Aspire to Get An A in your TOK Essay? Learn the Secrets and Make it Happen Like a Cakewalk!

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In the light of the prevailing Chinese Covid-19 pandemic, most of us prefer to snuggle-up in the bed, tweet something or updating our Instagram status. But when we look at the potential of learning news things for our academic prowess, then we can realize the fact that it is the ideal time to transform these testing times into an opportunity to learn new skills. So, lets close down all the apps, sanitize our hands, and look at our TOK essay writing skills from a whole new perspective!

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    The motivation of writing a TOK essay is all about sharing knowledge. The culture of TOK essay writing is always encouraged in the academic diaspora across the globe, as it represents the bits of conversation taking place between two smart, prudent and scholarly individuals about the time-tested and proven facts and knowledge. If we speak in layman’s term, then it is like presenting the two sides of an argument right in front of a judge.

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    Here, in this edition of TOK essay help, we are going to share and discuss the step by step approach with the help of which we can seamlessly score a perfect A in all the TOK essay submissions that we ensure in the coming days. These steps are not only recommended by the students who excel in their essay writing submissions, but also by the academicians offering essay writing services to the students on a professional level.

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    So, lets get on with that –

    Step 01: Picking a Question 

    It is recommended to refrain from gravitating towards a question that is the easiest-sounding in terms of popularity and access to the data. We all have a tendency to easily drift towards a “popular” theme or topic because it appears to be relatively easy. Well, it is pretty easy to bounce off from other people’s ideas and relieve the sense of FOMO when the others are following the same pattern. Have some faith in yourself and never hesitate towards a brainstorming session with your colleagues to decide for a peculiar topic that is not followed by the majority.

    Of course, if you are presenting an essay work which is revolving around a topic that is relevant yet untouched by the majority, then it would instantly fuel the curiosity of the examiner/ evaluator, as he or she is about to check something which is not mundane like all the other common submissions.

    It is hard to surmise whether the question chosen by you would lead to a revelation later or simply become another building block towards the Knowledge Question (KQ). Just keep in mind that you are required to draw two opposite perspectives, and keep in account the probable claims as well as the counter arguments when you deliberately set each and every question.

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    Step 02: Selecting your AOK (Area of Knowledge)

    Just analyze how your knowledge claims as well as counterclaims can be improvised right within the boundaries of your AOKs. Here, within each of the AOK, you can establish a tangible definition of what the knowledge actually is. For example, an essay defined knowledge in the field of Natural Sciences is regarded as a scientific phenomena, considering the fact that the theory is postulated. On the contrary, the knowledge in the field of Arts is characterized in the form of expectation of an artist and up to a degree the response of the viewer to the concerned artwork.

    It is recommended that while taking into account the AOKs, go for the ones that are offering a fresh viewpoint and not identical to one another. More importantly, there has to be a contrast. For instance, Natural and Human Sciences, unlike Mathematics and Natural Science because of the objective approach of both the AOKs. Even when you go for a professional offering online essay help, then also you would find the things following a similar pattern as discussed above.

    Step 03: Formulating KQ

    It is one of the most important yet tricky steps that can turn out to be a decisive factor which can decide your grades the either way. One of the key techniques of scoring good grades is to break down the knowledge question on the grounds of the chosen essay title. As matter of the fact is that, if you are investing a bulk of time forming a KQ, then there is always a possibility of drifting from the key demands of the essay title.

    Please note that an essay does not anticipate you to “question the given title”, instead it is the process of questioning the knowledge construction process in the format and pattern in which you are required to answer. If we speak in terms of the basic essence, then we would find that the KQ is merely a guiding question, and it is suggestive not to answer it in a direct manner. Rather, link it back to the prescribed title/ main demands of your essay. Your KQ objective should be guiding the given set of questions a wider realm of knowledge construction. It should never revolve around a specific case example and should always approve a few probable answers based on diverse viewpoints.

    Step 04: Structuring and Organizing your Essay 

    • The Introduction
    • Defining the Key Concepts and Terms from the Suggestive Title
    • Stating your Position (KC)
    • Stating AOKs and WOKs and Mentioning How they are Linked with each other.
    • Considering All the Assumptions that Have Been Made with your Essay.
    • For the TOK Essay Body, Decide on the Structure as well as the Key Argument Before Commencing the Writing Process. Here, you can also seek Online TOK Essay Help from the Experts of the Field.
    • As Far As the Conclusion Part is Concerned, Please Make Sure to Restate your Given KC, Elaborating Biases or Realization Made While Weighing Claims and Counterclaims, and Bringing in the Implications of the Concerned Question Along with the Given Argument on the Knowledge as a Whole.

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    Recommended Structure

    By the Claims

    Claim within [AOK #1] & [AOK #2]

    Counterclaim within [AOK #1] & [AOK #2]

    Weighing within [AOK #1] & [AOK #2]

    As per AOK

    Claim in, counterclaim in & weighing in [AOK #1]

    Claim in, counterclaim in & weighing in [AOK #2]

    In case the mini conclusions in each of the AOK are distinct, highlight the distinctions of the KQ in all these AOKs mentioned in the conclusion.

    It is recommended to follow the AOK structure, as it permits you to construct a cohesive argument with respect to each AOK, rather than jumping back and forth to the earlier segments of the essay as you proceed with your AOK later on.

    It is worth notable that for each and every point that you make, it is necessary to incorporate at least one considerable example (in the given Point, Evidence, and Explain format). It is necessary to ensure that there are both personal examples, along with some ‘cheem’ examples, like established experiments/ theories and whatnot.

    Step 05: Write It Down

    Just grab a cup of coffee and try to finish it in one sitting. Yes, it is indeed possible! In case, you are not proficient in handling the creative writing process or in the art of breaking the whole work into eloquent paragraphs, it is advisable to go for essay help from a reliable essay writing agency. It is totally legal and affirm the chances of getting an A in your submitted TOK essay work.

    Step 06: Edit the Given Draft

    Edit the given draft or get it edited from the editor of the agency offering online essay help.

    Step 07: Provide the Draft for the Feedback Purposes.

    Step 08: If Deemed Necessary, Repeat Step 6 & 7 as per Requirement

    Go for revision and editing work at least twice or thrice! Proofread yourself or get it proofread from a professional (recommended) for sentence structuring, awkward expressions, spelling or grammatical errors. Please make sure that each and every editing session is commenced with a fresh state of mind. Leave all the preconceived notions and never hesitate to begin from the scratch.

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     Some Bonus Tips to Make your Journey Less Bumpy! 

    Apart from the steps mentioned above, the following are some of the basic tips (or we can say rules) that are even implemented by the professionals offering essay writing services to help the client achieve the finest grades in each and every TOK essay submissions made.

    • All sorts of TOK essays are cross-disciplinary in nature and they are not confined to merely one-way of knowing (reason, perception, language, etc.) or revolves around one area of knowledge (natural science, history, mathematics, etc.).
    • Please make sure that while placing your AOKs and WOKs, refresh all your understandings and see to it that all the relevant connections eventually justify themselves, including claims and counterclaims.
    • Go for a widespread means of research, including your class notes, websites, as well as the people directly or indirectly associated with your affairs. Please make sure that you record each and every claim and counterclaim that have been put as an examples in your thesis. Wish to know more about the basic and applied forms of research that you can conduct for your essay?
    • Clarify the scope of your essay (what is your ground reality and what you are actually aiming for) and define the key terms very carefully right from introduction, WOKs and AOKs. At the bare minimum, never adjust with the first definition that you find in the textbook or source…explore!
    • Go through at least 3 examples of TOK essays that have been written by other students. If you are seeking TOK essay help from pros, then never hesitate to ask for a free sample work as well as revise the ordered work before making the final submission. As the essays are concluded by the real experts of the field, revising the ordered essay would only enrich your knowledge nevertheless.
    • Apply specific and qualified language only. Instead of simply writing that “all sorts of science renders useful insights,” prefer to say that, “chemistry often deliver useful insights.” The words such as often or sometimes (rather than “always”), might or could (rather than “should”) lead to over-generalizing of something, and indicating more than what you can really support in your essay.
    • Please make sure that your TOK essay is backed by substantial amounts of evidence. Include facts in the form of statistics, quotations, and true stories and shun the usage of clichés and common examples. It is imperative to add certain cases and examples that even the evaluator has not heard before. It will always showcase the fact that you have truly put in genuine efforts to realize the work.
    • Read it out loud and clear once you have finished the same. Repeat the practice, if necessary! It will help you identify the grey areas of mistake and work on them before it gets too late.

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    The art of TOK essay writing comes only with patience and practice. Securing an A is not a tough nut to crack, if you stick yourself to the basics. Yes, we realize the fact that it is not always possible for the students to achieve such a miracle in first few attempts and it is always hard for them to keep a balance between the academics and co-curricular activities and yet make timely submissions each and every time.

    That is the reason why, we recommend you to visit Thoughtful Minds for online TOK essay help and enjoy fully legit, quality oriented and highly affordable essay help from the pioneers of the industry. Order now!