The impact of demonetization on website development in India

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Demonetization is a trending topic today and everyday, everyone is analyzing its impact on a number of segments. Here’s an analysis of demonetization on website development in India. First of all demonetization has undoubtedly increased the importance of online business and payment modes other than cash, thereby increasing the demand for website development in India. Thoughtful Minds being a leading website development company in Jaipur, India has all alone witnessed the increase in inquiries as compared to previous years. Let’s have an eye on its impact:

Impact of Demonetization on website development in India:

1. Increase in demand of websites:The greatest impact is that now more and more businesses are preferring the online mode. Yes, after seeing the increase in the order of brands like Flipkart, Amazon, now it is very clear that they are the winners and the main factor is their great online presence and well regulated order and payment structure. Even the retail outlets now prefer to have a website so that orders are streamlined with little or less impact on their sales due to any policy change.

2. Payment gateways are must and for that people wish to have a website: Paytm and a number of payment gateways are in great demand and now websites are developed for the sake of payment gateways. Yes, now with shortage of currency, payment gateways are proving to be boon and helping both buyers and sellers buy and sell products with ease.

3. More concern on Reputation management: Earlier, whole game use to revolve around the keywords and SEO, today that is not the case. Matters not if the website is on top position with relevant keyword, users prefer to buy products or services from that source only that has good reputation over the World Wide Web. It simply means now it is to some extent must for companies to rely on quality digital marketing services in India so as to build great reputation that too in a small period of time.


4. Focus on Google Plus and Facebook reviews: Although Google+ and Facebook comes under the digital marketing services, still they are now given great privilege since they are considered authentic. If the company has Facebook users and Google+ users then it helps a lot in building trust and increasing traffic.

5. Website development with content writing is the need or hour: Gone are the days when you can have business with a small website with little or no content. Today, it is really very important to have quality website that has great products and services and that are presented with useful content in a proper manner.

6. Digital revolution has begun with more and more eCommerce websites coming up: This is yet another important impact of demonetization that more and more eCommerce websites are now coming up and trying their fate online. Now the website development companies are required to be more dynamic and professional in their approach, so as to satisfy customers. This is increased the demand for eCommerce websites with great products filled with nice descriptions.

7. Tough time for small or new website development companies in India: Demonetization has created a tough time for the new or small website development companies in India who have neither desired experience nor impressive portfolio to develop enough confidence in the customers to trust their services for their business. As against this, companies with good experience and great portfolio has abundance of work. For a website development company in Jaipur, like Thoughtful Minds with over 10 years of experience, demonetization has provided enormous opportunities as the company is not just best in terms of website development but holds the strongest portfolio in content writing and digital marketing services in India as well. etc.

The above mentioned are just a few impacts of demonetization on website development in India. If you are also interested in setting up an online business and wish to start it with the website development, then it is very important to select a website development company that has enough experience and expertise not just in terms of website designing and development rather content writing and SEO or digital marketing services as well. It is a time when you need to keep a check on your expenses and avoid any mistake as it may result in great loss thereafter.

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