Legal Copywriting: How to write killer legal content?

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Is it possible for you to read legal documents when you are not from a legal document? Well, the answer would be no! Unless otherwise, you are from a legal background, it’s not possible for you to understand the legal terminology, terms and conditions, sections, laws and all such related stuff. That’s the main reason why most of the legal firms prefer going for experts in legal copywriting. Today you will not find a single business without online presence. Though some websites are owned by small businesses or individuals capable of doing the copywriting on their own, that is not the case with most of the law firms.

Most of the law firms are well equipped with intelligent attorneys who are well versed with the law, they unfortunately don’t have good knowledge of writing legal content or legal copywriting and that’s the reason why they hire professional legal copywriter. Almost every copywriting requires good knowledge of writing; a legal copywriter requires much more than just writing skills. A legal content writer is required to have knowledge to write good content along with the knowledge of the law as then only he/she will be able to do copywriting for a legal firm.

legal content writing

Qualities of a good legal copywriter:

  1. Should be able to cite relevant law
  2. Should be capable of detailing the law firm’s credentials
  3. Must have thorough knowledge of SEO Copywriting
  4. Should be in a position to describe areas where the law is practiced by the attorneys
  5. Must be in a position to come up with legal website content with LSI keywords, main keywords and relevant keyword phrases.
  6. Legal content writer must make sure the language used is concise and clear and it is in readable and understandable form.
  7. Should be in a position to understand the law firm or particular attorney’s target market
  8. Should have the expertise to convert complex subjects into simple, readable format
  9. Must be able to get rid of plagiarism
  10. Should be in a position to work with little or no supervision

The above qualities are must if you are in search of the top legal copywriter or copywriting agency with years of experience.

To be successful and effective at legal copywriting, a writer should have an eye on the detail and must possess clarity. Additionally, he should be in a position to make language as concise as possible. Although, the legal copywriter should have good knowledge of legal terminology, it is essential to understand what search engines require. It is essential that the content that is going to be displayed on the website has legal jargon in it, but is worded in such a manner that common visitor is able to understand and read it. In simple words, the content has to visitor friendly along with being search engine friendly.

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