Top 15 sources to share your blog for maximum exposure

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how to increase traffic to your blogIf you think just writing a blog is sufficient, then you are totally wrong. Today with hell lot of digital noise, it is really important to shout instead of just whispering. If you feel your work gets over with publishing your work, then you are completely wrong. Basically the work has just begun  and now you are required to promote it.

The general practice followed by most of the bloggers is sharing their work on Twitter and Facebook. But is this sufficient to grasp maximum exposure? Of course not! In case you are adopting this strategy, then you are actually missing hundreds of potential views that could come from other good platforms.

Infographic on top sources to share your blogs:

Infographic On Blog Sharing Sources - ThoughtfulMinds

These are 15 best sources to share your blogs for maximum exposure    


The active community of Pinterest makes it a great place to get attention. If you are in a position to post attractive pictures relevant to the topic with a link to your website, then you increase your chance of getting good traffic.



If your post is related to small business, then you should consider sharing it to BizSugar. This website is      designed to help bloggers share news and tips related to small business. It is considered as a good  platform   to get your post to the targeted audience.

Slide Sharedownload (1)

It is best to convert your blog into a slideshow presentation with the help of any software or PowerPoint, and then share the same on Slideshare. If quality content is used, then it stands out of the crowd, and there’s a very less competition on this platform as compared to others.


For fast traffic, there’s no better option than Tribeerr. It is a social network where you can join a number of targeted “tribes” to build good relationship with other bloggers, thereby earning huge traffic in a very less span of time by sharing other’s content.

Google+ Communities

It is yet another social networking tool that can help you make your blog popular. By sharing your blog post in targeted Googledownload (2)+ communities, you will be able to showcase your content pieces in front of interested readers. This is going to boost traffic. Here it is important not to be over promotional. You must always share original content to this platform and make sure whoever shares your post offers legitimate value. For instance Google+ community for content writers in India is the most popular community for content writers and content work seekers.

download (3)This platform not only helps you create infographics and other forms of visual content, rather offers a community so as to help you share your files. If you will turn your blog content into visual content pieces or infographics, then you will be able to increase traffic and potential customers.

Instagramdownload (4)

It is yet another platform similar to Pinterest that makes use of same strategy and that can help your content get noticed with ease. Instagram is very popular among young adult demographics as well as teens, making it the most feasible content sharing option for companies.


download (1)StumbleUpon is another social network that helps you to browse other’s pages and share them using “Stumble” button. You may add your content to this platform, and if it is liked by the users, it’ll most likely appear in searches. This platform helps in increasing readership and drive traffic with ease.

Build your Email List

With the help of lead magnet- a useful free giveaway that is offered in return of the email address of your followers- it’s simple to maintain a list imagesof subscribers who wants to get updates from you and your industry. Whenever you write a new blog, you should share it with people via their email ids. In case you keep on posting daily, then its better to send updates on a weekly basis so that the subscribers don’t feel irritated.

Linkedin Groups

If you are sharing your cdownload (5)ontent in Linkedin Groups, then you will get a chance to pass on your work to targeted audiences beyond your usual connections. It is important to take care the content piece is relevant to the group topic and they are going to love it.

It is one such platform that is preferred by those looking for new and interesting content. Thus can be seen as a good platform to showcase your blog posts. Although, you can use the program for free, but with free accounts you have the download (2)limitation to share content related to one topic only. By paying $11 per month, you have the option to write and share on five topics and by paying $67 every month, you get a chance to hold business accounts with as many as 15 topics.


In case your niche is specific, there’s a chance to get a sub-forum on Reddit. The users of Reddit are very intense and so reddityou need to take care you only share the targeted content. In addition, the  content has to be free from marketing pitch and of high quality. This platform has good traffic and so you can easily get benefitted.

Social Bookmarking Sites related to your niche

As per your niche, you can write on a number of topics and post on a number of social bookmarking websites. For instance, if your niche is SMO, blogging or SEO, then is a great website. Similarly, if you wish to post articles related to WordPress then there is no better place than

Blog Engage

It is one such website that enables you to publish posts on a number of topics for others to read. Here on this platform, you get a chance to share download (6)your work on almost any niche with certainty that there will be enough readers to read and praise your work.

Social Networks related to your industry

Other than the niche based social bookmarking websites, there are a number of industries with their own social networks. They use these networks to help each other, share useful and interesting information and to offer advice when required.

download (7)

It is not at all very difficult to share your blog posts as the Internet is just full of such things. However, you need to take care your content is related to specific communities and is of high quality, matching up the guidelines as set up by the website.

Other than the above, there must be other good platforms to share content. Leave a comment to let us know about them!