WordPress Benefits for business [infographic]

Most popular CMS in the world

4.5% of the entire CMS in the world is powered by WordPress. Compared to any other content management system, WordPress power more websites. 60% websites using CMS are developed on WordPress.

No coding required: plugins are there

WordPress offers more than 50,000 free plugins. These plugins allow extending the functionality without coding. No need to write complex code for additional functionality, plugins do it all.

WordPress is free

WordPress is an open source platform i.e. it is totally free. You need not to pay anything for having a site on WordPress and you can also alter the code of site as per requirements. With the help of free themes, you can give desired look and feel to the site.

Jump with WordPress in no time

You can get started making site on WordPress in time less than 3 months. This much phase is enough to learn the basic WordPress skills required to make the site.

Easy to manage sites

The sites developed on WordPress are extremely easy to manage and customize. With extensive documentation and huge online community, WordPress allows easy solutions for the queries of users.

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