Top 100 Child Care And Pediatric Nursing Dissertation And Essay Topics For The Year 2023

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Being the front line professionals, pediatric nursing workforce has earned tremendous attention in the existing health care settings. These pediatric nurses are the registered nurses who are specialized in child care right from birth through different stages of adolescence.

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    However, it is primarily because of the limited participation as well as the first-hand experience, pediatric nurses frequently encounter different challenges while exploring various dissertation, essay and research topics to finish the assignments on a time to time basis.

    Top 100 Child Care and Pediatric Nursing Dissertation and Essay Topics for the year 2023 - ThoughtfulMinds


    To help nursing students worldwide with their academic curriculum, including dissertation help and essay help, our team has prepared the list of top 100 child care and custom pediatric nursing assignment topics. It helps the students to prepare and submit their assignments with the latest information and practices and secure sublime grades that would eventually help them to skyrocket in their professional career.

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    Top 100 Child Care and Pediatric Nursing Dissertation and Essay Topics for the year 2023

    The following is the list of child care and pediatric nursing topics to help you proactively finish your assignment homework related to the course. Choose any of these or custom write one as per your own convenience-

    • Challenges countered by the nursing staff while attending cases in pediatric ward

    • What is the impact of desecration on the preschool children’s postoperative pain

    • Knowledge of child care in mothers for premature infants

    • The performance quality of nurses in neonatal ICUs (intensive care units)

    • Evaluate the of maternal needs while taking care for children between 2 to 5 years

    • Teaching program meant for the pediatric nursing staff to support emergency needs of pediatric patients

    • Asthma problem in children: Effective ways of diagnosis and management

    • Strategic approach to optimize cancer treatment in children

    • An assessment of developmental delay in the down syndrome children

    • Practical application of Piaget’s theory in the cognitive development of healthy children

    • Childhood obesity and timely preventive measures

    • Nurses’ possible pitfalls while caring for neonates

    • Assessment of knowledge and skills of nursing staff for head injury treatment in children

    • Role of consistent community care post surgery of a pediatric patient

    • Health promotion campaigns and interventions meant for child care in ICU

    • Health promotion and nutritional education program dedicated to improve nutritional status of neonatal

    • A molecular marker of childhood acute leukemia

    • Role of social determinants for health in analyzing pediatric nursing care in the rural areas

    • Blindness in the children receiving oxygen therapy

    • Disability support meant for deaf and blind children

    • Medical support for the cognitive development of the autistic children

    • Health impact due to prenatal exposure to nicotine

    • What are the preventive measures for meningitis in children

    • Complications and challenges of asthma care in small children

    • Impact of Educational Intervention on enhancing ICU based pediatric care for toddlers

    • Cognitive strategies to correct speech delay in the toddlers

    • Complications of common measles in children

    • New therapeutic approaches to effectively address the threat of type 1 diabetes in children

    • Nursing interventions over the eating disorders in children

    • ADHD medication prepared for children

    • Strategies for the reduction of lower respiratory infection in the children of rural areas

    • Strategies to diminish otitis media for children

    • Genetic diagnosis of the ear infections in children

    • Nursing staff management for treating childhood nephrotic syndrome

    • Risk of type 1 diabetes in children related to ethnic minorities

    • Risk factors associated with Jackob syndrome in pediatric patients

    • Parental viewpoint of toddler and infant vaccination

    • Oral hydration in highly vulnerable paediatric patients

    • Early life exposures that increase heart disease in later stages of life

    • Ethical issues faced while caring for paediatric patients who are terminally ill

    • Knowledge concerned with paediatric oncological emergencies

    • Support services for the children with intellectual disability

    • Raising children who are emotionally intelligent

    • Raising healthy children post cesarean section

    • Errors in prescription Medicine for pediatric patients

    • Correct medical approach to address bronchiolitis and bronchitis

    • Stomach Flu risk factors in children aged between 2 to 5 years

    • Understanding HHV6 pathogenesis as well as treatment

    • The perception and knowledge of pediatric nurses on palliative care

    • Animal models for the respiratory diseases occurring in the children

    • The knowledge and viewpoint of pediatric nursing staff on the dialysis of children

    • The medical strategies of Autism motor development

    • The future of the science of pediatric nursing

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    • The effect of the simulation of the knowledge of handling neonatal for pediatric nursing students’

    • The impact of the simulation on asthma management in first-year program education

    • The latest trends in pediatric nursing

    • Steps to address the pain and grief of the parents of a dying child

    • Successful implementation of a pediatric nursing SBAR communication program

    • Translation as well as cultural adaptation of a family accessing for pediatric nursing care

    • Implementation of SBAR communication program dedicated to ICU pediatric patients

    • Medical steps to address and treat child abuse and neglect

    • Neuroblastoma in children and medical steps to address and treat Neuroblastoma

    • Implementation of a pertinent communication system for the parents with an ill child

    • Medical steps and strategies to account the attachment issues of an ill child

    • Hypoplastic left heart syndrome in children

    • Physiological changes taking place in the musculoskeletal system in the children

    • Medical steps for improving the prognosis in children enduring Duchenne muscular dystrophy

    • Children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy- A study

    • Simulation practice v/s utilizing video for handoff education to pediatric nursing staff

    • Compassionate fatigue for pediatric nursing staff

    • Effects of the parental divorce over the children aged between 5 to 7 years

    • Utilizing procedural puppet to educate about pediatric nursing procedures

    • Utilizing an unfolding simulation for the students of maternity and pediatric nursing

    • Understanding the moral distress in the students of pediatric nursing

    • The knowledge and viewpoint of the pediatric nursing staff

    • Challenges for the health nursing resources for children in the United Kingdom

    • Most pivotal skills of pediatric nursing staff while helping children suffering speech disorder

    • Strategies for improving moral distress in the pediatric patients with disability

    • Dehydration reduction strategy meant for pediatric nursing staff

    • Immunotherapy for children suffering from childhood cancer

    • The knowledge and viewpoint of pediatric nursing staff over the use of Immunotherapy

    • The perception and knowledge of the pediatric nursing staff on the correct breastfeeding process

    • A scoping review of nursing staff research objectives in the field of pediatric care

    • Telepresence robots dedicated to pediatric clinical simulations- Their feasibility and acceptability

    • Social media and its influence over the health of adolescents

    • Quality enhancement initiative for pediatric nursing staff in ICU

    • Cultural consideration while offering pediatric nursing care

    • Traditional practices for care among aboriginal pediatric children in Australia

    • The scope of pediatric nursing role while advocating for children who are subjected to harsh corporal punishment

    • Exploring the pediatric nursing role in advocating for access to education for children

    • The pneumonia treatment in children

    • The pediatric nursing interventions to reduce flu in children

    • Scoping review on nursing research over gene therapy to address Duchenne muscular dystrophy

    • Mindfulness to take care for new pediatric nurses

    • Resilience based on training of pediatric nurses

    • Nurturing atraumatic care for hospitalized children

    • Exploring the role of pediatric nursing while advocating counseling support meant for children aged between 7 to 8 years

    • The pediatric knowledge and viewpoint of nursing staff on pain infliction in children

    • Early indicators of atherosclerosis in small children

    • Pediatric treatment and care for children with abnormal Head Growth

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