10 Marketing Blunders Which Startups Must Neglect

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10 Marketing Blunders Which Startups Must Neglect - ThoughtfulMinds

Marketing is the lifeline of any new startup; still it is not every time like riding your bicycle. Actually, marketing faults are many times certain, particularly in the initial levels of your business. Though there is no reliable technique to marketing progress, there are plethora of faults you can ignore to enhance your opportunity of developing your brand.

10 Marketing Mistakes Which Startups Must Neglect Infographic - ThoughtfulMinds


  • Hiring an Internal Staff Early on

It is worthy to become careful while investing and staffing. At the early stage of your organization’s development, you should be conscious. What you don’t require are any extra expenditure when you are simply beginning out and that is where it will be matter about internal marketing staff.

Hiring Internal Staff - ThoughtfulMinds

It is very much cost effective to take services from freelancers, interns or any external company. When you will have internal staff, it will appear as it offers you the finest opportunity of creating yourself as a recognized brand and it can even easily ruin you also.


  • Ignoring to Have a Website

In Today’s present scenario, you should have a website. Majority of consumers are moving to find for your services and products via the search engine previous to they ever discuss with you in straight forward manner.

Not Having a Website - ThoughtfulMinds

Suppose you don’t possess a website, you might not get prospective and potential clients in comparison to your competitor who does. Furthermore, website can be a direct route of interaction between you and prospective customer. And websites are not any more complicated or costlier to develop. There are plethora of cheap web hosting organizations such as GoDaddy, Weebly or Wix which can get you begin.

  • Not Executing an SEO Tactic

It is not sufficient to have simply a website. Search engines are importantly more possibly to rank your website at high position on pertinent questions when you possess the correct SEO tactic. This comprises of things like keywords insertion into your content, descriptions, titles and title tags along with generating a well organized and productive content.

Not Using SEO Tactic - ThoughtfulMinds

If you are unfamiliar with adding keywords into your website’s code, then you can watch out online tutorials. There are loads of online platforms which offer help along the way. Executing the correct SEO tactic will attract more audience to your website in just a short span of time.

  • Deteriorating to Review Your Marketing Scheme

First understand the effectiveness and status of your marketing scheme because it is vital concern. In case you are not continuously reviewing your analytics, estimating sales volume and calculating your pay per click ads, then you may does not possess a marketing policy at any cost. By learning this data, you can determine what performs and what does not and make customization as per it. Marketing is not a static attempt – it needs long term focus and care to maintain the pace with your enterprise evolution.


  • Targeting the Inappropriate Audience

Suppose you do not understand the desires and need of your audience, then there is high probability that they will miss what you need to convey. Searching the right marketing channels to receive audience which connects with your product and services is important.


Additionally, concentrating on just a single channel might demolish your exposure to another audience which may determine your products and services helpful.

  • Not Utilizing Blogs in Effective Manner

For starters, each and every enterprise must have a blog on its website which supports it link with prospective clients. However, there are loads of other routes to utilize blogs, even though you do not possess your own. Guest posting is extremely progressive marketing policy which is sadly under used. Getting a guest post on another famous blog is a wonderful manner to drive traffic to your organization’s website.

Another tactic you can utilize is leaving valuable and insightful comments on other blogs or news articles. This scheme is free and doesn’t require a lot of time to finish out.

  • Paying Too Much Attention on Competitors

Further than this, your competitors do not always possess the marketing magic touch. Hence, learn what others are performing and carry notes still do not avoid innovation and new manner of thinking.

Paying Attention On Competitors - ThoughtfulMinds

Marketing can consume loads of time and tough endeavor; still it is necessary to receive your small enterprise startup off the ground.

  • Utilizing Copyright Images

“Copyright law makes the original generation safe and secure and bestows upon the owner of the copyright restricted power over how, when and by whom their performance might be distributed, copied or exhibited.”

People invest loads of time, money and effort in generating images and you simply utilize them for your commercial intent. This is not brilliant. Even image copyright rules and regulations can screw you over and copyright violation penalties are awkward.

Rather than, utilize your own photos or subscribe to stock photo system such as Shutter stock or image bazaar that are cheaper than ever and you can utilize it for any intent whether it is for produce media or website banner.


  • No Videos

Suppose a picture is valuable up to thousand words, then a video is valuable up to thousand images. One of the best eCommerce stores on this planet, Zappos began publishing videos on its product pages and images which lead out as boosting in sales from 6% to 30%.

No Videos - ThoughtfulMinds

Social media platforms such as Vine, Instagram, YouTube etc. offer incredible chances for startup business holders to endorse worthy and pertinent videos to their target audience.

Business holders who have not consisted of video marketing in this digital marketing scheme will obviously going to miss the diamond chance of developing their brand across the boundaries.

  • Ignoring Mobile

Being a startup business holder, you must always check out for new routes of getting your target audience. Mobile is another big matter. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have been exchanged by desktop computers. On Mobile devices, more percentage of emails get opened in comparison to desktop.

Hence, while doing search engine marketing or showcasing advertising, target mobile devices for maximum reach and brand awareness. Even responsive websites have added benefits in SEO due to the Google and other search engines desires for responsive and rank them on SERPs during searches are created on mobile devices.


Startup business holders have busy timetable and may fall prey to these blunders unknowingly. These faults are simply a very small and might appear as tip of iceberg, still majority of startups have paid heavy charges for their faults in digital marketing services.

In case we have missed out any chief fault then allow us to know and share your biggest digital marketing fault and what lesson did you understand from it?

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