Top 10 Instagram Tools For Building Following In 2018

One thing that is common to all of the best brands in the world and most successful influencers is massive following on Instagram. They can quickly mobilize the following quickly for taking a specific action.

Cultivating a loyal Instagram following is one of the best ways to create an audience and a customer base. Brandy Melville is a brand that has 3.8 million followers. Influencer Tim Karsliyev who founded Daily Dose has a following of 1.2 million people.

Here are the top 10 Instagram tools that have been used by influencers and successful brands to generate a great following in a short period of time:


#1: SocialDrift

This tool allows you increase the number of followers on Instagram organically. It makes use of machine-learning algorithms for engaging with other users of the social network by automating likes, comments, and follows. You can set specific parameters for automated outreach with respect to account name and location, or hashtag use.

The machine-learning platform determines the right time for engaging with the target audience. Further, on the dashboard of SocialDrift, you will be able to track automated engagement, interaction-to-follow conversions, and new followers you have acquired through the platform.

#2: Grum

Grum helps you to schedule posts on Instagram from your computer in a seamless manner. This is ideal for Instagrammers that have great content. In addition to allowing you to schedule posts, Grum allows scheduling of comments and captions in advance. This makes it easy for you to create an editorial strategy.


#3: Owlmetrics

In a survey of marketers, 78 percent the respondents stressed the importance of data. Marketers that quickly collect, analyse, and take action achieve the best results. Owlmetrics helps you to do just that through the Instagram analytics platform.

It has the ability to analyse your Instagram performance with respect to post engagement and follower growth. You can also find out the best time for posting content by using the easy-to-understand calendar heat maps that are capable of synthesizing large sets of data.

#4: VSCO

Instagram is a social media platform that focuses on visual content. Therefore, creating stunning visual content should be one of your prime strategies on this network. VSCO empowers Instagram users, irrespective of their skill level, to edit videos and images and make them look extremely professional. This platform is available for iOS and Android operating systems. Using this sleek and intuitive platform provides a pleasurable experience.


#5: Later

This tool offers features like scheduling and media storage. It is best suited for social marketers that want to build a content calendar. This platform comes with content-management features such as the Chrome extension for helping users search for and re-post Instagram content and the bulk-media uploader with tags and labels.

#6: Woobox

Gamification forms part of the marketing strategy of approximately 70 percent of the major brands. Woobox helps companies of all sizes to create contests on social media in order to increase followers, amass leads, and drive their online sales. This tool is being used by as many as 4 million organisations, including American Airlines, the NFL, and Spotify.

This tool also comes with a form builder and a landing page to help those who have not yet purchased any marketing-automation software.


#7: Canva

Canva helps you to create great designs and edit media in a matter of minutes. This works more or less like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Paint. All brands, irrespective of their size, can use the tool for creating images without relying on professional designers.

#8: Linktree

Instagram allows gives its users just one opportunity for linking with another out-of-the-platform website. However, the problem can be easily resolved with the help of this tool. The free tool Linktree helps to turn one link into several others by generating what is called an intermediary landing page. This enables visitors to choose as to where they want to land on a website.

For instance, imagine that you have an e-commerce store. The link leads visitors to the page displaying options: men’s clothing and women’s clothing.



#9: Juicer

If you want to display a series of posts with curated content, you use Juicer. It is easy to embed the social media widget on any page and drive traffic to your profile on Instagram. It also comes with filter options and this makes it is easy for you to curate the content that matches with your webpage’s intent.

As many as 800 million people use Instagram every month. It is fast turning into a very important marketing channel. The tools mentioned in this post helps all types of marketers to develop significant number of followers on Instagram. This, in turn, improves brand awareness and sales.

#10: Ink361

Ink361 helps you to manage content on Instagram, measure performance, and watch competitors. Currently, it is in the developmental stage and is available for free. This may change after some tie. It is a fantastic tool, especially for new on Instagram marketers. This is because they get access to one of the best tools without making any investment.