then what’s the need to add such stuff.

You become less notable when your buyer read the product description and say yeah, yeah by themselves in the starting of reading the content. To avoid such stuff you are needed to be specific with your points. Write such that every bullet point you add, would behave like an impression of quality. As the product specifications adds to the credibility.

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  1. Use superlative to justify

You should use the superlative voice while describing your product advantages and telling that why it’s best? If your products have best qualities then you should show it in your content with proof. Otherwise, you just turn the copy of your customer’s quote or testimonial who says that your product is wonderful. It not only works for you but also build your trust on the customers.

Use superlative to show your strength- Thoughtful Minds

5.Make appeal to your readers

From a scientific research, it is found that if you give a product in any of your customers hand then his chances and desires to buy the product increases. As you are selling online, therefore you need to upload large and clear images as like crystals, to let your visitors have a better look on your product and know it in a better way. You should also take steps to make your visitors feel, when they own product in their hands.

To expertise in this field you should start your sentences with a word imagine & finish it with explanation of owning the product. Here an example of page where one can order web hosting articles for web hosting business. Here if someone wishes to buy content for his web hosting business, then he will get all information at this page only.

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  1. Include mini stories

You should include the mini stories in between the product description. It lowers the rational barrier that is against the persuasion technique. Make a story about your product. Just ask yourself; what is the inspiration behind the making of product, how reliable the product is etc. to make an effective product description.

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  1. Use Sensory words

Sensory words increase sales as they engage the brain processing power of the customer. You must ensure that the adjectives you use should be tricky and they must be catchy enough to make your customers attract toward the product. Sensory words that you use should be powerful and persuade a customer to imagine while reading it. Amaze your readers with a different product description by using the words velvety, crisp, bright, smooth etc.

Use sensory words-Thoughtful Minds

  1. Tempt with the social proof

When your website visitors are confused to choose the product, then they look for the suggestions that what they should buy. They may also incline to buy the product that has highest positive reviews. There are some other ways too, to sneak the social proof in your product description. Most of the buyers are likely to buy what they find popular. You should highlight the products that are mostly needed by the buyers.

Prove socially-Thoughtful Minds

  1. Make your product description Scan able

Your website design should be encouraging enough to make a visitor read your product description. You should pack your product description with a scan able and clear design that is easy to read and of customers appeal.

You should consider these points while designing your product description page:

  • Use bullet points
  • Include white spaces
  • Increase front size for promoting readability
  • Use catchy headlines to entice your visitor.

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How to write convincing Product Description?

You should share your knowledge regarding the product in your product description. Make mini stories and explain even the tiniest important detail. You should try to write a content that delight the web visitor and entice him while reading description to buy the product. You should keep in mind that you have to write with zeal and all your interest makes your product description contagious.

If you feel the above steps are helpful in making great product descriptions for your E commerce website/portal then the objective of this blog gets fulfilled. However, if you are running out of time and wish to get quality product descriptions for your eCommerce portal, then you may order our cheap yet best content writing services in India. Good luck!