Top Case Studies Showing The Impact Of Content Marketing

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Measuring the effectiveness of content marketing for a business or brand is difficult. There are many digital marketing company that provide excellent services. Looking at case studies can make you understand the value and process of marketing.


The below listed real case study examples show the positive impact of content marketing on various businesses.

Let’s see what impact content marketing has on the brand awareness, authority building and SEO of an industry.

These case studies show that even one marketing campaign can fetch strong results for your business if you execute it properly and promote it.

Most Instragrammed Locations:

The campaign “The Most Instagrammed Locations in the United States and Canada” had a focus on the geographic appeal. They pulled data using Instagram’s API and found the places where most people usually click pictures for Instagram. The data was then divided into various sequence of charts by breaking down the place and location where the pictures were clicked. Later, some of the best pictures were shared on the Instagram story.


They were aware that the Instagram’s popularity and the geographical angle of the campaign will attract the attention of users. People would be excited to see the locations of their state that is popular. This was used in their promotion and it also pitched the publishers by highlighting their state’s information.


This campaign grabbed attention of most local publishers a per the strategy. It received local coverage from the Chicago Sun-Times, Houston Chronicle, and The Palm Beach Post. Additionally, various television channels telecasted this. It was shared by around 40,000 people on social media, the organic traffic of U.S. was raised by 40 percent and 300 stories along with placements on Business Insider, Yahoo, NBC News, AOL, Pop Sugar, Fast Company, Today and The Daily Mail.

Perceptions of Perfection:

For the campaign “Perceptions of Perfection”, a photo of a woman was sent to 18 designers working as freelancers located all around the globe and were asked to “make her look more attractive to the people of their country using Photoshop”. A visual asset was then created that displayed the actual image along with the edited image from the freelance designers.


Top Case Studies Showing The Impact Of Content Marketing-Strategy-ThoughtfulMinds

The picture of physical appearance and Photoshop editing are topics of interest. Hence, their campaign was built with these hot topics and were paired uniquely. Such visuals were not available anywhere else. This campaign as both emotional and mesmerizing. It conveyed the story of beauty standards from different countries all around the world. This helped the campaign acquire huge attention.


By this powerful and strong campaign, they targeted the publishers who would likely share this story with their followers and readers, hence a perfect content marketing result was created. Almost 600 publishers picked this story, including The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed. Top celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Lil Wayne mentioned it and it shared by more than 900,000 people on social media and received page views of more than 700,000 on the client’s site.

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