Social Media Backlinks To Improve Ranking

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The role of social signals is significant when ranking and it has many other significant roles that keeps social media in attention. It is a misconception that links of social media do not count in SEO realms. This misconception might even lead to loss in major portion of the potential audience. We are here with the useful ways that can help create backlinks from social media to give a boost to the social signals and traffic.

Ways to follow social media backlinks:

For the purpose of tracking backlinks from social media, Google Analytics serves as the most useful feature. It gives information regarding the profile that has resulted in a click on your site. Following is the information of places where the social pages, profiles and group links must be added:

1. Link building of facebook:

In terms of popularity of social channels, facebook stands on the top of all. For connecting those coming to your profile with your website, you need to follow the following steps:

Go to About tab-> Basic and contact info-> website field -> Add link of website.

Marking of this field must be public so that it is visible to all whether or not connected to you. The link of website is visible to people even when they are no logged on to facebook. This comes in your profile at the column in bottom right.  The facebook profile could also be linked with the facebook page when it is added as the employer at present. Those who come to your personal profile get two ways with the help of this link to connect with the business and website.

Link#1. All the page posts and personal profile:

The facebook pose could be added with a link that can drive traffic towards website. Any reference is now linked by Facebook with Anytime something is posted on wall, your website url must be added in this way. At the time of quotes resharing as well, this could be done. Every post written on the wall could be signed similar to this with the domain. This could also be considered as email signature part. Anyone by whom your profile is visited will be able to see the link of your site in latest updates if they are set to public. Important fact in this case is that it works at facebook everywhere i.e. profile tabs, posts, groups, page tabs etc.

Link#2. About tab of the page:

Several opportunities are offered by the about tab of facebook page for linking back to the website and credit for this especially goes to links of The minimum requirement in this case is using the link of website and this will be shown up on the page. The benefits can get double when is included in the short description of the page and in the website field, landing page is used.

facebook buttons-ThoughtfulMinds

Link#3. Page buttons:

Page buttons are also helpful similar to the about section of the page and for the followers, it serves the purpose of call to action. The blue buttons that one can see under the cover image are these page buttons. It is very easy to edit them by hovering over the buttons by which drop down menu is revealed.  The link could then be edited for including backlink to the site.

Link#4. Cover photo and profile descriptions:

Most of the people miss this spot. When the profile photo or cover photo is clicked by someone, a lightbox appears with it where opportunity is there to link the website at photo’s right side.

In case your site has an attached facebook group then the descriptions should not be wasted. The initial 96 characters must have the domain so that the site is seen by those visiting the facebook group.

Link#5. Pinned posts of facebook group:

facebook pinned posts-ThoughtfulMinds

Posts could also be pinned to top in the groups of facebook that makes them the links that appear first to someone coming to the site. This could be incorporated for getting traffic in a big hit. This is more effective in the group where other members could also be added by the members.

2. Link building of twitter:

Do not think that this bird is dead now. However, not performing as the powerhouse in earlier cases, twitter can still give the social link juice to the site.

Link#6 The field of twitter website:

This could not get easier than this. At the time of account setting, assure the fact that website is entered so that clickable links are shown on the profile page.

Link#7 Bio of twitter:

twitter bio-ThoughtfulMinds

The twitter profile has a website field as well but the link could also be added in the actual bio of 160-characters giving opportunity of link sharing twice. The link in website field of profile is not visible here. It must be noted here that the is hyperlinked by twitter without http:// but it must be included in case of other sites so that the bio is hyperlinked by them.

Link#8. Video tweets and photo:

The videos and photos box is created when video and photos are shared in tweets. In case videos and photos are shared to twitter, it must be assured that website link is included in it. In this manner, when the thumbnails are clicked by someone, the website URL will be visible to them in lightbox otherwise it will be gone. This fact applies especially to those sharing funny videos and images of viral quotes. In case of retweet, it is desired that the link is clicked by everyone.

3. Link building of Linkedin:

This is very much useful for establishing links with the professionals. Some of the great ways to get social backlinks for Linkedin page, profile and groups are:

Link#9. Contact info of profile:

You are allowed to add three links in the tab of contact info of the profile. For the users who are not logged in, the links are visible at profile’s top. Make sure that all the three are used with anchor text customized for them by choosing options other than those offered by them while adding link.


Link#10. Publications and projects of the profile:

For the users who are logged in, the tab of contact info is unclear at its best. This is the reason why it is important to add the link of website to LinkedIn profile’s other sections as well, particularly to the section of publications and projects. A direct link is placed by these sections to the landing pages and websites from the LinkedIn profile. All this is possible without any dependence on the clicks on tab of contact info by the visitors. The clicks that you get from the links could be traced as well.

Link#11. Basic information of the company:

The company pages of LinkedIn allow entering URL of website as basic information part. In the place of the earlier services tab and products, showcase pages are there now that could be built under LinkedIn’s company page umbrella. The URL of the landing page of your service or product could be added to the matching showcase page. Updates could also be posted both to the showcase pages as well as the company pages. So it is important to be sure that more chances are given to the followers for clicking through the site.

Link#12. Website of your group:

In case a LinkedIn group is owned by you, the website could be added to the information of group at the time of setup. The person who is not even your group’s member will be able to see this information since it is available by default. So the case in which your group is clicked by someone for joining it, your website will also be introduced to them.

Link#13. Announcements in the group:

When a LinkedIn group is owned by you then the advantages are more compared to that of the groups over Facebook. Announcements could be sent by the group owners of LinkedIn that serves as emails to large groups that includes the members. It means that in a week, it is possible for you to be in inbox once legitimately to those who have not selected the mailing list. Just visit the management menu of the group and select the feature of announcement.

4. Link building of YouTube:

Your business has video as one of its integral part but it can also serve  important for your strategy of backlinking.

Link#14. About page of YouTube:

Two benefits are there with the link of about page. First is that about page’s top position is received by you where it is most likely that your blog will be clicked by the people. The second one is that when people visit the channel page of your YouTube, you can see those links as well under header image. This button attracts much of the attention since it is close to the button of subscribe and is something that is worth having.


Link#15. Descriptions of video:

A description is there with every video. Naked eyes might not notice this but when it is hovered, the link becomes clickable.

5. Link building of Pinterest:

Are you looking for traffic by pinning the content of your website? Here is what could be done with Pinterest and the social backlinks from this source.

Link#16. Link of your profile:

On Pinterest, only one link is there and therefore it must be used. Link verification is also required in Pinterest so that next places are unlocked where links could be gained on Pinterest.

Link#17. Rich pins:

You get allowance of images and photos posting to Pinterest with the help of rich pins as it are done in case of Facebook article. This means that a link could be seamlessly attached back with the content at pin’s end.

For getting best results, this tracing ID must be made obscure. In case own website is linked, the clicks could be tracked with the use of UTM parameters.

6. Link Building of Instagram:

For links, not many options are given by Instagram.  However, the links that they offer are useful and this is the reason why marketing and advertising efforts are made by people on this platform.

Link#18. Link of your profile:

A link is allowed and must be added to the profile of Instagram. It is preferred that the link is added with certain icons so that attention of people is attracted towards it. The Instagram profile’s desktop version will also give some love to this link when the profile is shown in searches.

Link#19. Stories of Instagram:

Addition of links is now allowed in Instagram stores when these are created. This link will disappear since it is not permanent. However, in case a story is created that is relevant to featured topic, it must be kept with call to action that is strong.

7. Social link building from Quora:

This is the social media platform that must be used more by the marketers then they are using it at present. In case it is done correctly, much of referral traffic could be earned via Quora.

Link#20. Profile:

Similar to the other platforms given here, a link is received from here as well back to site. However, in this case, it is there in the description and therefore hyperlink to this must be done by self.

Link#21. Answers:

When you are giving answers on questions asked by people on Quora, the links must definitely be included back to the site. The content in these answers remains live for months and even years and in long run, nice amount of referral traffic could be created when the link is present there. However, spamming must be avoided and it is important to make sure that with the comment, value is also added.


8. Other useful options for getting backlinks from social media:

Link#22. Status of whatsapp:

Yes, it is possible to add the desired links on the status section of Whatsapp. For this purpose, scroll to settings, go to profile picture and add the link there.

Link#23. Sites for video streaming:

Does your campaign of marketing also has videos as its part? If yes, streaming them serves to be useful via services such as Periscope and Twitch etc. so hat link insertion could be done there as well. These sites allow your videos to be organically found by people and therefore serve as one of the best additional place where these could be obtained.

Link#24. AMA is also useful:

In case AMA doing opportunity is there for you on some popular sites than your introduction will offer some of the followed links as well. It is because people are looking for the expertise, there interest might be in getting additional information about you and getting in touch with you via the website.

Link#25. Use online discussions for adding comments:

There are some sites Reddit that can be severe in case your actions are deemed as spam by them. On the other hand, they serve helpful as well in case they like you. In this case, you can add a link in the discussion that can serve helpful forgetting the followed link. When this is done in proper manner, it can also keep one from considered as spammer.

Link#26. Other social backlinks can also help:

Do you know that more than 500 social networks are active there. You can make use of these for creating the profiles.


These are some of the ways in which the pages, profiles and communities that you have could be used for the purpose of making social media backlinks. You might now also have explored some of the new ways in which the social media backlinks that are clickable could be created.