Top 100 MATLAB Dissertation Topics to Refer for Your Next Assignment Homework

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MATLAB is regarded as a form of proprietary programming language functioning on a multi-paradigm platform. It offers a numeric computing environment that has been developed by MathWorks. MATLAB sanctions matrix manipulations, as well as plotting of functions and data. It also allows this unique language to implement algorithms, build user interfaces as well as interacting with the programs that have been written in other languages. It is one of the most popular programming language platforms for which the students frequently request assignment help from our agency.

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    When we speak in terms of the global perspective, then millions of scientists, engineers and programmers employ MATLAB for the successful operation of a range of applications. The field offer a plethora of job opportunities once the student passes the related course with a degree. There are opportunities for jobs in both industry and academia, including the field of deep learning and machine learning, image and video processing, signal processing and communications, test and measurement, computational biology, computational finance, and control systems. That is the reason why, we offer comprehensive MATLAB assignment writing services to the students to help them clear any course with utmost confidence.

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    Top 100 MATLAB Dissertation Topics to Refer for Your Next Homework Assignment

    The following is the list of top 100 MATLAB dissertation help topics for your reference in the future assignment homework. We fully hope that our efforts will ensure that you fulfil your topic selection requirements instantly and help you invest more time and efforts in adequate research and eloquent style of writing.

    1. Discuss the practicalities of a space application based on solar power conversion
    2. The scope for the high proportion of the renewable energy data centre networks
    3. Discuss the scope of power quality data fusion technology with special reference to power grid
    4. Elaborate about flexible control resources and active distribution networks
    5. Deep learning for video quality and resolution enhancement
    6. The application of morphological construction to achieve fast image de-hazing
    7. Learning the application of CNN feature for better defocus blur detection
    8. Face recognition based upon robust group sparse representation
    9. Graph search optimization for the process of retinal artery vein separation
    10. Present a thesis on MATLAB Simulink of your choice
    11. Discuss and elaborate the MATLAB codes for Image Processing
    12. Discuss and elaborate the MATLAB codes for Signal Processing
    13. Discuss and elaborate the MATLAB codes for Data Compression
    14. Discuss and elaborate the MATLAB codes for Computer Vision
    15. Discuss and elaborate the MATLAB codes for Face Detection
    16. Discuss and elaborate the MATLAB codes for Simulink
    17. Discuss and elaborate the MATLAB codes for Parallel Computing
    18. Discuss and elaborate the MATLAB codes for Polyspace
    19. Discuss and elaborate the MATLAB codes for Medical Imaging
    20. Discuss and elaborate the MATLAB codes for Remote Sensing
    21. Discuss and elaborate the MATLAB codes for Satellite Imaging
    22. Discuss and elaborate the MATLAB codes for Content-Based Image Retrieval
    23. Elaborate active and passive remote sensing and the roles MATLAB play in them
    24. What is the role of parallel computing tools to speed up the tasks of MATLAB computation?
    25. Understanding pattern search and hybrid functions in the parallel computing
    26. How active sensors emit radiation in satellite imaging which in turn is reflected by the surface of the earth?
    27. How passive sensors capture the electromagnetic radiation in satellite imaging as emitted by the sun and reflected by the surface of the earth?
    28. The function of MATLAB in the analysis of the image content instead of metadata and tags
    29. MATLAB image processing of filters with image
    30. MATLAB image processing of Mammogram applying image processing for the detection of breast cancer
    31. MATLAB image processing in terms of Image cryptography
    32. MATLAB image processing for Image-decompression and compression
    33. MATLAB image processing from image to video converter
    34. MATLAB image processing of image-easy resized
    35. MATLAB image processing of quality analyser
    36. MATLAB image processing of the content based retriever
    37. MATLAB image processing of the content based upon image retrieval
    38. MATLAB image processing of edge detection and the image noising and De-noising
    39. What is the function of MATLAB networking in wireless multimedia networks?
    40. What is the function of MATLAB networking in vehicular communications?
    41. What is the function of MATLAB networking in WIMAX- next generation wireless systems?
    42. What is the function of MATLAB networking in the network and protocol engineering?
    43. What is the function of MATLAB networking in the bio-inspired communications?
    44. What is the function of MATLAB networking in the wireless sensor networks?
    45. What is the function of MATLAB networking in the multimedia systems?
    46. What is the function of MATLAB networking in the layered multimedia type multicast protocols?
    47. MATLAB digital signal processing for DVBT
    48. MATLAB digital signal processing for PAPR reduction
    49. MATLAB digital signal processing for multi user detection
    50. MATLAB digital signal processing for digital filter designing
    51. MATLAB digital signal processing for adaptive equitation
    52. MATLAB digital signal processing for ECG feature extraction
    53. MATLAB digital signal processing for ECG noise detection
    54. MATLAB digital signal processing for the medical equipment noise channel analysis
    55. MATLAB audio processing program for audio Steganography
    56. MATLAB audio processing program for noise cancellation & detection
    57. MATLAB audio processing program for speech recognition
    58. MATLAB audio processing program for audio compression and encoding
    59. MATLAB audio processing program for audio-signal mixing
    60. Elaborate the toolboxes one can find in MATLAB
    61. Elaborate the role of GUI programming in MATLAB
    62. Discuss the support of the external interface in MATLAB
    63. Which are the most popular embedded applications using MATLAB interface?
    64. Discuss the role of GUI and OPS for the MATLAB programming
    65. What are the graphical features of MATLAB and its advanced functionality?
    66. What is the most prominent support for the datasets and the image formats in MATLAB?
    67. Give a detailed explanation on advanced algorithms available in MATLAB
    68. What are the MATLAB research areas that can be explored in future?
    69. What are the major MATLAB projects presently going on across the globe?
    70. How to use MATLAB programming for the preparation of successful stock market software?
    71. Prepare an empirical thesis on MATLAB preparation of a complete dataset
    72. Discuss the role of MATLAB programming in effective coordination of railway line networks
    73. How MATLAB programming in the system plays a pivotal role in effective traffic management in developed countries?
    74. The type-3 PLLs under the wide range in terms of input voltage and the frequency for performance evaluation
    75. LCLC resonant converters for high voltage and high frequency applications in terms of assessment and performance
    76. FLC is used for ANN to keep a check upon the PV MPPT: Comment
    77. The assessment of power transfer for S parameter in the wireless functioning
    78. Discuss Fisher statistical technique for airflow estimation of the laboratory anemometer
    79. Discuss how MATLAB programming function stereo camera system and the simulation of the movement for the hand gesture detection
    80. Multi-modular UPS single-phase inverters system for conflict in the control strategy of voltage as well as current controllers
    81. Discuss lowest output sampling frequency for the assessment of a multi-rate DT/CT cascade E modulator
    82. Make an assessment of some particular dynamic regimes using the equations of saturated asynchronous machines along with the combined state variables
    83. MATLAB function of high voltage DC modular multilevel converter for comprehensive approach to the modelling and control
    84. Utility of simulate induction machine operation with the help of an improved mathematical model
    85. Sliding mode control for the power point tracking in effective photovoltaic systems
    86. It is a fuzzy logic to control a permanent magnet brushless motor with the help of parameter optimization: Comment
    87. Equivalent circuits for the ORCAD implementation of the frequency response function
    88. MATLAB mathematical model for the study of cardiovascular haemodynamics in the patients who are obese is assessed by the echocardiography and the nuclear scintigraphic tests
    89. Discuss the function of dual stator winding induction generator with the application of new optimal type current control technique
    90. Unbalanced grid voltage functioning on four vectors for enhanced predictive power control of the doubly fed induction generator
    91. Comment on microwave lab courses with the application of a transparent two port network analyser
    92. Discuss MATLAB microwave theory for medical, digital and sensing systems
    93. Discuss MATLAB microwave theory for integrated smart and phased array type antenna systems
    94. Discuss MATLAB complex wireless communication with examples
    95. How passive component technology helps in the functioning of the electric vehicles?
    96. Discuss the use of passive component technology in energy harvesting
    97. The function of MATLAB in information transfer with signals: Make a case analysis in terms of an example of a transmission media network
    98. Information transfer with signals: Conduct an in-depth analysis of the protocol and architecture
    99. Discuss the role of MATLAB in applied robotics
    100. The function of MATLAB in the field of intelligent machines and automation
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