100+ Essay And Research Paper Topics On Religion For The Year 2023

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Religion is a divine light that grows upon faith and brighter it shines the more it eliminates the darkness of ignorance. The statement itself is sufficient enough to showcase the significance of religion. The significance of religion cannot be overlooked or denied, and in the contemporary world it is morphed into diverse-institutionalized and multi-faceted form.

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    According to expert socialists, religion is a sacred practice that can be accomplished in both tangible and intangible forms. It serves as an important chapter of human ideology as well as educates the mankind regarding the most pivotal aspects of life. Indeed, religion also serves as a kind of moral compass for humanity. It serves as the light in the darkness, serves as a ray of hope rightly for the hopeless, and the threshold of sanctification meant for the troubled. Seeking or presenting views on religion can always conceptualized to be dicey. So, it is best to eschew any and all manner or argumentative viewpoints that may simply rise to controversy.

    100+ Essay and Research Paper Topics on Religion for the Year 2023 - ThoughtfulMinds

    Ideally speaking, it is imperative to stick to a general tone while penning down religious essay, thesis or research papers. It would facilitate you to rapport with the audience in a better sense.

    Here, we are going to throw some light over 100+ assignment help topics on religion that can be custom written as per the requirements of the coursework. We are going to cover different domains including essay writing, dissertations, research paper writing, debates and a lot more and ensure that whether seeking assignment writing services or self-writing, we always end up with a shining grade-sheet.

    100+ Essay and Research Paper Topics on Religion for the Year 2023

    Let us segregate the religion topics as per their relevance in different domains-

    A. Topics for Religious Research Papers

    • Elaborate the role of magic and illusions in religion
    • Discuss some of the religious myths that are prevalent in modern society
    • Does religion truly endorse animal sacrifice? Comment with the help of pertinent examples
    • Discuss the role of a VICAR
    • Write down an essay over esoteric teachings along with their features
    • Orthodox v/s Catholic Churches: Draw a comparison based upon the history of religious practices
    • The origin of Hinduism and how it evolved with respect to the modern society
    • Which is the most tainted and feared religion in the world? Discuss the reasons behind it
    • Having a strong religious faith could enhance the puberty among the teenagers: Comment
    • Discuss the function and role of religious authorities in inspiring people towards absolute devotion
    • Religious open-mindedness could result in modern societal benefits: Write an essay with effective coverage to establish your stance
    • Explain the teachings of Buddha on the subjects of ecology and nature
    • Write down an essay on different meditative practices prevalent in Buddhism
    • Compile a comprehensive essay focusing over different branches of Christianity
    • Write an account on the religion symbols of Christianity along with their interpretations
    • How the views on death and afterlife in Hinduism different from that of Christianity
    • The views of Christianity on interfaith marriages

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    B. Easy Religious Topics for University and College Students

    • Discuss various myths surrounding the writings of the Holy Bible
    • What are the main teachings associated with the Holy Bible?
    • Write a detailed essay focusing on all the principal teachings of Sacred Shrimad Bhagwat Gita
    • Discuss the differences between Vedas and Upnishadas in Sanatan Dharma
    • Write a detailed essay focusing on all the principal teachings of Jainism
    • Write a detailed essay focusing on all the principal teachings of Buddhism
    •  Explain the existing battle between good and evil from different religious books in your essay
    • What does Theocracy basically entails? Establish your stance throughout the essay
    • How cultures and lifestyles influenced various religious beliefs? 
    • Dante’s Inferno and the religious messages that one can get from it
    • Dante’s Inferno and the 3 sins mentioned in it
    • Write a detailed account of the 7 Deadly Sins and their relevance in today’s society
    • The concept of heaven and hell: Comment
    • Elaborate the lessons taught in Tripitaka
    • What does one understand by the term ‘religious tolerance’?
    • Comment on the religious viewpoints of Karl Marx
    • What is the outlook of religion on rape, human trafficking and abortion prevalent in the modern world?

    C.  Interesting Religious Topics

    • Are fundamentalism and Islam inseparable from each other? Elaborate with facts and examples
    • The bloody history of Islamic invasions and conquests
    • Discuss the 5 major pillars of Islam and how they impact the lives of worshipers?
    • Elaborate the concept of ‘Salvation’ by Siddhartha
    • How do geographical dependencies impact their respective religious beliefs?
    • Write an essay focusing on different religious systems present in sociology
    • How different religious systems function by focusing upon worldwide cultural models?
    • Comment on the critical dynamics of different worldwide religions
    • How does the global market gets influenced by religious practices?
    • What is the influence of religion over democratic practices? Elaborate using real-time examples
    • Discuss the concept of Atheism and the belief system they practice
    • Discuss the vital role of women in religion
    • Explain in detail the religious significance of Gods and Goddesses in Hindu pantheon
    • Discuss some of the key benefits of religion
    • Discuss some of the religious rituals in Islamic culture that are identical with other religions
    • Write a detailed report on the evolution of tribal religion in the past 50 years
    • Write an essay focusing on religious specifics associated with various cultures

    D. Religion Essay Topics

    • Discuss the personality of an influential religious leader
    • Discuss the account of the religious beliefs and faiths that are no more in existence
    • Are religion and rationality conjointly exclusive? Elaborate their respective coverage
    • Comment in detail over different genres of non-believers
    • Define and elaborate the role of symbolism in the field of religion
    • How do different religious beliefs influence adolescents and teens?
    • The role played by religion in fueling prejudices among the communities and the societies
    • Write a comprehensive essay about the origins and the history of different religious beliefs
    • Write an elaborated essay over religion during the period of enlightenment
    •  Is there a method to disconnect between religion and spirituality?
    •  Who actually was Jesus Christ? Give details about his life and the times on the basis of different historical findings
    • Write an essay emphasizing on Christianity and the social tolerance of the faith
    • Write a comprehensive essay focusing on different myths and rituals in Christianity
    • The impact of Buddhism on politics
    • Comment and elaborate upon the origin and evolution of Buddhism
    • Do females/ women have any role in Islam? Comment
    • Write an essay over different forms of Islamic practices

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    E. Questions About Religion

    • Do the whole concept behind the 10 commandments actually seem to be flawed?
    • Should the clergy be motivated and allowed to pursue a married life? Comment and discuss
    • Should the youngsters be allowed to decide whether to be religious or not? Write an argumentative essay
    • What is the role and responsibilities of religious schools and offices to prevent radicalization?
    •  Is the life of Jesus a revised version of HORUS from Egypt? Comment and elaborate
    • Religion for global development: Is it really helping or functioning as a bulwark?
    • Should the religious symbols and ornaments be allowed to worn at workplaces?
    • Should the religious attire and ornaments be worn unhesitatingly in general public?
    • How the world would look like without religion?
    • Is Buddhism a philosophy or a religion? Write an argumentative essay to establish your stance
    • Can there be a universal or single religion for the world to follow? Explain your thoughts by discussing both sides of the argument

    F. Religious Debate Topics

    • Gay marriage v/s Abrahamic faiths: Discuss the reasons behind strong opposition
    • Is the worship of Satan or Satanism another form of religion?
    • Does religion actually force people into slavery? Establish your stance with the help of strong argument
    • Should children get comprehensive education about all world religions at school?
    • Should world governments restrict the followers of a distinct/ foreign religion from accessing their borders and satiate their faiths and belief systems?
    • The history of Polytheism and how Abrahamic faiths diverted from it?
    • Will the mankind ever be able to conceptualize God?
    • Is religion resulting in more chaos and conflict in comparison to resolving them?
    • What happens to us when we die? Do we actually meet our maker, or simply experience a cold oblivion?
    • Do faith and religion actually have the power to end wars?
    • Religions encourage sexism, racism and prejudice worldwide. Comment on this statement
    • Does religion promotes gender equality?
    • Religion and science: Relationship v/s contradiction
    • Will the concept of religion continue to remain relevant in the future course of time?
    • Does religion represent a primitive kind of government? Explain with arguments
    • Will humanity outgrow its reliance upon religious institutions? Comment and elaborate

    G. World Religion Research Paper Topics

    • Religious-centered wars throughout the history and how it transformed the present demographic state of the mankind
    • Overview of ancient religions worldwide
    • Simply because you have a religion that does not mean you are religious. Research and comment on this statement
    • Discuss the influence of religious faith over world geography
    • Comment in detail how religion impacts and shapes the cultures worldwide
    • Highlight the basic differences between the religions functioning worldwide
    • Is it ethical to grant religious holidays to minorities? Comment from the perspective of both officially religious and secular states
    • Conduct research on multi-religious society of the modern world
    • Comment on the prevalence of the faiths that are most followed across the globe
    • The role of religion to impact the politics worldwide
    • Draw a research comparison between the Roan Empire and Christianity

    H. Inspiring Religious Topics

    • Why should kids required to learn the religious books during their early period of study?
    • The teachings of religious scriptures combat global terrorism or fuel it? Please comment with valid arguments
    • Is the practice of freezing embryos religiously acceptable?
    • Discuss the significance of Baptism
    • Comment upon the Nordic religion and its mythology
    • How can one pursue a spiritually fulfilling way of life?
    • Discuss the prime reasons behind the protestant reformation
    • Discuss the impact of media on religion
    • Comment upon the spiritual practices that were followed by Vikings/Norsemen
    • Write an account on punishment and its viewpoint in different religions
    • What role does movies play in the propagation of religion?
    • How much does Christians believe in the concept of punishment and the Judgment Day?
    • How religious blasphemy is used as a modern tool to inflict extrajudicial vengeance upon the people?
    • What is the Buddhist way of punishing for Sin?
    • What is the importance of self-inflicted punishment in religion?
    • Discuss the connection between Anthropology and Religion? Make the inference based upon the past research works published along with the latest findings.

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    I. Latest Religious Topics

    • How the modern theories of science are connected with the ancient scriptures of Hinduism?
    • How the concept of Adiyogi in Hinduism revolutionizing the teachings and practices of Yoga?
    • Explain the significance and role of the Holy Spirit in the religion of Christianity
    • Define the meaning of Dharma in Hindu religion
    • Elaborate the importance of women in various Hindu religious practices
    • Why does Hinduism pay so much reverence to the protection of cows along with the endorsement of vegetarianism?
    • How the functioning of body, mind, soul and karma are interlinked with one another in the scriptures of Hinduism?
    • Discuss the principal deities of Hinduism and how they are important to the enlightenment of mankind?
    • How the teachings of Bhagwat Geeta can define the significance of karma in the modern context? Elaborate with examples
    • What are the core differences between the principal teachings of Jainism and Buddhism?
    • What do we understand by “Noble 8-Fold Paths” in Buddhism?
    • What is the viewpoint of Islam on inter-religion marriage?
    • How the teachings of Islam strongly resistant to the concept of same-sex marriage?
    • Discuss the concept of reincarnation in different religious beliefs worldwide
    • Comment on the timeline of Greek religious influence
    • Discuss the reasons why religious beliefs are eschewed by the modern generation
    • Hinduism is not just a religion but a way of life. Comment

    And with that, we are finishing our list of 100+ essay and research paper topics on religion. Our experts have prepared the list with extensive research and tireless dedication. You can borrow these titles directly or customize them and rewrite as per your requirements. We fully hope that as a reliable online homework help agency, your next topic selection would be worth our efforts!


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