6 Essential tips by digital marketing company that you need to know for Blogging Success

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Are you willing to become a successful blogger?

If yes, then here are few tips shared by content marketing experts of Thoughtful Minds- the leading digital marketing company/ agency in India.

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Do you want to be in touch with the latest developments taking place in blogging?

It doesn’t matter that you are an experienced or a newbie to blogging.  This article will cover the complete essentials, from A to Z that anyone needs to know.

  1. Akismet: The Anti Spam Plug-in

While maintaining a blog, almost every one faces the problem of spamming. There are many shady Internet marketers who make attempts for the advertisement of their products with the trackbacks and spam comments. This will put a poor impression on the readers.

There are many bloggers that will spend time on deleting the unlimited spams on their blogs. With the Akismet, a powerful and worthy anti spamming plugin now it’s easy to avoid the spams and trakbacks in the blogs. The Akismet software makes sure that the blog comments section will always look welcoming and attractive to the readers. For the personal blog, usage of Akismet is free, whereas for the business blogs there is a monthy charge of the 5$ per month.

  1. Make relationships with the Bloggers

To make an effective online success, it’s very important to get support from the other good bloggers. The other bloggers would help by retweeting, linking or sharing the posts, by providing advices, encourage in moving forward etc.

Nowadays, social media is a great place to build relationships with the other bloggers. You can make them follow by commenting on their blog posts at Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Cultivate the Relationships with comments

It’s better to grow communication and make stronger relationships with the other bloggers and faithful customers. To encourage your readers and other bloggers for the comments, you should ask questions by the end of every blog post.

  1. Design Elements

Making your blog design appealing and interacting is equivalently important as the content on it. The designing of the blog along with its headline attracts and compel people to go through it. To enhance the designing of your blog you should increase the size of letters to make them readable, only keep the widgets on the sidebars and avoid clutters, include a designer header to your blog, keep simple decent design for your blog.

  1. Social Media and Email

You can make the FeedBurners to allow your readers to get the blog posts through the emails. You can also insist the readers to follow you on the different social networks by integrating your social media accounts with blogs with the help of buttons.

  1. Formatting the Posts

Instead of simply publishing the posts it’s better to publish it with some good formatting to make it more appealing and easy to read. You can use the Subheadings, bold and highlight the points, add the bullet points instead of writing the complete paragraph etc. to make blog more attractive.

So, these are few points to help you become a good blogger. If you wish to become a successful blogger then you should follow them. In case you don’t have time then you can go for hiring content writing services in India as they are not just affordable rather effective in boosting your content marketing strategies as well. Either you are looking for digital marketing services in India or wish to get in touch with the top website development company in Jaipur, Thoughtfulminds is here to help you out.

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