SEO And Site Structure- Steps To Make Site Structure That Is SEO Friendly[INFOGRAPHIC]

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In the field of SEO, it is a common practice to prefer link building, on-page factors of SEO and keyword research over factors of technical SEO like site structure. It is often considered that site structure has little or nothing to do with SEO but the fact opposite to it. For getting better ranks in search engines, it is very important to have site structure organized in proper format. So let us have a look at the factors for developing site structure that is SEO-friendly.

Develop Site structure that is SEO-friendly with these steps:

Site Hierarchy Planning:

Have organized and simple site hierarchy so that users and crawlers find it easy. Avoid too much main categories. Sub categories number must be balanced within main categories.

Internal links optimization:

Internal Links:

  • Help users in site navigation
  • Establish hierarchy of information
  • Help link juice spreading athwart sites

The basic idea is having another site page’s link on every page of site to help crawlers find it easily. The anchor text should have descriptive keywords to give idea of targeted source page.

Site Hierarchy Matching URL Structure:

The idea way of forming URL structure is: Category-> Sub-category-> Product. This could be done in WordPress at Settings-> Permalinks where link structure is selected having URL covering post title.

Site Navigation Must Be Created In CSS Or HTML:

Keep site navigation in CSS or HTML for simple coding. Coding in Ajax, Javascript etc. can make site crawling difficult for search engines.

Navigation Structure With Shallow Depth

Make shallow website in which user can reach each and every page with fewer clicks instead of deep website in which several clicks are required for reaching pages.

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