Tips for Implementing Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns In 2018

Your quest for implementing a successful digital marketing strategy in 2018 might have brought you to this page. You know what worked in 2017 and now you may be wondering as to what would work this year. Read on to find out as to what aspects you must keep in mind when creating a digital marketing strategy for the current year.


As an entrepreneur, you may be very well aware as to what to expect from an agency, but you may not be very clear about what you have to do and how. The aim of this article is to give you seven tips that can help you to implement a successful digital marketing strategy irrespective of whether you are a pioneer in this field or a novice.

#1: Set Your Goal

The first step towards launching a digital marketing campaign is having a clear idea as to where you are currently and where you want to reach. Unfortunately, most people rely more on techniques and tactics rather than goals and strategies. Therefore, you should decide to weigh your strategies.

You must be very clear about your goals as digital marketing is the only way to build your brand, awareness about your brand, increase sales, and earn profits. In the past, page views used to create interest in investors. Those days are gone now. What is more important in today’s world is the time users spend on your platform or app. Further, a few thousands of blind downloads of your app are not sufficient. Therefore, it is important to put in place a plan prior to getting on to the digital bandwagon.

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#2: It Takes Time

One thing you have to clearly remember is that you are implementing a new marketing strategy and not appointing a wizard. It takes time to implement. Some measurable results can be achieved in a short period of time but you should have a realistic time estimate for achieving your goals. Further, you should involve yourself as much as possible in the initial stages.

#3: Measurement is Important

You must track, watch, and measure if you want your digital marketing effort to be effective. This means that you must check the analytics throughout the campaign to find out what works and what does not. Analytics is used for both single time frames and over longer periods. Checking analytics many times over many time slots indicates trends. Therefore, making measurements is a very important part of any digital campaign.

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#4: A/B Test

In the recent times, entrepreneurs and digital marketers have been making use of all social media platforms or implementing all possible digital tactics in an effort to improve their businesses. It is essential to put in place a social media strategy but it is not wise to use all the social networks for brand building. A/B test enables you to find out the channels frequented by your target audience so that you can put in the best efforts there. This is because you need to invest a great deal of time and effort to for brand building in social media channels.

#5: Experiment

If you are a young entrepreneur that understands today’s digital marketing scenario, then you must know that tools available for executing anything. Doppler will help you analyse and optimize your email marketing campaigns. Crazy Egg helps you to know where the visitors to your website are clicking. Hootsuite enables you to efficiently manage the social media accounts. So, what you must do is spend some time to understand as to how these tools work. It makes sense to learn from others’ mistakes. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel through trials and committing errors.

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#6: Nobody Is A Master

Many businesses have hired social media experts and have later on found out that they have been of no use at all. Then they go in search of niche agencies that could bail them out of the mess they are in. Hiring someone and giving them fancy designation and salary does not help you in any way. In fact, there are no experts at all in the digital marketing field. It is an ocean which keeps changing on a daily basis. So, one person cannot know everything. You need to clearly know what problem you want to address and then choose an expert or a service provider. Look out for a person with experience and exposure to digital marketing if you are just setting up your business.

#7: Check With Other Entrepreneurs

There was no dearth of fads and experiments in 2017. From videos to social media networks, entrepreneurs have tried out everything they can. You don’t have to take the same route and have the same experiences. This is to say that you should not hesitate to ask or talk to those in your field about their experiences. This is very important for you to achieve success or stay away from failure by doing the same things that others have done in the past.

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