The types of content and its impact on SEO and Digital marketing

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After analyzing hundreds of SERPs, following have been identified as the 10 distinct content types that work best for SEO.

Below are explained those content types and how to use them to satisfy searcher intent, match them to the right projects, and enhance your overall strategy.

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We are talking specifically about content rather than sort of an e-commerce product page or a contact page and that’s because what we want to try and do here is talk about those of you who are doing content strategy and content marketing and choosing which content formats you should potentially use.

So we actually spent time analyzing a few hundred search results, of many different kinds, trying to identify the unique, diverse kinds of search results in which content marketing pieces ranked or the types of pieces that would fit into the content marketing world rank.

10 content formats that appeared regularly atop Google

We have made the list of 10 content formats, actually 11 given below:

  • Blog posts:

Those could have regular updates or be republished on a regular basis


  • Short-form evergreen content and article

That always have a lasting ;impact on the reader and makes them able to understand the things in a better way.

  • Long-form articles

These are intended for the detailed description of the topic so that the article itself an answer several queries of the readers.

  • Photo and visual galleries: 

Images always have a better impact than text and therefore attractive images in the gallery forms an important part to attract people.

  • Detailed and information-rich lists of information

This avails the customers with all sort of infoirmation he is looking for so that he need not to wander here and there.

  • Interactive tools and content

This creative format allows a better interaction with the customers that in turn help to get more business.

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  •       Comprehensive category landers: 

So this would be like if you search for kitchen designs, how you might land on Houzz’s page of various kitchen designs and that’s really a lander to get you into more content

  •        Multi-page guides

So that different queries of the users are answered in detail and all their confusion are sorted.

  • Data or complex information

That is visualized and is expected to be there. This helps in framing better information that is both useful and impressive as well.

  • Video:

For a visual impact on the customers. This allows the person to go through the details in an impressive manner that help in better understanding.


YouTube or embedded video on a particular page are good examples of this.

Then an eleventh format of content format is not recommended by us and that is the formal research documents that are usually PDFs or PowerPoint’s or those kinds of things.

The reason we don’t recommend these formats is because they’re actually hard to parse. They’re particularly hard to open on mobile devices and are not very user-friendly.

Most of the time the reason they rank well is simply because they’re cited by lots of other things. But when you see content marketers invest in one of these spaces and make a document in one of these other formats that’s better and more comprehensive and more useful and more user-friendly, they do a much better job and they tend to rank better too.

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