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It is one of the modern questions that has been haunting the students as well as the academic experts alike for years. The question revolves around how we can curb the vicious circle of elongated time taken to finish a quality dissertation work. Obviously, dissertation writing is always regarded as a lengthy and tireless process. It would feature immense about of research, data collection, articulative writing prowess, proper understanding of referencing needs, not to mention, crisp editing skills.

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    As a conventional graduation student or research scholar, most of us tend to believe that we have plenty of time to finish the job. But as the days progress, we ought to feel the heat. Even with professional dissertation help, finishing the provided dissertation homework much before the deadline is always regarded as a far cry.

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    Our key objective of interaction here is to learn how we can cut short the time of dissertation writing to a significant extent and finish the given task within 2 weeks. Yes, you read that right and we are committed to stick to our commitment! Most of us tend to believe that merely emphasizing over the literature review can get us over the line. But it is not always true! Yes, it is certainly one of the most challenging parts of the entire writing process, but it is not the only part which your grades be dependent upon.

    Here, we are going to shed some light over some of the highly pertinent strategies that will help us manage all the sections of our next dissertation assignment to perfection. Additionally, after gaining command over these time-tested tactics, we can get the whole job (right from title selection, researching to final proofreading) done in just 2 weeks! Once we master upon these measures, there is a huge chance that we would be able to submit a solid draft without even involving online dissertation help from a reputed assignment agency.

    It All Begins by Focussing on Our Routine

    When we look at the whole routine from the day one, we realise that how fast the time flies by. When we reach out to our bed at night, we are compelled to believe that nothing has today been accomplished at all. But one thing is absolutely for sure! We cannot complain about the lack of time. Yes, in case there are family obligations, part-time jobs, or various experiments to work upon, one can understand the situation. But as we are considering the time-based dissertation writing challenges faced by the graduation students, we can side-line some of the constraints mentioned above.

    While penning down our dissertation, most of us tend to have the gut feeling that we are giving more preference to one section of the thesis than the other. Likewise, while working on one section of the draft we hear an inner voice telling us to switch from that section and start working on another. It happens because most of us tend to get a standard time for a month to work upon the draft and make the submission on time. But we fail to do a coherent thinking for the initial couple of weeks thinking that we do have an ample amount of time to get past the finishing line with ease. After all, what assignment order cannot be get done in a month, right?

    But once we reach 2 weeks closer to the deadline, we feel the adrenaline rushing through our veins and the focus voluntarily increases when we reach about a week closer. Yes, if we have necessary focus to effectively balance the productivity for the entire day, then indeed we can finish a 100–150-page thesis in just 14 days.

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    Now, let us look at how we can achieve the said goal in the steps mentioned below –

    Step I

    Cutting Our Working Day in Half:

    Having an immense amount of time tend to do more harm than good. The presence of an amorphous blob of time used to make us lose focus. It is primarily because it tricks us into believe that we can utilise the whole day to work upon the assignment. But it does not work that way! The real issue is that no matter if you have several hours in a day, but as a human being, we feature good concentration for only a few hours in a day.

    Paradoxically speaking, we can perform in a more productive sense if we have fewer hours to work with as our brain knows that it has a restricted amount of time to work with. It is a common tendency as the brain would always be able to resist the prevailing distractions when it understands the limitation of the time available. Rather than placing the commitment of the entire day, all we are required to do is structure the time effectively and bifurcate the time into morning and afternoon thesis writing sessions. Keep small but specific writing goals and never forget to take 30-to-60-minute break in between the writing sessions for the sake of lunch and exercise, as keeping a healthy body and mind is equally important.

    We always wonder why the professional dissertation writers offering dissertation writing services to the students and research scholars tend to be highly successful in their job. It is primarily because, they work in a controlled academic environment with intense research and time management skills. That is one of the pivotal reasons why, they remain more successful in finishing the dissertation or thesis orders with extremely quality oriented work and submitting the same within the stipulated deadline.

    Dissertation Help

    Step II

    Minimizing Our Decisions:

    Decision making is always regarded as a tiring process and consumes a lot of creative proficiency of our brains. The more we keep them involved with various types of decision-making processes, the less energy they can invest in productive functions like thesis making. No one can deny the fact that we are inclined to make hundreds of decisions per day. But how many of them have a significant impact on our lives? Do not waste the time in deciding the routine things such as what to eat or what to wear.

    For example, always decide in advance what sort of breakfast we would like to have the next day, and simply modify the same for the subsequent day to have some variety. We can implement a similar kind of strategy for cleaning up our cloths. Block out specific days in the week for the laundry and reach onto the decision the night before what we are going to wear the next morning. These small habits and decisions might look harmless from the surface, but these are small aspects when combined drain out substantial amounts of energy from our brains. To pen down a quality dissertation draft in a short period of time, it is imperative to channelise this energy to set the priorities right.

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    Step III

    Focussing on Micro-goals:

    Well, what is a micro-goal? It is a simple goal that can be achieved in 15 mins. or less. It is widely regarded as a promising dissertation writing strategy if we are carrying an assignment topic that is way too ambitious or complex. We may be planning to draft down 20 pages a day but end up with a mere 3 paragraphs of information. Surely not the type of goal worth setting! Is it? But when we proceed with a micro-goal, it will surely help us gain momentum while writing or doing experiments with our thesis, amidst the days we do not feel motivated at all. Micro-goals help us realise how much we can accomplish with just a small amount of time.

    For a writer with unflagging concentration, even 15 mins. are enough to pen down a half a page or even an entire page. Besides, the same amount of time can be used to properly analyse a portion of our data. Once we achieve a goal set in 15 mins., we are prone to feel a sense of accomplishment, which automatically boosts our confidence. It simultaneously stimulates our morale to proceed further! Once we gain the mastery in setting micro-goals, we can set small “pockets of time” (15 to 20 mins.) across the day and would be able to make on time progress to the assigned thesis writing.

    Step IV

    Breaking the Chains of Our Desk:

    Most of us heard the wise saying – “glue yourself to the desk until the thesis work has been done.” Not to mention, there are students who have indeed tried this conventional technique more than once. It gave them nothing but chronic shoulder, neck, back and wrist pain. Besides, eye strain and headaches contributing to glacial progress on the given piece of assignment.

    The obvious question that arises from this entire cycle of events is that, how can we achieve the epitome of creativity when the whole body is under tremendous pressure and eyes are absolutely strained by constantly glaring at the screen all day? Ironically, as per a study, most of the students responded that their thesis started coming together when they limited their times on the desk due to the pain in their wrists and arms. The logic is rational and simple! We cannot stay focused if we chain ourselves to the desk all day.

    To preserve the mental stamina, we are required to take regular break amid the assignment writing throughout the day. One of the finest and most recommended strategy would be seeking 10 mins. break every hour.  The break would refresh our minds and help it focus better on the difficult section of the dissertation. Believe it or not, but it has been scientifically proven that the greatest insights hit the brain when the concerned person is taking short walks during the breaks and keep himself or herself away from the typing.

    It is quite interesting to learn that even the veteran thesis writers offering paid dissertation help also encourage the habit of walking when they get stuck with their job. It always helps them find better answers and overwhelming positivity to move forward.

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    Step V

    Picking Our Work Environment Smartly and Carefully:

    Many of us face the challenges related to the work environment we reside in. Ever thought of bringing change in the working environment? Many students observe dramatic changes in their work culture and overall performance once they bring change to their work environment.


    It is not necessary that we shift the whole workstation from one location to another, rather adding some accessories oozing positive aura can do the magic! If you wish to enhance the focus, then working on the thesis in a library is also not a bad option at all. Yes, one always required to keep in mind that the environment or the work culture that turned out to be beneficial for one’s friends and colleagues might not deliver the same result for him or her. The cognitive response of the brain tends to vary from one student to another. Some wish to work in silent environments like a library, while others prefer to go with a bit of noisy background like in a coffee shop or a cafeteria.

    In case we are working from home, then also some rooms may turn out to be more conducive to work than the others. If you have good friends or family members to rely upon, then never hesitate to ask for a spare room for dissertation writing purposes. Apart from the environment, do not hesitate to take the call on the ideal time of the day that is most suited for you.


    The five steps that we discussed above may appear to be extremely simple to implement, but they can have a lasting impact on our work efficiency. Here we have not discussed about any rocket science, but simple day to day habits that can turn out to be the most powerful dissertation homework help. Apart from that surrounding yourself with people with a positive outlook can help you console academically and emotionally. Isolation cannot always work as a booster for motivation, rather frequent interaction with the study groups, office peers, or the members of the residential community do.

    Simply knowing that there is someone who believes in you and is there to celebrate each milestone with you will skyrocket your motivation to the pinnacle of efficacy. You will not only finish your final assignment draft within a fortnight, but also submit the same with utmost zeal and confidence.

    We have been honest and transparent in all the knowledge and experience that we shared above, and fully hope that all the given tips and tactics will help you accomplish the goals with flying colours. But in case, you would like to get the professional dissertation help from the veterans over 14 years of expertise in assignment writing industry, then that is also just a click away! Visit Thoughtful Minds and witness how the best in the business can transform your career with best of the grades.