Lessons We Can Learn From Content Marketing Fails Of These Popular Brands

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There is nothing wrong in the statement that lives of most of the people have been taken over by internet. Most of us are in a habit of visiting accounts of different brands to see the updates and this behavior has been smartly caught by the brands. Some of these are actual attention grabbing while some are passed on easily. But think of the situation when they catch your attention but for a negative reason. Like it seems value offending or make the reader feel completely divided from the brand.

Content marketing mistakes are done by both small and big brands but these are not easily forgotten. Here are the popular companies’ fails of content marketing and what you can learn from these examples to avoid such mistakes in your business.

Malaysia airlines-ThoughtfulMinds

Malaysia airlines:

The disasters of two flights in 2014 brought tough time for Malaysia Airlines but the company still came up with the NZ/ Australia content contest. As per the concept of this contest, people are awarded with electronic prices for free when they send the bucket list. However, these are created by a person who is about to die and it is not possible to avoid the illusion. This has led to wrong content marketing that further made the things complex.


It is therefore important to make strategies while being attentive to world events and a bad idea must be canceled before it goes wrong. The team of professional content writers are well aware of these facts and offer content writing services that can support content marketing efforts instead of going against it.

Ogilvy India malala yousafzia ad-ThoughtfulMinds

Ogilvy India:

If content marketing goes against the cultural traditions, there are high chances for the brand to suffer due to this. This was the case with Ogilvy India when one of its ad on Kurl-on mattress reflected insensitive content. The ad has shown cartoon of Malala Yousafzia, a popular activist falling on mattress of Kurl-on after being shot on the head.


Brands should not forget that any strategy that sounds insulting, weird and unsuitable can have negative impact on their reputation



The world of hashtags is not that simple and brands have made this mistake for years of understanding and using hashtags of Twitter. This example of content marketing fail of a brand underlines improper use of Twitter hashtag that created problems.

This ignorance was made by DiGiorno when it entered hashtag world of #WhyIStayed. This was the hashtag used for exploring domestic abuse and violence nature and why its sufferers were still staying with abusers. Associating this thing with pizza has gone terribly wrong the brand.


Proper research is therefore important in content marketing and this is something taken care of by experienced team offering content writing services.



This is a chain of global supermarket that is France based. Absence of content marketing is the reason for failure of this brand. While Giant, Tesco and FairPrice like competitors of Carrefour were spending on digital advertising and such ventures for adventurous jumping, this brand stood still with few print ads and traditional approach. As the impact of this content marketing absence, Carrefour was overlooked by customers and they forgot if it was there.


It is therefore important to avoid standing still with age old marketing practices. Do have a look at strategies of competitors and accept the significant changes in your policies.

Levi content marketing fail-ThoughtfulMinds


The campaign of Levi’s for selling jeans with tagline “hotness comes in all shapes and sizes” gone infamous. It has shown images of models that only verified forms that were super skinny and this message in tagline was ruined completely. This fumble is the result of poor marketing overflow of companies and poor oversight.


For meeting the goals of content marketing, the project should have combined tone and content leadership must be maintained all through.


Making repeated efforts is something marketing is all about. Mistakes are possible but research help avoiding hazards like the above examples. When you are able to learn from small mistakes then they are worthwhile. Some of the above mentioned companies are currently doing well since they learned from the experience after being stumbled. Do not repeat same mistakes with wrong content marketing. For this purpose, you can rely on professional content writing services so that experienced members in the field can offer well researched content relevant to your industry.