The significance of link building and its diverse multi-dimensional use

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a comprehensive term and link building is one of the significant branches associated with it. When we take into consideration the SERF (Search Engine Ranking Factors) then it is quite obvious to find that link building is a form of service that is not dependent on the popularity of the pages. The trustworthiness of the pages interlinked with one-another is adequate enough to acquire the desired amount of traffic to navigate from pages to pages.

The best link building services could be termed as ‘inclusive promotion’ of the web pages that are somehow interlinked with one another due to the features, information, services and references.

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The services of link building comprise of multi-dimensional usage. Some of them with different perspective are highlighted below-

  • Applied by Search Engines: One of the critical factors that search engines count while offering SERPS (search engine result pages) is the weight-age of the links in algorithms. It is a fact that ethical link building services can play a decisive role in rendering the desired exposure online to all the interlinked sites.


  • Popularity at a Global Level: The popularity of a website on a global level is directly proportional to the number of organic links associated with it. For instance, if we take the example of Wikipedia then will find that there are thousands of links associated with it. These links are timely altered and referred.  This is something that is counted by the search engines while offering global ranking.


  • Topic Specific or Local Popularity: If is a well researched fact that the links delivered from topic specific hubs or communities count far more than off-topic or general websites. For instance, if you are selling houses for kittens online then acquiring links from the society concerned with the welfare and care of cats would be far more valuable than an ecommerce website dealing in off-topic shopping.


  • The Importance of Anchor Text: The anchor text is the right set of keywords on a page that is needed to be promoted via dozens of links. It is basically due to the anchor texts that you find the message ‘click here’ redirecting you to the desired page.


  • TrustRank: It is quite unfortunate but true that there is a tremendous amount of spam in existence on Internet. The search engines apply the system of link graph to the scoring metric to ensure the most trusted ranking. Here if you could acquire the links from highly trusted domains like that of prestigious universities, non-profit organizations and government portals then it will help you to avail a significant leap in the TrustRank.


  • FreshRank: A top online link building services India will always tell you the importance of fresh link signals. It is imperative to add additional links on a timely basis. The search engines give much preference to the sites with relevance in constant link building.


  • The Social Sharing: In the past 3 or 4 years, we have observed a detonation of the massive amount of content shared on the social media service providing websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. Although the premier search engines consider the links that are socially shared in a dissimilar way than conventional links their significance matter nonetheless.


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