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For a person writing their first dissertation or thesis, it is a tough job. If it has to be written using the APA style of formatting it is even more daunting. It is worse off for a student that is new to this style of formatting. However, following the APA style is not all that bad as it only presents common sense rules for writing. Thus the whole process of assignment writing can be made enjoyable.


APA expands to American Psychological Association and this specific style was formed to exist as a format for the members of the association when they wrote journals or books for the purpose of publishing them. Though the first set of guidelines appeared in 1929 through an article in a magazine, the first formal style was published in the year 1952.  It quickly became popular with the result that many institutions still use this format to publish dissertations and theses.

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What does the APA Style Cover

APA helps a student to comprehensively style an entire paper. The type and size of the font that can be used, the margins that should appear, use of punctuation, the manner in which citations have to be referenced, presentation of illustrations and figures, and creation of tables are all specified. These rules have changed and continuously evolved. There are some that follow the latest rules while others do not. However, to submit a paper following the APA, one has to follow all the rules meticulously. 

To Start Writing A Paper in APA Style

These days it is much easier to apply the APA rules with the help of the computer together with a word processor. The paper has title page with a title, name of the writer and the name of the institution. The second page is reserved for the abstract and the main text starts on the third page. At the end the writer has to reference the citations of the sources that are used. It is important to collect all details of the sources prior to starting references section. The information that you need include, the title of the book or report, author(s) and their names(s), date of publication, name of the publishing company, the chapters or pages that were used, source’s origin such as website or conference.

All of the information may not be available for all the sources.  However, it is important to collect as much of information as possible.

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Information Source – APA Rules

The best way to get to know everything you wanted to know about APA rules id to purchase the APA Publication Manual which costs around $40. Look out for the latest edition to get the latest rules. Additional suggestions for academic writing are available at their official website.

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In case the student needs additional assignment help in writing the paper as per APA style guidelines, it is a good idea to approach your guide or tutor. They may be able to give some tips. It is also possible that the library of the college/university has many books on APA style of writing. At the end of it all, it is possible to get the guidelines and tips from Google to apply the APA formatting style in the right manner.