Top 100 Chemistry Dissertation Topics Trending These Days

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Chemistry is an integral part of our daily lives. Right from the water that freezes to form ice in our refrigerators to the airbag technology used in our cars, the miracles of Chemistry touch us everywhere. Indeed, every material that has its existence in this universe is made up of matter. Even our own bodies!

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    Chemistry is a subject dedicated to the scientific study of the behaviour and properties of matter. The subject is a branch of natural science covering the elements that form up the matter to the compounds which are composed of atoms, ions, and molecules. Here, the students come across the scientific reasons for why and how substances separate or combine to successfully form other substances. Besides, the studies are constantly conducted to learn how substances do interact with energy.


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    Top 100 Chemistry Dissertation Topics Trending Lately

    The following is our recommended list of top 100 dissertation topics revolving around different domains of Chemistry. We hope the recommendation would play a decisive role to match up with all your dissertation help requirements in no time. So, let us begin with the list here –

    • Organic Chemistry Dissertation Topics
    1. Composition, application and the impact of additional plastics or polymers
    2. Elaborate chemical compositions of different vitamins
    3. Discuss the chemical composition of various pain relief medicines
    4. Discuss the composition of Retin-A medicine for successful acne treatment
    5. Types of isomerism in organic compounds
    6. Describe the organic compounds responsible for the production of hydrocarbon fuel
    7. Define electrophiles and describe them in detail
    8. What do you understand by snow pollution? Explain how dangerous it can turn out to become.
    9. Elaborate the formation of globular proteins
    10. Explain Phenol as a type of acid
    • Inorganic Chemistry Dissertation Topics
    1. Discuss in detail about the chemical changes that lead to the formation of sapphires
    2. Introduction to the chemical composition of sulphuric acid
    3. Discuss the utility of silicon dioxide in solar cells
    4. What do you understand by orbital hybridization in molecules?
    5. Discuss the chemical composition of hard and soft acid
    6. What do you understand by Crystal Field Theory?
    7. Steel vs iron malleability: A comparative analysis
    8. What do you understand by Multiple Proportions Law?
    9. Elaborate Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures with examples
    10. Understanding the Lewis Structures along with the Electron Dot Models
    • Chemical Engineering Dissertation Topics
    1. Explain the role of bio fuel in the form of rocket fuel
    2. What do you understand by microfluidics?
    3. Explain the process of wastewater treatment
    4. Explain the rare earth extractions in detail
    5. What do you understand by Nox emissions reduction?
    6. What do you understand by molecular dynamics and its simulation?
    7. What do you understand by simulation of density functional theory?
    8. What do you mean by Nano filters and how do they actually work?
    9. Discuss the processing of coal and iron ore slimes
    10. Elaborate how photocatalysis functions within a 3D printer
    • Computational Chemistry Dissertation Topics
    1. Discuss in detail the developmental history of chemical sensors
    2. What are the key benefits of dye-sensitized solar cells?
    3. Study the process of hydrogen bonding simulation in detail
    4. What do you understand by metal oxide nanoparticles?
    5. Explain in detail the heterogeneous catalytic conversion reaction of CO2 to CH3OH
    6. Energy surfaces are the mathematical function providing a molecule the function of its geometry: Elaborate
    7. What do you understand by Coupled Cluster Theory?
    8. Explain how NBO or natural bond orbitals result in maximum electron density
    9. What do you understand by single-point energies?
    10. Define relative energies with quantified examples
    • Analytical Chemistry Dissertation Topics
    1. What do you understand by Chemical Equilibrium?
    2. What are the dangers associated with Ibuprofen?
    3. Mention some of the most successful electro-analytical techniques
    4. What are the benefits associated with isomerism framework
    5. Mention some of the most successful electrochemical applications
    6. Elaborate the entire concept of Industrial Quality Assurance of Soda
    7. Discuss the history of spectroscopy applications
    8. What do you understand by Electrodes and Potentiometry?
    9. Conduct a comparative study of the vitamin tablets
    10. Discuss the properties of acid-base titrations with examples
    • Controversial Chemistry Dissertation Topics
    1. The history of Chemical Warfare. What is the way forward?
    2. How Chemistry turned out to become one of the most lethal scientific professions?
    3. Discuss the role of chemicals in the history of political assassinations
    4. Molecule and Genetics Replication: Just how far we can actually go in it?
    5. The use of Chemistry as a weapon in the history of genocide during the Holocaust
    6. The concept of lethal Injection and the significance of human rights
    7. Murder or Euthanasia: What is the role of Chemistry in it?
    8. How Chemistry can help in the identification and distinction between natural and synthetic diseases?
    9. The debatable history of remedies and poisons
    10. Explain the stages of barium toxicity in detail
    • Essential Chemistry Dissertation Topics
    1. Why the application of petroleum products are considered to be dangerous?
    2. Natural vs Synthetic Crystals: A comparative study
    3. Is organic food really safe for the human consumption? Elaborate with real life examples
    4. Investigating the chemical traits of the common groceries
    5. Are pesticides really dangerous to our health? Discuss
    6. What are the generational side-effects associated with herbicide exposure?
    7. How pollution is a far bigger challenge than melting ice caps?
    8. Exploration of the four different states of matter: Why Plasma is so uncommon on Earth?
    9. Otto Ambros- An Innovator, a monster, or both?
    10. Why Lithium is regarded as one of the most successful battery material?
    • Environmental Chemistry Dissertation Topics
    1. What are the chemical reactions and compositions responsible for cloud formation?
    2. Explain the chemical reactions that result in the creation of pearls
    3. How industrial activities and acid rains are correlated with each other?
    4. What are the lessons that one can learn from the ecological disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima?
    5. Building green energy and its scope that lies in future
    6. Purification of the tap water through the application of chlorine
    7. How the chemical changes taking place in the atmosphere are resulting in global warming? 
    8. What are the adverse results of deep-sea mining?
    9. Discuss the contamination risks of the groundwater in the developing economies
    10. Plastic packaging and its impact on the overall quality of food we consume
    • Physical Chemistry Dissertation Topics
    1. How quantum mechanics and chemistry are related to one another?
    2. What do you understand by vibrational spectroscopy?
    3. What do you understand by electronic spectroscopy?
    4. Discuss the similarities and distinctions between harmonic and anharmonic oscillator
    5. What do you understand by multielectron atoms?
    6. Discuss the elements of hetero atomics or in simple terms chemical bonding
    7. Provide an in-depth analysis of Schrodinger Equation
    8. Describe the physical and chemical components of the gas properties
    9. Explain the process of the expansion of water during the process of freezing
    10. Discuss the Entropy laws of thermodynamics
    • Biochemistry Dissertation Topics
    1. Make an assessment of the impact of PH on the plants
    2. Describe cell metabolism processes in detail
    3. Define the structure of Proteins and its defining role in the chemical and physiological changes in the living body
    4. Explain the metabolism process of the fatty acids in the human body
    5. Describe the process of DNA replication and repair
    6. Discuss the structure and the role of carbohydrates in the living body
    7. Give an in-depth assessment of the composition and role of Nucleic Acids
    8. Explain some of the special properties associated with water
    9. Discuss the functions of lipids in the biological systems
    10. Explain how the process of tea brewing can be optimised
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